Charter Insurance

As, we've partnered with Pantaenius to offer you additional charter insurance packages for your bookings with us. You can select one of the charter insurance packages provided by Pantaenius that perfectly suits your needs.


With Pantaenius charter insurance, nothing stands in the way of your carefree charter holiday. No matter whether it's a few days or several weeks, bareboat, cabin or skipper charter. Choose the duration of your cruise, crew size and insurance solutions according to your individual needs. The contract is concluded online in just a few steps.

Please note that travel cancellations and travel interruption caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus are excluded from travel cancellation costs insurance until further notice. There is also no insurance cover in the event that the chartered yacht is not available due to illiquidity of the yacht agency or the charter company. This temporary change applies to all contracts concluded from 18.03.2020 onwards.

Please Note

Charter insurance is available for associations (with no commercial use) and for natural persons who have their permanent residence in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, or Iceland. Individuals residing in Italy can only obtain insurance through Pantaenius GmbH in Monaco. Unfortunately, individuals with permanent residence in the United Kingdom (UK) are no longer eligible to take out our charter insurance post-Brexit, but they can still be included as insured persons. For associations interested in obtaining insurance, please reach out to Pantaenius directly. It's important to note that charter companies, charter agencies, and paid skippers are not eligible to purchase charter insurance.

For Trip Cancellation Cost, Travel Health, and Personal Accident insurance, only individuals with their permanent residence in the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or the United Kingdom (UK) can be insured, including the skipper. However, for Deposit Insurance, the insured person's domicile is irrelevant.

On the other hand, Skippers and crew members are excluded from insurance coverage, regardless of their place of residence, if they do not participate in the charter trip exclusively for sporting or pleasure purposes and if they receive remuneration or payment for their presence on board.

As the policyholder, you can claim your insurance directly from Pantaenius. is not the insurer and any claims should be requested directly from Pantaenius.

Introducing Flexible Coverage

Creating your personalized insurance package is effortless:

Simply provide some basic information about your intended charter, and customize our insurance offerings to match your preferences. Whether you're looking to book individual insurances or a combination, our options are adaptable to your needs.

  • Select trip durations ranging from 1 to 60 days.
  • Accommodate groups of 1 to 16 crew members.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind with Travel Cancellation Insurance covering charter, travel, and hotel expenses.
  • Opt for coverage for the entire boat or cabin charter.

Overview of Our Charter Insurance

Enhance your peace of mind during your most cherished time of the year with our market-leading insurance solutions tailored specifically for charters.

Deposit insurance

Our deposit insurance provides coverage for the full or partial retention of the deposit amount, up to €20,000. This includes protection against unauthorized retention in the event of damage to the chartered yacht and dinghies.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Our trip cancellation insurance reimburses contractually owed cancellation costs for your charter in case of cancellation and abandonment. This includes coverage for return travel costs and hotel expenses. Additionally, cover in the event of insolvency of the charter agency is available for an additional charge.

Skipper's Liability Insurance

Our Skipper's Liability Insurance provides coverage for the legal liability risks of both the skipper and the crew. With coverage options of €5 or €10 million, you're protected against scenarios such as grossly negligent damage to the boat or charter loss costs.

Travel Health Insurance

Our Travel Health Insurance safeguards both the skipper and the crew in the event of illness, ensuring comprehensive coverage for necessary treatment, medications, and return transport.

Personal Accident Insurance

Our Personal Accident Insurance provides essential protection in the unfortunate event of disability or death resulting from an accident. Designed for both the skipper and the crew, it offers coverage for accidents occurring during shore excursions as well.


Deposit insurance
Trip Cancellation Insurance
Skipper's Liability Insurance
Travel Health Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance


Why are the charter packages no longer available?
We have already booked a package and would now like to put together an individual charter insurance policy. Is that possible?
Will our charter insurance become more expensive soon with the discontinuation of the packages?
What else has changed with the removal of the packages?


What time restrictions are there to bear in mind when booking a charter insurance?
When does the insurance coverage come into effect?
How long does the insurance coverage last?
When does the insurance expire?


Who can take out / not take out the insurance contract?
Who can be insured / not insured as skipper or crew?
What use of the chartered vessel can be insured?
We are more than 16 people taking part in the planned trip. Do we have to purchase an additional charter insurance?
Our crew is not yet complete. Can we already take out our charter insurance?
Is it possible to insure a cabin charter?
We have not rented the entire vessel, but only one or more cabins. What do we have to consider?
Are visitors insured?
Does the policy holder also have to be the skipper?
Does the policy holder have to be on board?
Is a navigational license required to purchase charter insurance?
We pay a professional skipper for our charter trip. Is there cover for the commercial/paid skipper?
For which insurances is a crew list required?
Do I have any advantages by being a member of the cruiser section or SBC?


Are salvage costs included in the insurance?
Is hotel accomodation covered before or after the voyage?
What happens if the skipper is unable to sail?
What happens if a crew member is unable to sail?
In the event of underinsurance, do we lose our right to claim under the Deposit Insurance?
What is covered by the travel cancellation insurance?
What sum should we insure for travel cancellation insurance?
The total trip price (charter price plus costs for arrival and departure and any accommodation booked) exceeds EUR 40,000. Can we insure a higher sum?
Can we insure against the booked cruise not taking place due to the insolvency of the charter company or agency?
Is it possible to insure the excess/deductible required by the charter company for damage to the chartered boat in addition to the deposit?


Can we cancel our charter insurance?
Can we change our cover after purchase?
Can we still change the crew list during the voyage?
We have purchased a charter insurance for 2-8 persons, but would like to increase the number?

Please Note: The information provided here is for informative purposes only. For the most accurate and up-to-date details, please refer to the Pantaenius website.