Gift of ‘Normalcy’

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These days we are all in a sea of uncertainty, not knowing which way to swim. Until we can feel free again, most of us are isolated at home, and practicing social distance whenever we are out. In the modern world where we have long become control freaks, it’s like the ground is slipping away from under our feet, which results in an imbalance in our mood and emotions. Anxiety and fear seem to be the common feelings throughout the world these days.

Gift of ‘Normalcy’

So we’re all in more or less the same situation. Then, we know what might do good to ourselves and our loved ones, don’t we? What we need is a wisp of normalcy, for sure. How about playing a little bit of make-believe with people we live with, with our families and colleagues?

No, don’t be afraid, this is not a denial, but just a healthy effort to stay sane and hold on to life. And its effect is as contagious as the pandemic itself: happiness and hope are catching, you know.

First of all, we should keep in mind that we might have a huge impact on other people’s moods. We are social creatures and we need each other. That means, if you act ‘normal’, people around you will also feel more ‘normal.’ We should of course isolate ourselves and carry out all the health precautions as necessary, but we should not let the fear of coronavirus overwhelm us. We can continue with our routines as much as we can and we might try to live as if everything is normal. We believe you’ll see the positive impact in a matter of days.

Want to know how? You can share with your colleagues some innovative ideas on the design of your new products, and detail your holiday plans with family and friends, as you always did. You’re the one to know which ‘normal’ would help whom. You can help them feel better by continuing your relations as always, as if you’re living in a most ordinary day. Don’t forget that this actually cyclical: in quite a short while, you’ll see that others will also be presenting you with the gift of ‘normality’...

By pretending everything is normal, we believe we can preserve our mental and psychosocial well-being and help beat the pandemic. Plus, when we do get over it all, we will also have learned how those little ‘normal’ things are actually so precious. We will be more matured when everything returns to normal…

Take care and stay safe,


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