10 Reasons for a Yacht Charter in Turkey

If you have not taken a boat holiday in Turkey before, we strongly recommend you to explore the "Turkish Riviera" at the first opportunity.

10 Reasons for a Yacht Charter in Turkey

1. Nature and quiet coves

Turkey's South Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which bring the pine forests, olive groves, the scent of flowers and herbs to your boat with warm winds, are a great option for your boat holiday. Gokova, Hisaronu, Bozburun, Marmaris and Gocek are just a few of the places that will enchant you on your sailing vacation with their natural beauty. While sailing along the Turkish coast, you will discover many magnificent coves; you will also be struck by trees stretching into the sea, crystal clear sea that makes the rocky ground seem transparent and the golden sands.

2. Turquoise sea

Did you know that the word turquoise originates from the word "Turkish"? It is possible to define this word, which derives from the pronunciation of the French word Turkish with reference to the color of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, as a greenish blue color. On the other hand, let's add that you cannot understand exactly what we are talking about without going on a boat holiday in Turkey and immersing yourself in these turquoise waters. Even swimming in those magnificent bays where pine trees meet the sea, and in those seas that make you feel the need to give your color a special name, is a good reason in itself to rent a boat in Turkey.

3. Rich history

Some of the world's oldest archaeological sites are located on the South Aegean coast of Turkey, one of the most popular areas of sea vacation. Besides many civilizations, these coasts are also called Lycian Coasts because they were ruled by the Lycian Empire for centuries after the 15th century, and they contain many historical artifacts from that period. On your boat holiday in Turkey, you can come across the ruins of the old city and harbor and even the magnificent Lycian rock tombs in many bays that can fascinate you even with its nature alone.

4. Diving and snorkeling

Turkish sea are so clear that you can enjoy it by snorkeling under the sea. In addition, you can add diving points such as Bodrum, Fethiye and Kaş to your route while planning your boat trip in Turkey. Underwater beauties and wreck dives will complete your sea holiday.

5. Nightlife

Bodrum and Marmaris, formerly small fishing villages, are now the best known start for boating holidays in Turkey; It is also quite ambitious in nightlife. Streets of bars and many clubs in both places will offer you fun alternatives that are worth your time before or after your sailing holiday, especially in high season.

6. Turkish cuisine

Appetizer culture is similar to Greece, since they are on both sides of the same sea. Complementing the small delicious appetizer plates are seafood and of course raki, the iconic Turkish drink. Raki is similar to Greek ouzo but with aniseed. We recommend you to try delicious Turkish desserts as well as traditional meat and vegetable dishes, kebab, pide, lahmacun.

7. Good infrastructure for seafarers

With its sheltered bays and many marinas in short distances, Turkey offers comfortable routes for renting a boat. You can get mooring service at any time of the day in many marinas and meet all your needs. Let's also add that some restaurants with piers provide free mooring services for customers. On the other hand, Bodrum and Marmaris host races as well as sailing lovers. We especially recommend Marmaris International Racing Week, where more than a thousand yachts gather from all over the world, to those who want to spare time for racing during their sea vacation.

8. Long season

There is a very long season for a boat holiday in Turkey. The yacht season, which lasts from mid-April to the beginning of November, is longer than Europe and the Adriatic. Those who prefer a mild weather and a quiet sea holiday in May, September and October; June, July and August are ideal for those who do not mind the heat and love an active life.

9. Hospitality

Many Turkish people welcome foreigners and are happy to help you if you have a problem. Especially if you have chartered a boat, the Turkish sailors you will meet will support you both because of the eastern culture's habit and their devotion to seafarer cooperation.

10. Affordable prices

Boat rental and marina fees in Turkey are not much different from Greece or Croatia. However, you will gladly see that the calculations you will make for your shopping and delicious meals are very suitable. Try avoiding the ultra-luxury places in Bodrum.