10 Safest Caribbean Islands for a Boat Vacation

One of the most beautiful boat holiday routes in the world, the Caribbean deserves this title to the fullest thanks to its unique nature and climate. However, despite all these beauties, security can be a big problem on some islands.

10 Safest Caribbean Islands for a Boat Vacation

We have listed the 10 safest islands of the region for those who want to have a peaceful holiday by renting a boat in the Caribbean.

st. Barths

Also known as Saint Barthelemy, St. Barths island is one of the safest islands for a sea vacation in the Caribbean. A French colony, St. Barths is at the top of the list with zero murder cases and a very low violence rate. The main reason for this is St. Barths mostly welcomes high-income tourists. Therefore, the security measures on the island are very high. One of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean, St. Barths to reach St. You can rent a boat from Phillipsburg, Marteen. With its beautiful anchorage points, delicious restaurants and pleasant sea, St. We hope your Barths boat vacation will be perfect.


The threat rate on Anguilla, another safe island in the Caribbean, is described as "level one", meaning virtually no crime. The biggest incident in Anguilla, which offers an extremely safe environment to those who come to the Caribbean for a sea vacation, is petty thefts. st. If you come to Anguilla, one of the most expensive islands in the Caribbean, such as Barths, between June and August, which is the low season, you may encounter more affordable prices. You can easily reach Anguilla by chartering a boat from Anse Marsel or Marigot.

st. lucia

With an area of approximately 600 square kilometers, St. Lucia has all the comforts for those who want to visit the island by boat. Direct St. By renting a boat from Lucia, you can visit the island's magnificent bays with a comfortable route. Tourists are advised not to go outside with their valuables against possible theft, but major violence cases are not seen. st. Tourists who will take a boat holiday in Lucia should adjust their cruises accordingly in order to avoid the storms experienced between August and November. By the way, an important note: St. Lucia is one of the few Caribbean islands to ban homosexuality.


Another safe route for those who want to have a sea vacation in the Caribbean is the island of Martinique. In Martinique, which belongs to France, there is no situation that threatens security, except for petty theft cases. Tourists are advised to bring their cash with them and pay with a credit card instead of withdrawing money from ATMs. By chartering a boat from Martinique, you can enjoy the white sands, unique beaches and tropical forests of the Caribbean. Grande Anse des Salines in the south is one of the most popular beaches on the island.


Montserrat, which belongs to England, is one of the tiny but must-see islands. Montserrat, which you can reach by renting a boat from Antigua, is an island 16 kilometers long and 11 kilometers wide. The length of the coastline is only 21.5 nautical miles. Montserrat is one of the safest islands in the Caribbean for a sea vacation, as it is small and has few tourists. The biggest security problem on the island is the still active volcano. But the magnificent beaches of this small and safe island are well worth the risk of a volcano.


Guadeloupe is a French Caribbean paradise consisting of 12 islands. You can start your magnificent cruise by chartering a boat from Pointe-à-Pitre, the largest and lively city of Guadeloupe. In Guadeloupe, where there has been no major incident other than theft, tourists are advised not to approach areas where local people live. The reason is that local people do not like to see tourists in their living areas. boat vacation in Guadeloupe; Thanks to the shallow and safe lagoons of the island, it offers great comfort especially to those who cruise with their children.

st. Maarten

Sources of St. Martin or Sint Maarten, also known as St. Maarten is one of the most touristic and safe islands in the Caribbean. Therefore, it is flooded by northern tourists who want to take a sea vacation every year. This interesting island is divided into two: French to the north and Dutch to the south. In other words, two states settled on this tiny island. Blending European and Caribbean culture, St. Maarten is a very comfortable and pleasant island for those who want to have a boat holiday with its fascinating beaches. You can have a pleasant holiday away from risks by renting a boat from Phillipsburg.

Antigua and Barbuda

Consisting of two separate islands, Antigua and Barbuda has plenty of safe mooring points for boaters, thanks to its jagged shores. You can enjoy these unique shores by renting a boat from the country's Antigua island, which welcomes its guests with its tropical rainforests, soft sandy beaches and safe sea. Antigua and Barbuda is very suitable for a boat holiday; security St. Like in Marten. You can spend your holiday safely as long as you do not wander around the street with your valuables against theft.

st. Kitts and Nevis

Once a British colony, St. Kitts and Nevis is now an independent country. st. The security problem in the country, which consists of two separate islands, Kitts and Nevis, is considered to be the minimum level.

However, since the people of the island are not very accustomed, it is recommended that gay couples be a little careful in their social life areas. You can rent a boat from Antigua and visit St. Kitts is a pretty small island. Ancient shipwrecks and coral reefs are St. Kitts and Nevis makes a boat vacation even more appealing.


One of the first countries that comes to mind when the Caribbean is mentioned is the Bahamas. Bahamas, one of the most developed countries of the Caribbean Sea, welcomes millions of tourists who want to take a sea vacation every year in its magnificent nature. The Bahamas is one of the most seductive boat vacation destinations in the world, where theft and minor violence can be encountered. By renting a boat from the capital Nassau, you can explore the hundreds of bays and islands of the Bahamas.