About GotoSailing.com

Clean slate, new approach!

GotoSailing.com is a brand new, independent online travel agency for yacht charter holidays. We provide an easy to use, safe and efficient online booking platform for charterers and charter operators, making us a rare two way communication platform.

We do not own or work for a current agency but we establish direct business relations with boat owners and charter bases in our target markets to provide charterers with the best offers.

Independent software and network

Gotosailing.com uses its own software. This helps us create the end-to-end, integrated web site that is based on user-experience model, where customers can search, compare a vast number of boats and eventually rent, carry out all booking and payment procedures online.

With its state of the art design, GotoSailing.com keeps it simple and easy to use. We know you're planning for the most pleasant of holidays, so we try to make the process just as pleasant.

Based in the Netherlands - a hot destination for digital businesses

While the Netherlands is one of the hottest destinations for online businesses, we serve our customers around the globe in the hottest charter destinations; Croatia, Greece, Turkey and the rest of Mediterranean. GotoSailing.com easily brings the two parties closer.

Simple and Easy

At GotoSailing.com, we provide sailors with a simple and easy search along with a minimum step booking process. We have hand-picked a wide range of boats for a pleasant yachting holiday. You will find everything you need on a boat at your fingertips conveniently structured for you to select and pay securely. During secure payment, you even have the option to divide the charter fee among with your fellow sailors under group payment feature.

Everything is transparent!

User-experience is the most integral part of our business; therefore, you will be able to score the boats and the charter bases along several dimensions. You will be able to interact with other charterers, and be able to share your experiences and find out about previous charterers' experiences. We will be serving both yacht charter customers and charter bases with unique user experience with minimum hassle.

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