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Il Bel Paese - The Beautiful Country

Italy combines the rich history with the glamorous atmosphere in a unique way. Bel Paese is famous for its fascinating culture, rich history, great cuisine and diverse environments.

Beautiful coastline, warm sun, blue waters, rich history and great cuisine

Sailors have a chance to enjoy Italian coastline from all the parts of the country. The most popular sailing regions are situated on the western side of the country. Tuscany is in the north of Italy, where one can find the Elba island and The Seven Sisters islands, Pisa and Florence are also situated in the inland part of Tuscany.

The gorgeous Amalfi Coast lies in the Bay of Naples. The great Sicily island hosts amazing historic monuments and the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands. Sardinia is a very popular sailing destination known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

Italian islands - Perfect regions for sailing

The foremost well-known Italian islands are Elba, Ischia, Capri, Sardinia and Sicily. Elba is the biggest island of the Tuscan archipelago. Capri is a wonderful island with dazzling bays and the lovely Blue Grotto cave and the Ischia island has wonderful gardens. The sailing region of Sardinia has numerous pleasant harbors with astonishing view such as Alghero, Cagliari and Olbia. Sicily, the biggest island within the Mediterranean, offers sailors a number of authentic attractions.

Discover the best marinas on the Italian coastline

Italian sailing scene is colored with all sorts of boats – state of the art motor yachts, striking catamarans and lovely sailboats. And of course, Italy isn’t short of marinas to host these boats.

Marinas vary in an incredible degree, some have superior facilities and some have more nearby attractions than others. With the comprehensive and detailed list of marinas along the Italian coastline and islands, we have prepared you the foremost required data of marinas. You'll too see the driving distances from the closest airports as well as sailing distances to the closest marinas.

Do not miss out the great cuisine alternatives on the Italian coastline and the islands

Feast in small marinas and appreciate nearby Italian seafood, which Sicily is cited to be the absolute best on the planet. Then again, sail to Naples and taste the world's best home-made Italian pizza. Find the best Gelato in Rome and get a kick out of the fresh olives and plates of mixed greens standard for many of the lovely towns under the Tuscan sun.

Italian cuisine has been developed under different influences and is one of the most popular in the world. The cuisine is simple, with little ingredients, but of exceptional quality. Italians use a lot of vegetables, cheese, wine, olive oil, as well as different kinds of meat and fish. It is famous for pasta dishes with different varieties and the world-famous pizza, originating from Naples.

The most popular dishes include antipasti such as bruschetta or prosciutto e melone, minestrone soup, various types of pizza, such as margherita, capricciosa, quattro stagioni or quattro formaggi, different types of risotto and various kinds of desserts, such as panettone, panna cotta or tiramisu.

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Sailing through Bel Paese: Beautiful Destinations

Tuscan Coast: Peaceful islands with untouched nature, deep blue waters and many harbors. A real cultural and architectural delight in the Mediterranean. Largely undiscovered as a sailing area, Tuscany offers archipelago sailing, with seaside towns, golden sandy beaches and wonderful sailing breezes. Corsica is also within sailing distance.

Sicily: Great sailing destination with many picturesque villages and sandy beaches. Europe's most historically cosmopolitan region, Sicily is full of exceptional culture, great food and charming island escapes. Even you have a chance to discover active volcanos.

Amalfi: The only way to improve the Amalfi experience is to do it by sailing. Escape the crowds and have the 'best view in the house' from the back of your very own private yacht.

Sardinia: Many secluded coves, beautiful beaches and dramatic geography make Sardinia a popular sailing region in Italy. The Costa Smeralda - Emerald Coast is a stunning location with golden sandy beaches and national parks.

Weather and Winds

The general sailing season in Italy lasts from the April to the end of October/November. Peak months include July and August, although the temperatures are high then and there can be periods without wind. Italy has typical Mediterranean climate along the coastline and there are many long summer days with lots of sunshine. The Italian coastal regions have mild winters and hot, dry summers. The length and intensity of the summer months increases the further south on the coastline you are.

Sea temperatures in Italy are generally pleasant enough for swimming from the end of May until October. The weather conditions depend on the region you are sailing to, as some parts tend to have their own distinct climate and different winds.

Scirocco, Libeccio, Maestrale and last but definitely not least Bora are the prevailing winds of Italian

Italian weather is very diverse and can be divided into several sailing regions. The regions are based mainly on geography and each of them has its own prevailing winds. The Tramontana winter wind blows in the north of Italy, descending from the Alps. This wind is strongest before sunrise.

The Scirocco wind blows in the south and brings humid weather in summer, as well as red sand from the Sahara. The Libeccio affects Sardinia and the Tuscan coast, blowing from the south-west, and the Maestrale wind comes from the north-west and blows on the west coast of Sardinia. Northern Adriatic is affected by the rather strong Bora. The peak of the sailing season, July and August, can be a bit windless, so be prepared for that if going sailing in Italy during that period.

Late season (October-November) temperatures are still very mild, an average of 25°C during the day and down to 18°C at night, with moderate precipitation.

Winter temperatures are mild, however rain and stormy weather is common and winds can be strong.