Sailing the Šibenik Archipelago: A Week-long Yacht Adventure from Vodice, Croatia

Embark on a 7-day yacht charter journey from Vodice, Croatia, exploring hidden bays, historic towns, and savoring Dalmatian delicacies with our detailed itinerary.

Sailing the Šibenik Archipelago: A Week-long Yacht Adventure from Vodice, Croatia

Vodice, a vibrant coastal town in Croatia, is the gateway to the enchanting Šibenik Archipelago. With its bustling marina, historic landmarks, and proximity to some of the Adriatic's most pristine islands, Vodice is a sailor's dream. Croatia, with its intricate coastline and myriad of islands, offers unparalleled sailing adventures. And Vodice, with its blend of Dalmatian charm, rich history, and modern amenities, serves as the perfect starting point for a yacht charter journey.

As you set sail from Vodice, the horizon unfolds with promises of secluded bays, ancient towns, and gastronomic delights. The nearby Kornati National Park, a labyrinth of islands, islets, and reefs, beckons with its raw beauty. Every day on this journey offers a new story, a new discovery, and a deeper connection with the soul of the Adriatic.

Day 1: Vodice to Tribunj (3 miles)

Begin your voyage with a short sail to Tribunj, a picturesque fishing village. Moor at Tribunj Marina and explore the narrow alleys and stone houses. Climb up to the church for panoramic views. For dinner, indulge in "Brudet," a hearty fish stew, at a local konoba.

Day 2: Tribunj to Skradin (12 miles)

Sail up the Krka River to Skradin, the gateway to Krka National Park. Anchor at Skradin Marina and take a boat trip to the park's famous waterfalls. Explore the town's historic sites and savor "Skradinski Rizot," a slow-cooked veal risotto, a local specialty.

Day 3: Skradin to Prvić Island (15 miles)

Set sail to Prvić Island, a car-free oasis of tranquility. Drop anchor at Prvić Luka and visit the Faust Vrančić Memorial Center. For dinner, enjoy "Peka," a traditional dish cooked under a bell-like dome, at a seaside tavern.

Day 4: Prvić to Kaprije Island (10 miles)

Continue to Kaprije Island, known for its peaceful ambiance. Anchor in one of its protected bays and enjoy the crystal-clear waters. Explore the island's olive groves and vineyards. For a culinary treat, try "Grilled Octopus" with a side of "Blitva" (Swiss chard and potatoes).

Day 5: Kaprije to Žirje Island (8 miles)

Sail to Žirje Island, the outermost inhabited island of the Šibenik Archipelago. Moor in Mijača Bay and hike to the island's historic fortresses. For dinner, savor "Crni Rižot," a black risotto made with squid ink, a Dalmatian classic.

Day 6: Žirje to Krapanj Island (18 miles)

Head to Krapanj Island, renowned for its sponge diving history. Drop anchor and visit the Sponge Museum. Wander through the island's narrow streets and try "Buzara od Kozica," a shrimp dish cooked in a white wine sauce.

Day 7: Krapanj back to Vodice (10 miles)

Conclude your journey by returning to Vodice. Before mooring, take a moment to admire the town's vibrant marina and historic landmarks from the sea. Once ashore, explore Vodice's bustling promenade and savor "Fritule," sweet deep-fried dough balls, as a delightful end to your journey.

With the Adriatic's azure waters as your backdrop and the wind as your guide, a yacht charter from Vodice promises memories that will last a lifetime. At, we don't just offer a yacht; we offer an experience. From hidden bays to historic towns, let us guide you through the heart of Croatia's coastal wonders. Chart your course with us and let the spirit of the Adriatic embrace you.