10 Best Sailor Tattoos

Simple designs often carry deeper meanings. By choosing your tattoo that will remind you of your most beautiful sea holiday, you can go to the places where your heart wants to be, feel the freedom of the deep sea, or feel powerful at any time with just a wave tattoo.

10 Best Sailor Tattoos

If you are thinking of getting a sailing related tattoo, we compiled the best ones for you. Which one do you think is the best? 

1 The cutest goldfish… Photo: Hon Tattoo Studio

2 Far from being a classic, a shark tattoo with many layers… Photo: Tattoo Insider

3 Sunset's dance with the waves… Photo: Tattoo Information Info

4 The most romantic building in the world, a lighthouse tattoo… Photo: Matt Fischer

5 May be too classic, but an anchor tattoo is always there for you, especially this creative design… Photo: Art Tattoo

6 Just wave… Photo: eddnet.org

7 Who does not like shrimps? Photo: LTW Tattoo

8 For those who just want to sail away… Photo: Ahmet Cambaz Tattoo

9 One of the best examples of geometric tattoos… Photo: Fibonacci Tattoo Design

10 Minimalist sailing… Photo: Ivorie Noir


Save the coordinates of the place where you had the best moments of your life during your sailing holiday, it may turn into an elegant tattoo one day… Foto: Witty Button Tatto

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