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Simple and efficient

Before you make up your mind, you can enjoy searching through a variety of user rated boats, sorting them based on a wide range of criteria. If you're an experienced sailor, you can rent a bareboat for your great adventure and if not, simply choose to enjoy the comforts of a crew and a skipper. You can choose your dates, submit your requests if you have any and then complete your booking with the safe payment step.On GotoSailing.com, no matter what you do, you will always get the best possible results. Any problems or questions? Please know that our customer services team is always here to help.

Hand picked boats

We have a team of experts who actually go and visit the boats on charter operators' listings to see if they really meet our standards and offer all the features they said they would. Boats, cabins and the equipment are examined for their latest condition, cleanliness and comfort. When you make a booking on GotoSailing.com, we try to make sure that pleasant surprises are all you're going to get.

We also are meticulous about keeping track of our boats, even when the names change. It's customary to name a boat, so tracking it it may seem easy even if the charter base and/or owner changes. However, the name of a boat can always be changed, too. So, our database uses the hull number of the boats along with their related charter base.

Detailed, up to date boat photos

We know how inspiring a charter boat photograph can be and all the meanings it can hold. But for us at GotoSailing.com, boat photos mean, more than anything else, reliable information. So we agreed on an a set of rules with charter operators who use our site, to make sure that photographs for each and every boat on our website is real, up to date and good quality.

While the make and model of two boats could be the same, layout and equipment could differentiate one boat from another. For example, there is no guarantee that two 42 feet boats with the same make and model will be identical. This is the point where you can rely on the photographs on our website.

Comments from fellow charterers

In the age of 'user experience', GotoSailing.com's mission wouldn't be complete without user comments and a reliable ranking system. So we went ahead and developed one of the most detailed review systems in the yachting world. Through our system - successfully integrated with social media - the charterers are able to share their valuable experiences, score the boats and the charter bases along several dimensions. Higher the score of a boat or a charter base, higher they will be in ranking in terms of display.

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No Hidden Costs

Our system is very straightforward... During booking, you will see each and every product and service clearly stated and priced for your selection. You will be able to compare and choose among available alternatives on a boat and when you are ready to pay, everything will be laid before your eyes. There are no surprises, no additional hidden costs or fees; everything is as transparent as it can get.

Best deals

We work very hard to give you the best price for the best boat possible. We maintain direct business relations with charter operators and boat owners as we analyze different local markets and practices. On our website, we always highlight best prices, best charter operators and best destinations so that you can always get your money's worth.

Safe and easy payment

When you make a booking on our site, GotoSailing.com will charge your credit card, not the charter operator or some other supplier. This helps both you and us to safeguard your credit card details.

We use industry standard online payment methods provided and secured by the best global suppliers. Every step of the way, we make sure that your credit card details are safe.

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