Why partner with us?

GotoSailing.com is a brand new online travel agency for yacht charter holidays. We provide an easy to use, safe and efficient online booking platform for charterers and charter operators, making us a rare two- way communication platform.

A clean slate, a new approach!

This is how: Power of the Internet

Partnering with GotoSailing.com will bring you more customers, more information about your customers and more efficiency while dealing with the traffic.

Simply; we'll advertise your boats for you and give you an online free system that will help you manage your business much more efficiently.

You are visible

GotoSailing.com is fully transparent in every aspect. While offering all price details of boats, your services and equipment, we don't hide the names of the boats and their operators.

As we advertise for GotoSailing.com, we'll be advertising for you as well.

The customers will know your name, your boat's name,
you will be no longer anonymous!

Using the advantages of the Internet, we'll reach our mutual target customers in every way we can. We'll give charterers all they need to know about your boats, services you provide, your facilities as an operator, even detailed information about the marina and the location of your bases.

You'll have all the information about who your customers are and what they need, too.

A wonderful opportunity to improve your business!

Effective marketing

GotoSailing.com uses digital marketing much more efficiently and actively than any other online travel agency on the web. We spend more than half of our budget for advertisement of your boats and you as the charter operator.

Our digital marketing experts work very hard on search engine marketing as well as powerful social media appearance. Partnering with GotoSailing.com gives an extra boost to your marketing power that leads to more efficient sales than ever.

Realistic Ratings, Better Positions in Listings

We believe that customer experience is the key for success. We have a solid rating system to save your boats from the chains of pricing only. Even pricey boats with better services on top of better user ratings will have a higher ranking than their counterparts with lesser qualities on our web site.

We know that quality has a cost!

Our rating system evaluates your boats and operator technically along with user reviews. We believe that boats are an inseparable part of their charter operator. GotoSailing.com gives you a chance to become a star with your services not only your prices.

One Solution for All and it is completely FREE!

We know how complicated it can get when you're dealing with numerous boats and destinations during a busy season. We know that a well-organized online system that keeps track of everything, holds all the information you'll ever need, will be of great help. With its user friendly software, GotoSailing.com can make our business respond faster and help you save a great deal of time and money.

When you join GotoSailing.com, you can start using our base management system for your all daily activities as a charter operator. You can manage sales offices, bases, boats, prices, discounts, add on services and equipment, crew lists, airport transfers and much more.

Please contact us for a demo account and try it yourself...You will understand what you have missed till today.

White Label Solution - with your own brand name

You can even manage your bookings with your direct agencies and/or NauSys. You may even use our completely free system as White Label, meaning, you can share it with your agencies with your own brand name. Our software is fully integrated with NauSys, so all the bookings that you make or receive through NauSys works simultaneously; we mean "instantly"!

It is also possible to integrate GotoSailing.com Base Management system with your web site. Your site visitors can easily search for the availability of your boats and book them through GotoSailing.com web site in a few steps.

Independent and Solid partner

We are independent. We do not own or work for a current agency, but we establish direct business relations with boat owners and charter bases. You'll get to know our team and always know who to contact when you need help.

Express Yourself

Your Fleet!

This is your fleet, your boat, your people...
This is your business...

Why let people hide you from your own customers?

Your Brand!

You worked very hard for your brand. You spent thousands of hours on the boats and in the office to make it your future....

Why are you are supposed to stay in the shadows??

Your Business!

You and your company deserve to manage day-to-day activities in harmony with the state of the art technology....

Why do you need to pay thousands of Euros?

Time to change the world and way of your business

GotoSailing.com offers you more than an agency web site. We are sailors and we know what sailors want. We are in the charter business for more than 25 years and we know what you need. And open your mind to learn more... We created one solution to change your life for the better.

We are changing the rules of the game!

Please send us an email and ask for a demo account so you can see it yourself.

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