Paxos and Antipaxos: The Most Romantic Route Option of Ionian Islands Boat Vacation

Discover the hidden beauties of Paxos and Antipaxos on an unforgettable Ionian Islands boat vacation. Explore serene bays, historic architecture, and savor the unique blend of Greek and Italian culture. A guide for those seeking a romantic and scenic escape.

Paxos and Antipaxos: The Most Romantic Route Option of Ionian Islands Boat Vacation

Paxos, one of the smallest members of the Ionian Islands, provided an unforgettable visual feast for the viewers of the Netflix series Ada and Maestro, which started airing in 2022. Although some of this success belongs to the cinematographer, we can say that most of it is due to the majesty of Paxos. The series, where you can also listen to songs from Haris Alexiou's impressive voice, has awakened the desire of many to take a sea vacation in Paxos.

If you watch the series before making a decision, you will see that Paxos has its own romantic atmosphere as well as its unique natural beauty and tranquility. Then there is Antipaxos, 2 nautical miles away, which is uninhabited in winter and only inhabited by restaurants and vineyard workers in summer, known for its beautiful bays. The only transportation is by sea, making Antipaxos ideal for a quiet cove getaway for those on a boat vacation in the Ionian Sea. The short distance between these two islands makes it easy to explore both by boat.

Sailing to Paxos by renting a boat

Located in the Ionian Sea in western Greece, Paxos' closest point to the mainland is the coast of Epirus, 7 nautical miles away. Corfu is 7 nautical miles north of the island and Lefkada is 30 nautical miles south. You can rent a boat from Corfu Marina, where you can get good marina services, and on your way down to Paxos you can visit the delightful towns of Agios Georgios, Issos and Marathias on the beautiful south coast of Corfu. After leaving the south of Corfu, you can also include Sivota and Parga in the Epirus region. If you rent a boat from Lefkada, you can reach Paxos by including Onassis' private island Scorpios, Meganisi, Atokos, Ithaka and Kefalonia on your route.

Boat vacation in Paxos

Discovering the local culture and way of life is another factor that will make your Paxos beach vacation unforgettable. Gaios, Loggos and Lakka are among the most beautiful towns and villages on the island, each with its own charm and character. Stone houses, narrow streets and lively harbors showcase the island's traditional architecture and the simplicity of island life.

Paxos also bears traces of Italian culture, as the Greek islands have been under Italian control many times throughout history. The narrow streets and architecture of Paxos, especially the Venetian-style houses in the town of Gaios, attract attention. Many churches and monuments on the island also bear Italian influence. In addition to Greek, the local language, there are even Italian speakers among the locals. Paxos is also an attractive destination for gastronomy enthusiasts with its cuisine combining Greek and Italian flavors and friendly restaurants. Restaurants such as Karnagio and Dodos Taverna, which you can visit during your Paxos sea vacation, offer both local flavors and breathtaking views.

Of course, the nature of Paxos is as interesting as its culture. Lakka Harbor, located in the north of the island and popular for its lively atmosphere, is a safe and pleasant anchorage point, especially for those who rent a boat from Corfu.

Points you can explore by boat on a sea vacation in Paxos

Covered with olive trees, the island offers unforgettable beauty with its steep cliffs and crystal clear sea. The west coast is majestic with cliffs rising steeply from the sea. Between these cliffs are a series of caves sculpted by the sea. One of the most famous of these caves is the Erimitis Cliffs in Kastanida. Reached by a difficult path from the shore, the bay is like a fairy tale with its giant cliffs, small caves, turquoise waters and sandy beach. However, we recommend that you arrive early and get a good spot, considering that this very popular spot can also be reached by daily excursion boats and other travelers renting boats in Paxos.

Another important point to explore when you rent a boat in Paxos is the Blue Caves on the west coast of Paxos. These natural wonder caves offer a special experience that will deepen your connection with the sea. If you are renting a boat in the Ionian Sea, this is definitely one of the most important places you should never miss. You can explore these magnificent caves by anchoring your boat and swimming, and watch the unique blues formed by the light of the sun reflected in the sea.

The east coast of the island is relatively flat and more accessible. There are a number of port villages on these coasts, all of which are beautiful and will add color to your Paxos beach vacation. The bays in the west of the island, such as Kipiadi, Kipos and Marmari, are difficult to reach by land and offer a quiet and peaceful escape.

Suggestions for a boat vacation in Antipaxos

At the southern tip of Paxos lies charming Antipaxos. This island is famous for its crystal clear waters, calm beaches and unique shades of blue. Much smaller than Paxos, Antipaxos has two magnificent sandy beaches. Voutoumi and Vrika beaches are the most beautiful and popular places in Antipaxos.

Despite its small size, Antipaxos is also famous for centuries of viticulture. The vines are mostly composed of traditional Greek grape varieties; the island's abundant sunshine and moderate rainfall give the grapes their flavor. The unique terroir of Antipaxos gives the wine produced here distinctive characteristics, making it a sought-after product for wine lovers. Being a small island, there is no wine tourism for these vineyards, but you can visit the vineyards and taste the high quality island wines on your Antipaxos boat vacation with permission from the owners.

The most beautiful bays of Antipaxos

Voutoumi, where you can anchor during your Paxos and Antipaxos sea vacation, is located in the north of the island and is famous for its crystal clear, turquoise and blue water. Also, the diversity of marine life in this area makes it an ideal place for snorkeling. Just behind Voutoumi Beach is a hill covered with olive trees and local vegetation. This hill overlooks a spectacular view of the beach and its surroundings. The soft sand and shallow water are ideal for families and children. However, the beach can often get quite crowded during peak seasons, so plan your visit accordingly.

Located south of Voutoumi, Vrika Beach is another beautiful spot with its sandy beach and turquoise sea. Here, too, the seabed is covered with sand and it is very shallow, making it ideal for children and those who want to swim safely.

In addition to these two beaches, there are many more small beaches and coves to discover in Antipaxos. These hidden coves and beaches, which can be accessed especially by boat, offer a more secluded and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to these small beaches that are not known to everyone, you will have the chance to discover the real natural beauty of Antipaxos without the crowd.

A boat trip to Paxos and Antipaxos will certainly add color to your vacation. Remember, these two small islands have many hidden beauties waiting to be discovered, and exploring them by boat will give you an unforgettable experience.