Sailing the Shores of Arzon: A Week of Maritime Splendor in Brittany

Navigate the captivating coastline of Brittany from the helm of your yacht, starting from Arzon, France, with our detailed 7-day sailing itinerary.

Sailing the Shores of Arzon: A Week of Maritime Splendor in Brittany

Arzon, nestled at the tip of the Rhuys Peninsula in France's Brittany region, is a captivating blend of rugged coastal beauty, nautical heritage, and Gallic charm. As a gateway to the Gulf of Morbihan and the Atlantic Ocean, Arzon's marinas and anchorages are perfect starting points for sailors eager to explore the Breton coast.

Embarking from Arzon, the journey unfolds along the storied shores of Brittany, where each port of call is steeped in maritime tradition and the natural splendor of sea and land. The nearby islands and coastal towns, each with their distinct character, offer a rich tapestry of experiences for the seafaring adventurer.

Day 1: Arzon to Île-aux-Moines (5 miles)

Begin your voyage by sailing to Île-aux-Moines, an idyllic island known for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere. Anchor and explore the winding paths, megalithic sites, and quaint village. For dinner, indulge in "Moules Marinières," a classic Breton mussel dish, at a local bistro.

Day 2: Île-aux-Moines to Vannes (10 miles)

Set sail for Vannes, a medieval town with a rich history and vibrant marina. Moor and wander through its walled city, timber-framed houses, and beautiful gardens. Relish "Kouign-amann," a Breton butter pastry, at a patisserie.

Day 3: Vannes to Auray (15 miles)

Continue to Auray, a charming town with a picturesque port, Saint-Goustan. Drop anchor and stroll along the cobblestone streets, explore art galleries, and enjoy a "Galettes Bretonnes," a savory buckwheat crepe.

Day 4: Auray to Quiberon (20 miles)

Sail to Quiberon, a peninsula known for its wild coast and sandy beaches. Moor and hike along the rugged cliffs, visit the Thalassotherapy centers, and savor "Crêpes Bretonnes," a sweet crepe with a glass of local cider.

Day 5: Quiberon to Belle-Île (12 miles)

Head to Belle-Île, the largest of Brittany's islands, renowned for its dramatic coastlines and artistic heritage. Anchor and explore the citadel of Le Palais, the impressionist painters' spots, and dine on "Homard Breton," Brittany lobster, at a seaside restaurant.

Day 6: Belle-Île to Hoëdic (15 miles)

Set course for Hoëdic, a serene and unspoiled island with a rich ecosystem. Drop anchor, enjoy the pristine beaches, birdwatching, and for dinner, try "Coquilles Saint-Jacques," Breton scallops, prepared in the local style.

Day 7: Hoëdic back to Arzon (18 miles)

Conclude your journey by returning to Arzon. As you sail back, take in the panoramic views of the Gulf of Morbihan and reflect on the week's adventures. Once ashore, explore Arzon's megalithic sites and for your final meal, enjoy "Far Breton," a traditional prune flan, as a sweet farewell to your journey.

Embarking on a yacht charter from Arzon opens the door to the maritime wonders of Brittany. With, you're not just booking a yacht; you're unlocking a world of coastal adventures. From the medieval charm of Vannes to the wild beauty of Quiberon, let us guide you through Brittany's most enchanting destinations. Set sail with us and let the spirit of Arzon inspire your nautical journey.



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