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Chart Your Course: The Ultimate Guide to Yacht Chartering in Croatia

Discover the best ways to book your dream yacht charter in Croatia. Explore the ease of online platforms like, the charm of direct company bookings, and the bespoke services of independent agencies. Find out which path to your sailing adventure aligns with your travel style and preferences. Dive into our comprehensive guide and set sail on an unforgettable Croatian journey.


The Best Destinations for Yacht Chartering in the Mediterranean

Explore the Mediterranean's Top Yacht Charter Destinations, from the French Riviera to Greece and Turkey. Plan your dream yacht vacation with


Paxos and Antipaxos: The Most Romantic Route Option of Ionian Islands Boat Vacation

Discover the hidden beauties of Paxos and Antipaxos on an unforgettable Ionian Islands boat vacation. Explore serene bays, historic architecture, and savor the unique blend of Greek and Italian culture. A guide for those seeking a romantic and scenic escape.

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The Most Exquisite Wine Routes to Explore on Your Croatian Yacht Vacation

Cruise through Croatia's pristine coastlines and islands while exploring its rich wine culture. Dive into its indigenous grape varieties, learn about traditional winemaking methods blended with modern techniques, and let the country's diverse wine routes enhance your yacht vacation. Explore Istria, Pelješac, Korcula, and more with, and discover a mesmerizing blend of nautical beauty and exquisite vintages.


Sailing Destinations Beyond Croatia

Venture beyond Croatia's shores and discover the world's top sailing destinations. From the Greek Islands to the Caribbean's turquoise waters and Thailand's exotic coastlines, embark on a journey exploring the unique allure of each sailing paradise.

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Deciphering the Costs of Yacht Chartering in Greece

Embark on a Grecian sailing adventure with confidence. Unravel the costs of chartering a yacht in Greece, from foundational fees to optional luxuries, ensuring a voyage free from financial surprises in the Aegean.

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Understanding the Costs of Chartering a Yacht in Croatia

Navigate the costs of chartering a yacht in Croatia with our comprehensive guide. Explore everything from upfront fees to potential hidden charges, ensuring a seamless Adriatic sailing experience.

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Italy's Five Most Beautiful Sailing Routes

We don't think anyone would object if we simply described Italy as "one of the most beautiful countries in the world". Because even if we choose the most impressive words, they will be insufficient to describe this beauty.


10 Most Beautiful Port Cities in Croatia

Stretching along the Adriatic Sea, Croatia is one of the most beautiful routes in the world for sailors. Croatia's sheltered harbors and calm sea, impressive history and culture makes it a great choice for an unforgettable sailing holiday. We have selected 10 of the most fascinating cities and towns along the coastline for those planning a boat holiday in Croatia…


Seychelles... Who can say no to a sea vacation there!

“Boat vacation in Seychelles” or “sea vacation in Seychelles” are among the most frequently written words in search engines for honeymoon. No wonder Seychelles, a group of volcanic islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, is one of the most preferred honeymoon destinations in the world.


Charter a Boat in the Homeland of Classical Maritime

Although chartering a boat in the UK is not the first destination that comes to mind when it comes to a sea vacation, it is an experience you will never regret or even forget. The United Kingdom, consisting of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, offers many routes that will make you say "good luck" with its history dating back to the golden years of maritime.


10 Safest Caribbean Islands for a Boat Vacation

One of the most beautiful boat holiday routes in the world, the Caribbean deserves this title to the fullest thanks to its unique nature and climate. However, despite all these beauties, security can be a big problem on some islands.

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