Beginners' Guide for Chartering A Boat in 2022

Events of 2020 made us all look for alternative holiday plans. We all want to stay out of crowded hotels and beaches but we still need to enjoy summer, sea and light headed days. Chartering a boat became a great option to spend time on the sea, enjoy summer breeze and visit magnificient places while staying away from other people. So you want to rent a boat, but you have no such experience and you don’t know how and where to start from. We are here to help you, read our guide, if you still have questions, contact our customer service.

Beginners' Guide for Chartering A Boat in 2022

When you read this article you will know what to do, be sure of yourself, and rent your boat as easy as booking a hotel room from’s reservation page.

Do we need a captain’s license? 

There are two ways to rent a boat: you either rent a bareboat, or a boat with a captain. Bareboat means you only rent the boat, so either yourself or one of your holiday companions should have a captain’s license and adequate experience. If there is such a person among you, you can happily pack your bags and let her/him take care of everything else. If none of your vacation fellows is a captain, you’re going to hire a captain as you rent the boat, which is nothing difficult. In this case your experienced captain and the boat rental firm will do all the necessary arrangements for you.

Where are we going? How do we decide the route?

Deciding on the sailing destination is probably the first thing to think about. Before renting a boat from, with your family and/or friends you should make up your mind on where you would like to spend your boat holiday. The destinations section of our website can be of help. 
When you decide which region you’ll sail to, you can start thinking about the details of your route. Our destination pages will give you many clues, and it’s up to you to say which places you definitely want to see. Take notes and share your list with the company, so that they provide you with the most convenient plan. But keep in mind that routes may change due to weather conditions: Be flexible, that’s how you live on sea… 

When is the best time for a boat holiday?

Some destinations have seasons, so the time does matter while making your reservation. While you can rent a boat on the Mediterranean from April to October, you should set a date between November and April if you would like to go to the Caribbean for a boatholiday. In short, the holiday dates should be planned together with the boat holiday place. And keep in mind that the prices vary between high and low seasons. As this is your first boat holiday, we’d recommend that you prioritize the weather and pick a date in the best season of your desired destination.

Which is the best boat for a first boat holiday?

Now that the sailing time and place is set, another important issue is choosing the boat. The best boat for you is the one you’ll feel most comfortable in. If you think you’ll be disturbed by the rolling of the boat, choose a catamaran: catamarans rock less than monohulls. Plus, catamarans are much more spacious both in their living areas and their decks. But if you know that nobody in your group gets seasick, keep in mind that monohulls may also be very comfortable. This is a choice that affects the pricing: catamarans are generally more expensive than monohulls. 
When choosing the boat, you should consider the number of people in your group and make sure the boat has enough cabins for everybody. If you are to hire a captain, don’t forget that s/he should also have a comfortable cabin.

Who’s onboard?

If this is your first boat holiday, it’s got to be perfect! One of the most important factors here is to be with the right holiday-mates. ‘You get to know one on vacation,’ they say. Let us add on that: ‘When you’re on a boat with someone, you read them like a book.’

Is a boat holiday expensive?

Actually, boat holidays are much cheaper than you might imagine. For prices ranging from 500 to 1,000 euros per week, from many operators you can rent magnificent boats with three double cabins. That means six people can comfortably share a boat and pay 83-166 euros per person, per week (only 12-24 euros per day). Even when you include extra payments (for fuel, captain, marinas, extra sea-sport gear, etc.), the price is still much more affordable than that of staying in a good hotel.

What sort of a boat holiday do you want?

You should discuss that in the group and consider some points. Would you like spending your boat holiday on busy port cities, or uncharted coves? If a part of the group prefers staying in marinas at nights and going downtown to wine and dine, while others want to moor in coves to enjoy silent nights, cooking their own dinner and spend every moment in nature, you are likely to have issues. Make your plans all together, so that even if there are disagreements you’ll know how much compromise everybody can make.

Is it easy to sail?

It’s hard to be a captain but easy to be an apprentice. Sailing your own boat requires a license, studying hard, lots of practice and some courage. If that’s what you want to do, it’s not really difficult, but it takes time. And if you are interested in sailing, you’ll be surprised to see how much you can learn on a boat holiday and what a good seafarer you can be. Chatting with the captain will teach you a lot about boats and sailing, and you can also help her/him with some tasks. Once you get the taste of sailing and see that things are not so tough onboard, you might be starting off with a new hobby.  
But if you’re asking if it’s necessary to be an apprentice, no, not at all. When you already have a captain, there is nothing that you need to do but enjoy a safe and pleasant holiday on the boat.

Are there sports to do on a boat holiday?

Yes, many boats have underwater scooters, SUP, diving and fishing equipment. Some even have ‘toys’ you can use in the ports, such as electric scooters. Take a look at the choices offered by the charter company.

We’re going on a holiday as a big group. Instead of making a single payment, is it possible to share it equally?

Of course it is. accepts many forms of payment, including bank wire. By selecting the ‘group payment’ option, you can share the payment with friends when you’re renting together, so it’s not on a single party to make the payment - everybody pays their own share.

What do I need to bring?

So, if everything is ready, it’s time to pack – which is no big deal, because you’ll take as few things as possible. Here are some tips on what to take with you to have a comfortable vacation: Pack Light, Pack Smart

How do I rent a boat through has a user-friendly website. Renting a boat is now as easy as finding a place through or, thanks to’s system –unique in the world. With more than 9,000 boats and over 300 destinations, allows you to easily look for a boat wherever you choose. Here, at a single glance you can see the charter operator and marina of each boat, together with all the information about the boat and its operator. From airport transfers to wi-fi overboard, the site offers a variety of other services to add comfort to your vacation. You can even buy your plane ticket here, if you like. allows you to check whether a boat is available on the date you provide, in real time. You have the means to compare different boats with each other at once. When you make your choice you easily proceed to payment and complete your reservation. 

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