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Smooth Sailing: A Guide to Yacht Charter Check-In and Check-Out Procedures

Explore our comprehensive guide on yacht charter check-in and check-out procedures. From preparing for initial inspections to managing final disembarkation and disputes, this article offers essential tips and insights for a smooth and worry-free charter experience. Learn how to handle every aspect of the process for a safe and enjoyable sailing adventure.

Bareboats, Sailor's Stuff, Life Aboard, Boat Rental 101

Safe Sailing Essentials: Your Guide to a Secure Yacht Charter

Explore our comprehensive guide to safety in yacht chartering, covering everything from pre-departure checks to emergency preparedness. Learn about essential safety equipment, effective communication with local operators, and the importance of insurance through's partnership with Pantaenius. Ensure your sailing adventure is not only enjoyable but also secure with these crucial tips.

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Eco-Elegance on the Seas: The Rise of Sustainable Yacht Chartering

Explore the transformative world of eco-friendly yachting in our latest article. Dive into the environmental impacts of traditional sailing and discover how eco-friendly yacht charters are setting new standards in maritime luxury. Learn how to choose a sustainable yacht experience that aligns with your environmental values while offering unparalleled luxury. Join us on a journey through the evolving landscape of eco-conscious sailing and envision a greener future on the high seas.

Bareboats, Life Aboard, Boat Rental 101

Navigating Extras in Yacht Charters: From Essentials to Luxuries

Unlock the secrets of managing obligatory and optional extras in yacht chartering. Our comprehensive guide helps you understand these add-ons, from what they cover to how they're paid for, ensuring a seamless and customized sailing experience. Get expert tips on planning and budgeting for your perfect sea journey with

Bareboats, Life Aboard, Boat Rental 101

Beyond the Charter Fee: Understanding Full Costs of Yacht Holidays

Delve into our essential guide covering the additional expenses of yacht chartering. From fuel and mooring fees to crew provisions and accommodations, gain insights into effective budgeting for every aspect of your sailing holiday. This comprehensive breakdown ensures you can plan your yacht adventure with complete financial clarity and confidence.

Bareboats, Gulets, Sailor's Stuff, Life Aboard, Boat Rental 101

Navigating Yacht Selection: Expert Tips for a Seamless Charter Experience

Dive into our detailed guide to choosing the perfect yacht for your chartering adventure. Uncover essential considerations, from yacht types to onboard amenities and budget factors. streamlines your selection process, offering a diverse fleet and expert advice to ensure you set sail on a yacht that perfectly matches your sailing aspirations and provides an unforgettable journey on the seas.

Sailor's Stuff, Life Aboard, Boat Rental 101

Securing Your Holiday: A Guide to Deposit Insurance in Yacht Chartering

Discover the ins and outs of deposit insurance in yacht chartering. Our comprehensive guide covers everything from charter company policies to bond insurance options, helping you make informed decisions for a secure and enjoyable sailing experience. Learn how to protect your investment and sail with confidence.

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The Most Exquisite Wine Routes to Explore on Your Croatian Yacht Vacation

Cruise through Croatia's pristine coastlines and islands while exploring its rich wine culture. Dive into its indigenous grape varieties, learn about traditional winemaking methods blended with modern techniques, and let the country's diverse wine routes enhance your yacht vacation. Explore Istria, Pelješac, Korcula, and more with, and discover a mesmerizing blend of nautical beauty and exquisite vintages.

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Deciphering the Costs of Yacht Chartering in Greece

Embark on a Grecian sailing adventure with confidence. Unravel the costs of chartering a yacht in Greece, from foundational fees to optional luxuries, ensuring a voyage free from financial surprises in the Aegean.

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A dog onboard?

If you have a dog, it’s lovely to have him/her with you lying in the sun, jumping into the water together and playing catch. But things may not be this easy – for you and your little friend. Only with good planning and empathy, you can turn the experience into a wonderful memory.

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5 rules of responsible dinghy driving

The dinghy is a sweetheart. It’s your ticket to adventure, it’s a family car, it’s a taxi, it’s an ambulance. And it deserves the care and attention you’d give to any of these vehicles if you were driving one.

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Provisions for no cooking boat recipes

Rainbow fruits on skewers or simple ‘meze’ dishes… You don’t even have to cook, just putting together some simple recipes will add to the joy and make you the star of the day. Just plan ahead and add the right stuff to your provisions list.

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