7 most beautiful boat holiday destinations in Croatia

Stretching along the Adriatic Sea coast, Croatia is one of the most special boating holiday destinations in the world. That's because of its untouched nature, deep blue waters, still-preserved historical cities, sheltered harbors, hundreds of big and small islands and the warm Mediterranean climate. Renting a boat is the best way to see these beauties of Croatia up close.

7 most beautiful boat holiday destinations in Croatia

Mljet Island

Located off the coast of Dubrovnik, Mljet is a favorite destination for sailors in Croatia with its unspoiled nature. If you rent a boat from Dubrovnik, you can reach here in about four hours. Considered as one of the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic Sea, Mljet has a national park. With its lush green forest covering the entire island and crystal clear turquoise waters, Mljet offers more than those who come for a sailing holiday to expect. There are two lakes on the island, Veliko Jezero and Malo Jezero. There is also a monastery built in the 12th century on the island named Sveta Marija in the middle of Veliko Jezero. Since almost all of the island is a national park, some of the bays are untouched and uninhabited.

Korcula Island

Korcula, just north of Mljet, is a nice option for those who want to rent a boat from Dubrovnik and visit historical sites. Korcula, which you can reach in a few hours by boat from Mljet, is an island decorated with medieval buildings. The biggest city of the island bears the same name. The medieval city walls surrounding Korcula, which you can reach by boat, bring you back to the beauty of the past. Adorned with vineyards and pine trees, the island was once home to pirates. While having a boat holiday in Korcula, which you will also love for its deserted bays, you should definitely visit Badija Island, which is only a few hours sailing away and famous for its historical monastery.

Hvar Island

If you are tired of silence and want to experience a bit of nightlife on your Croatian sailing holiday, you should definitely add Hvar to your itinerary. One of the largest and most populous islands of Croatia, Hvar can be reached by sailing from Split. You can meet many celebrities on this island, from Hollywood celebrities to members of the British Royal Family. Full of olive trees, lavender fields and vineyards, the island has a vibrant nightlife and unique bays. If you are on a sailing trip to Hvar Island, don't forget to anchor at Crvene Stijene, which attracts great attention with its red rocks and can only be reached by boat.

Paklinski Islands

If you're tired of the nightlife on the island of Hvar, we recommend heading to the Paklinski Islands for a few quiet days. Paklinski is a collection of islands just a few miles west of Hvar. You can reach there by boat from Split and you can go around the archipelago one by one and have a boat holiday in the bosom of nature. The most popular anchorage for Paklinski sailing vacations is Sveti Klement. Vinogradišće Bay is home to a world-famous restaurant called Laganini, while in Uvala Tarsce, you can anchor for a day and enjoy the turquoise sea. If you want to spice up your boat holiday in Paklinski, you can also sail to Carpe Diem, the party beach of Marinkovac Island.

Kornati Archipelago

With 140 unspoiled islands and islets, it is impossible not to enjoy a yacht charter holiday in the Kornati Islands. The easiest way to reach this extraordinary region is to rent a boat from Zadar or Šibenik. The 140 islands and islets that make up the archipelago are spread over about 300 square kilometers. 89 of these islands belong to the Kornati National Park. So they are all extremely unspoiled and have many deserted coves for anchoring. Sailing holidays on the Kornati Islands, also known as the Stomorski Islands, are ideal for those who prefer silence, as no permanent settlements are allowed.

Vis Island

Vis Island, which you can easily reach by renting a boat from Split, is a few miles southwest of Hvar. This island, where the second Mamma Mia movie, was filmed, is one of the most popular stops of Croatia's sailing holidays. Vis, where foreign tourists were not accepted between 1950-1989 due to being a military zone, has not lost anything of its natural beauty due to this feature. A submarine used by the army at that time is still resting in a cave, you can jump on your boat and see this submarine up close. Stiniva, the most popular anchorage in Vis, has been named one of the best beaches in Europe.

Palagruza Island

We recommend that you add Palagruza Island to your Korcula boat vacation itinerary. However, you will need to do a little bit of sailing for this. Located about 38 nautical miles from Vela Luka in Korcula, Palagruza is one of the most pristine islands you can visit on your Croatia yacht charter holiday. When you reach Palagruza, which is uninhabited, you will be greeted by the 103-meter-long lighthouse built in 1875 on the top of the rocks. There are only two beaches on the island, Velo Zalo in the south and Stara Vlaka in the north. However, you can stay at the lighthouse, which is run by a private company.