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October: The golden season for Mediterranean charters

When the high season is over, then comes a time which only the luckiest charterers can enjoy. The wind and the sun are both gentle, the sea water is still warm. And yes, the boat prices are sweet.


Turkish dictionary for gulets

Turkish gulets come in all sizes, designs and prices. But the local operators are wise enough to group them under several categories so that you know what to expect when you see a Luxury, Deluxe, Ultra Deluxe or VIP gulet. You just need to get familiar with the wording.

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Watching for the Meltemi winds

It can be a much welcomed breeze in the summer heat and give you clear skies. But it can also make the sea so rough that you might need to change course or wait for it to die down. Here are both sides to the coin.

Bareboats, Gulets, Destination

Island hopping: Connecting the dots on two sides of the Aegean

The Aegean is full of islands; some small, some big, some holiday legends, but all lively and colorful… You can start from Turkish or Greek waters and cruise out to the most popular islands, enjoying all the natural beauties along the way.


Gulets have personality, get to know them!

Yacht charter experience in Turkey is mostly about gulets and they are probably the first thing you should know about. Here’s a summary of what they are, how they are different from motor yachts as well as each other, and the wide range of experiences they can offer.

Bareboats, Gulets, Destination, Sailor's Stuff, Life Aboard

Beginners' Guide for Chartering A Boat in 2022

Events of 2020 made us all look for alternative holiday plans. We all want to stay out of crowded hotels and beaches but we still need to enjoy summer, sea and light headed days. Chartering a boat became a great option to spend time on the sea, enjoy summer breeze and visit magnificient places while staying away from other people. So you want to rent a boat, but you have no such experience and you don’t know how and where to start from. We are here to help you, read our guide, if you still have questions, contact our customer service.

6 results found