Additional Expenses for Boat Rental

You may always have other expenses during your sea vacation besides the boat rental fee. Some of these are compulsory but some are optional to make your holiday more enjoyable and more comfortable. One of the most important features that offers in addition to her rich boat portfolio, is that you will not face surprise costs.

Additional Expenses for Boat Rental

Because of our extremely transparent system, when you make the reservation, you can see the prices of all additional equipment and services, easily compare the alternatives and make your choice accordingly. After determining the details, you can easily complete the reservation. You will see that there are no surprises, hidden charges or fees waiting for you at the checkout stage.

What are the additional services?

Boat rental fee is the weekly rental fee of bareboat. Marina fees and other boat consumables such as fuel, water and electricity are not included in the rental fee. This is because there are no fixed expenditures and can vary depending on consumption.

Fuel and marina fees are the largest portion of the extra costs. Water and electricity are relatively smaller costs. If you rent a sailing boat, you can reduce the fuel cost significantly if you sail. If you are renting a motor yacht, your fuel cost will vary depending on your travel schedule. You can ask your operator how much the boat consumes fuel per hour so you can figure out the possible fuel cost by yourself.

Similar variability applies to marina fees, your cost will vary depending on how many nights you spend at the marina. If you choose to anchor in the bays at night, you will not have a marina fee. In many parts of Greece and Turkey, you can dock free of charge at restaurant piers with water and electricity, if you eat your dinner at their restaurants. In general speaking, countries such as Italy, France and Croatia, mooring fees are relatively higher, while in Greece and Turkey they are lower.

What are the other additional expenses?

In addition to the rental fee of the boat, you can see additional boat rental services such as transitlog and cleaning and their costs on You can also choose from many additional services, from airport transfer to internet connection. You can even buy your plane tickets.

Some operators may offer additional services as packages that cover everything such as airport transfer, transitlog, cleaning, bedding, wi-fi, dinghy and outboard engine. These packages usually cover all the essentials and you do not need anything more but it is always possible to buy these services separately.

How much does food and beverage cost?

As you can imagine, this item of expense largely depends on consumption and crew’s preferences. Therefore, food and beverage cost is the most difficult to estimate and average. Some guests have expensive tastes, some prefer to eat out, others enjoy cooking with local ingredients. If requested, your charter operator can assist you with shopping at local grocery stores where you can order online to be delivered to the boat on the day of departure.

What other services do you get to make your holiday beautiful?

Even though it is an extra, water toys are an important part of the boat holiday in our opinion. From snorkeling to SUP (Stand Up Paddle), from canoe to diving gear, we recommend you to review all the entertainment options. When renting water toys, you should also check whether the cost is daily or weekly. In the lists, you can also see “land toys” such as electric scooters that you can use in the ports you go to.

Would a boat vacation be expensive with all these costs combined?

Boat vacation is much more economical than you think. You can rent up to three double cabin boats from many operators for between 500-1,000 euros per week. This means that you will pay 20-40 euros per person per day for the boat that can comfortably accommodate six people. When you take into account the extra payments (fuel, captain, marina, extra sea toys) even the cost you will encounter is always more convenient than staying in a reasonable hotel. Especially if you do not stay at the marina and sail, other expenses, especially when calculated on a per person basis, will not affect you.

We are renting a boat as a large team, is it possible to make the payment separately instead of making the payment from one source?

At, you can choose different payment methods, including bank transfer. The “group payment” option is designed so that friends who charter the boat together can make their payments separately at once. Instead of the payment coming out of a single point, anyone can deposit their share with this method.

What is APA?

APA stands for Advance Provisioning Allowance. It is used to cover fuel, food, beverage, communication, mooring fees and other expenses that are not included in the boat rental fee during the holiday. It is mostly applicable to crewed yachts over 20 meters. Depending on the length of the boat, the price of the boat rental varies between 20-35%. The captain makes all the payments from this account and presents the receipts to you. You can review the spending details at any time. At the end of your rental agreement, the remaining amount will be refunded in cash.

Extra costs you may encounter and average fees:

  • Final cleaning: 80-250 euros
  • Wi-fi: 30 euros per week
  • Captain: 1.000-1.600 euros week
  • Hostess: 400-1000 euros per week
  • SUP-canoe: 100 euro per week
  • Airprt Transfer 25-150 euros

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