Gulets have personality, get to know them!

Yacht charter experience in Turkey is mostly about gulets and they are probably the first thing you should know about. Here’s a summary of what they are, how they are different from motor yachts as well as each other, and the wide range of experiences they can offer.

Gulets have personality, get to know them!

Turkey is the leading provider of gulets in Europe and it’s more likely that you’ll be in a gulet charter if you choose one of Turkey destinations. Because they are - unlike motor yachts - far from being identical, you might want to invest some time to get to know your individual gulet and design your charter holiday.

They come in all sizes and designs

Gulet is an authentic handcrafted boat widely manufactured in Turkey. It’s so authentic it can make you feel like you’re travelling back in time and cruising the Mediterranean in a pirate ship. And at the same time it can provide you with all the comforts of modern day sea travel. And this is not the only thing that makes them special: Gulets are actual individuals with different sizes, designs, ‘standards’ and of course prices.

Customized standards, flexible prices

Just like their shapes and designs, the gulet prices may vary drastically. Ranging from ‘Basic’ to ‘VIP’ or ‘Luxury’ as the local operators have named, gulets can offer numerous stages of comfort and luxury. This means that you can always start with your budget to choose the right gulet for your holiday. For example if sleeping on the deck is your thing and you decide that having air conditioning in your cabin is not a real priority, you can easily go for a gulet with a lower charter fee.

A family for a crew?

This is one of the most interesting experiences a gulet can offer in Turkey. You can always hire a professional crew but don’t be surprised to find out that some of the gulets are operated by local families from local villages. You can have the father as the captain, mother as the cook and the sons and daughters as the rest of the crew. It can get even more exciting as the roles may change. This is a perfect way to experience the famous Turkish hospitality. Although language can sometimes be a problem, most charterers find this home-like feeling quite charming and comfortable.

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