8 Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep on a Boat

“Will I be able to sleep on the boat at nights?” is a very common question for first time sailors. Especially, for the ones who don’t feel comfortable anywhere other than their own beds, getting seasick on a boat or have trouble sleeping. On the other hand, don’t forget that there are many people who can’t sleep well on their home but they can be sound asleep on a boat and start the day vigorously. Yes, it is normal to feel uneasy about sleeping on a boat but be open minded; you might get the best sleep of your life on the boat.

8 Tips to Get a Good Night Sleep on a Boat

Keep in mind that first night away from home, be it on a boat or in a hotel, might not be the most peaceful night for you. This is quite normal because our brains stay on alert, want to make sure that we are safe. Starting from day two, there is no reason for you to not to sleep like a baby. Especially when you feel the comfort and peace of being on the sea, inhale oxygen and smell iodine from the sea, you can sleep soundly with the relaxing sound of waves and white noise of a breeze.

1. Don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent with you

Even though you fall asleep with the joy and tiredness of the past day and excitement of meeting sea for the next day, one mosquito is more than enough to ruin your night.

2. Fasten up loose objects

A little rolling of the boat due to waves may cause all loose objects to spread out and make noise. Make sure to put items like water bottle, sunscreen, ring or pen into a steady object or a bag for getting a good sleep.

3. Get an earplug

We suggest this to those who cannot tolerate any sound while sleeping. In our opinion, the sound of sea is a perfect melody to sleep like a baby but if you are sensitive about sound, an earplug will fill the bill for you.

4. Get to know your boat

It will be beneficial to plan how you can access to what you may need during the first night. Clarifying details like location of the bathroom, how does the toilet operate or where you can get drinking water can be helpful to prevent small interruptions to your sleep to be prolonged any further.

5. Limit your consumption of alcohol

You are on holiday and having fun is your right. But if you drink moderately, we assure you about getting a better sleep. If you drink too much, even if you fall asleep easily, when the effect of alcohol diminishes, you’ll wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep again easily.

6. Don’t forget to bring heavy clothes

Chances are you’ll sail during a nice and warm summer day. However, at nights, our body temperature tends to decrease, which may cause you to feel cold. If you are planning to lay down on the deck and watch the stars during the night, don’t forget to bring clothes that will keep you warm.

7. Keep your routine

If you are worried about your sleep, it can be useful to follow your routine before going to bed. Brush your teeth, wash your face, drink a cup of herb tea… Your pre-sleep routine calms down your body and your mind and it prepares you for a relaxing sleep.

8. None of the above worked?

Don’t worry about it. Instead of trying hard to sleep in your cabin, enjoy the beauty and silence of the night and feel it with shooting stars, light of the moon and sea sparkles. Having a little nap under a shadow on a hot summer day is also not a bad idea…

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