Sailing the Tyrrhenian Coast: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Itinerary from Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria, a beautiful city in the most southwestern part of Italy. Reggio Calabria is the perfect place to begin an exciting yacht charter experience along the Tyrrhenian coast because it is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty and a rich cultural legacy.

Sailing the Tyrrhenian Coast: A 7-Day Yacht Charter Itinerary from Reggio Calabria

Embark on a seven-day sailing journey, as you explore hidden anchor places, charming marinas, and indulge in the flavors of local Calabrian cuisine. Get ready to set sail and immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and cultural treasures of this enchanting region.

Day 1: Reggio Calabria to Scilla (Distance: 9 miles)

Begin your yacht charter by heading north along the coast to the picturesque town of Scilla. Anchor in the protected bay and explore the charming fishing village. Visit the Ruffo Castle perched on the cliffs and stroll along the scenic promenade. Indulge in the local cuisine by savoring fresh seafood dishes, such as swordfish and spicy 'nduja.

Day 2: Scilla to Palmi (Distance: 10 miles)

Cruise east to the coastal town of Palmi. Find a spot to anchor and take in the panoramic views of the coastline. Explore the historical center, visit the Cathedral of Palmi, and discover the ancient ruins of Tauriani. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the local specialty, bergamot-flavored desserts and liqueurs.

Day 3: Palmi to Tropea (Distance: 19 miles)

Sail north to the charming town of Tropea, known for its stunning cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Anchor in the bay and go ashore to explore the medieval old town. Visit the Santa Maria dell'Isola Church perched on a rocky outcrop and stroll along the narrow streets lined with shops and cafes. Sample the local delicacies, including red onions and Calabrese salami.

Day 4: Tropea to Pizzo (Distance: 17 miles)

Head south along the coast to the picturesque town of Pizzo. Find a spot to anchor in the bay and go ashore to explore the historic center. Visit the Castello Murat and enjoy a gelato at the famous Gelateria Tartufo. Don't forget to try the local specialty, Tartufo di Pizzo, a delicious chocolate and hazelnut truffle.

Day 5: Pizzo to Capo Vaticano (Distance: 8 miles)

Cruise south to Capo Vaticano, a stunning headland known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. Anchor in one of the secluded bays and spend the day swimming and snorkeling in the turquoise sea. Enjoy the tranquility of the natural surroundings and marvel at the breathtaking views from the clifftops.

Day 6: Capo Vaticano to Nicotera Marina (Distance: 13 miles)

Sail north to Nicotera Marina, a charming coastal town nestled between the sea and the mountains. Anchor in the marina and explore the town's historic center. Visit the Church of San Francesco and take a leisurely stroll along the promenade. Indulge in the local cuisine by savoring traditional Calabrian dishes, such as pasta alla norma and 'nduja.

Day 7: Nicotera Marina to Reggio Calabria (Distance: 19 miles)

Conclude your yacht charter journey by sailing back to Reggio Calabria, where your adventure began. Reflect on the unforgettable experiences and memories created along the Tyrrhenian coast. Before bidding farewell to your yacht, take the time to explore the vibrant city of Reggio Calabria once more, visiting the National Archaeological Museum and indulging in some last-minute shopping for local specialties.

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