10 reasons for a Yacht Charter in Croatia

If sailing world is a country, Croatia is the capital of it. At the hearth of Mediterranean area, Croatia welcomes every way of sailors around the world. Amazing nature, magneficient food but on top of fantastic bays, stable winds makes your holiday a top notch sailing experience...

10 reasons for a Yacht Charter in Croatia

1. Being a unique sailing destination for “Island hopping”

Croatia, which has more than 1,000 islands, has a total coastline of 5,800 km, of which 4,000 km belongs to islands and cliffs. The fact that only 50 of the islands are inhabited makes these islands a true paradise of discovery for sailors. Many islands feature magnificent coves and beaches that can only be reached by boat. Many of the sandy or beautiful little white pebble beaches are surrounded by fig and olive trees in the background. Some of the inhabited islands are still glamorous with very scenic, picturesque landscapes and are places where the simple fishing town lifestyle continues. The fact that there is a different life and different natural beauties on each island is the most important feature that brings those who take a sailing holiday in Croatia here again and again. The fact that the winds are suitable for sailing and that there is always a secluded cove even in harsh weather is the guarantee of a beautiful yacht charter holiday in all conditions.

2. Being one of the best preserved areas in Europe

On the islands of Vis and Lastovo, which were closed to tourists during the communist era, and on the islands further from the coast, both nature and the classical Mediterranean lifestyle are very well preserved. Except for the months of July-August, when tourism is intense, life on these islands has continued to flow in the same way for centuries. It is a unique experience to be a part of this life, even for a short time, while the inhabitants of the island go about their daily work such as fishing, working in the fields and vineyards, harvesting olives and making their own olive oil. On the coastline of the mainland, although not everywhere is the same, there are many places that still keep the medieval style alive.

3. Maritime culture and infrastructure

Maritime is a tradition that is in the blood of the people of the region. In addition to small moorings, there are very good marinas in Croatia. There are more than 14,000 mooring capacities and more than 50 marinas in the country. Most of the marinas have banks, shower/toilet, laundry, cafes, bank and boat services. There are unique artifacts related to maritime history and naval wars in Croatia, which has many maritime museums. On the Croatian coast and in the marinas where there are so many sailors, you will also have the chance to meet sailors from all over the world and even attend small sailor parties.

4. Snorkeling and scuba diving alternatives

If we are talking about lots of islands and a protected maritime geography, of course, you can guess that the underwater will be alive. Croatia, especially the islands, is home to a wide variety of sea creatures in its turquoise sea and clear waters. Those who come for a boat holiday can also witness the underwater scenery, colorful fish and even the beauty of the reefs that they will never forget by snorkeling on the amazing shores. For those who love scuba diving, Croatia has some of the best diving spots in the world. With its wrecks, caves and reefs, Croatia is always an attractive option for underwater enthusiasts.

5. National parks and nature reserves

Although a small country, Croatia has eight national parks and 11 nature reserves. Brijuni, Kornati and Mljet islands, which are the most famous of the national parks on the sea, are places that should not be missed with a wide variety of historical texture, different animal species and unique natural beauties. Telasica bay and Lastovo island on Dugi Otok island, declared a nature park by UNESCO, are very impressive with their waterfalls, lakes, fauna and history. Far from the sea, close to the Bosnia-Herzegovina border, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is Croatia's most popular national park. We strongly recommend that you create an opportunity at the beginning or end of your boat holiday and see this place as well. Plitvice Lake is a canyon connected by breathtaking waterfalls, wooden walkways and paths. Trekking lovers can reach magnificent views from the trails.

6. Historical richness

Croatia has been inhabited since prehistoric times and has hosted a wide variety of civilizations. There are many monuments that testify to Croatia's rich history, and many of them are on UNESCO's World Heritage List. Diocletian's Palace in Split, the town of Trogir, the city of Dubrovnik, the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč, St. Jacob's Cathedral in Šibenik and Stari Grad are the most famous of them. You will encounter the rich history of Croatia with its tall bell towers, ancient churches and stone buildings with tile roofs during your yacht charter holiday.

7. Climate

The average number of hours of sunshine in Croatia, where the Mediterranean climate is dominant, is 2,600 per year; which makes it one of the sunniest regions of the Mediterranean. The sailing season starts with an average of 25 °C in April-May, rises to 38 °C in July-August and stays at 23 °C in September-October. The months of June and September, which are not very crowded but the weather is still hot, are the ideal time for those who do not want to struggle with the heat and crowd.

8. Delicious cuisine

Under the beauty of Croatian cuisine lies the rich heritage of its multiculturalism. In Croatian cuisine, which differs according to the region, Mediterranean cuisine on the coasts is mostly Italian, sometimes Greek or French. You can smell a mixture of Central European and Italian flavors in the north, and Central European style and wonderful lamb dishes in the interior. In addition to seafood, you can also try wonderful Croatian wines and beers in the coastal areas. We believe that you will enjoy seeing that the Croatians, who flavor their meals with vegetables and herbs such as sage, thyme and bay leaves, are as successful as food in the production of liquor.

9. Affordable

Croatia, where you will encounter much more affordable prices compared to the Western Mediterranean, has many options in terms of boat rental, from luxury ones to affordable ones. Food and drink are equally affordable. We can easily add marinas and mooring places to the list of possibilities that are affordable compared to the Western Mediterranean.

10. Sunsets

Croatia is known for its magnificent sunsets with unique color gradations. Zadar, Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar and Mljet Nature Park are home to the most spectacular sunsets. By the way, let's add that Alfred Hitchcock at the time praised Zadar's sunset as the best in the world.

Bonus: A full Instagram experience

Since we are talking about boat holidays, magnificent sunsets, historical texture and unique tastes, DJ parties that continue until the morning, you can reach the most likes in Croatia. Just be prepared…