Adriatic Allure: A Yacht Charter Journey from Rogoznica to Tisno

Embark on an enchanting 7-day sailing yacht holiday from Rogoznica, Croatia, discovering the stunning Šibenik region's hidden gems. Experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea with's premium yacht charter services.

Adriatic Allure: A Yacht Charter Journey from Rogoznica to Tisno

Nestled along the pristine shores of the Šibenik region in Croatia, Rogoznica beckons with its serene beauty, vibrant culture, and azure waters. With a captivating blend of historical charm and modern allure, Rogoznica offers an idyllic setting for an unforgettable sailing yacht holiday. As you step onto its shores, you'll be greeted by picturesque landscapes, charming fishing villages, and a coastline dotted with secluded coves and marinas. The quaint town's Mediterranean atmosphere, coupled with its rich maritime heritage, makes Rogoznica the perfect starting and ending point for a week of nautical exploration along the mesmerizing Croatian coastline.

Day 1: Rogoznica to Primošten (Nautical Distance: 10 miles)

Your sailing journey begins as you navigate to the charming town of Primošten. Drop anchor in the crystal-clear waters of the Primošten bay and explore the town's historic center, characterized by its stone houses and narrow streets. Don't miss the opportunity to sample local wines from the Babić vineyards.

Day 2: Primošten to Šibenik (Nautical Distance: 12 miles)

Sail to the historic city of Šibenik, known for its impressive St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moor your yacht at the Mandalina Marina and wander through the city's charming alleys. Indulge in local Dalmatian dishes featuring fresh seafood.

Day 3: Šibenik to Skradin (Nautical Distance: 15 miles)

Cruise to Skradin, a gateway to the breathtaking Krka National Park. Anchor near Skradin and take a short boat ride to explore the park's enchanting waterfalls and lush landscapes. Enjoy a serene evening in Skradin, dining on traditional Croatian cuisine.

Day 4: Skradin to Zlarin (Nautical Distance: 10 miles)

Set sail to the tranquil island of Zlarin, known for its pristine beaches and vibrant coral industry. Anchor in Zlarin's harbor and take leisurely strolls through the car-free town. Relish the local catch of the day at one of the island's seafood restaurants.

Day 5: Zlarin to Murter (Nautical Distance: 10 miles)

Navigate to the island of Murter, home to stunning bays and a vibrant maritime tradition. Drop anchor in one of Murter's inviting coves and explore the island's beaches. Delight in local Murter specialties like šokol, a traditional almond cake.

Day 6: Murter to Vodice (Nautical Distance: 12 miles)

Sail to the bustling town of Vodice, a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. Dock your yacht at the ACI Marina Vodice and explore the lively promenade. Savor Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine at local restaurants.

Day 7: Vodice to Rogoznica (Nautical Distance: 15 miles)

As your sailing adventure comes full circle, make your way back to Rogoznica. Anchor in one of the town's charming coves and take in the tranquil atmosphere. Reflect on the stunning coastal vistas and unforgettable moments of your Croatian yacht holiday.

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