Sailing the Secluded Shores of Sithonia: A 7-Day Itinerary

Sithonia is a peninsula located in Northern Greece and is known for its crystal blue waters, unspoiled beaches, and stunning landscapes. Sailing around Sithonia is a fantastic way to explore the area and experience the beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Sailing the Secluded Shores of Sithonia: A 7-Day Itinerary

Here's a 7-day itinerary that covers some of the best spots around Sithonia.

Day 1: Welcome to Sithonia

Your sailing adventure begins in Sithonia. Spend the first day exploring the town and get familiar with the yacht. In the evening, enjoy some traditional Greek cuisine in one of the local taverns.

Day 2: Toroni (15 NM)

On day two, set sail for Toroni, a small fishing village on the southwest coast of Sithonia. The village has a long sandy beach and is an excellent place to relax and unwind. Try some of the fresh seafood at the local taverns and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.

Day 3: Porto Koufo (8 NM)

From Toroni, sail to Porto Koufo, a beautiful natural harbor on the south-east coast of Sithonia. It is the largest natural harbor in Greece and offers a peaceful anchorage. There are some traditional fish taverns serving fresh seafood, and you can also explore the nearby caves.

Day 4: Kalamitsi (11 NM)

Next, head to Kalamitsi, a small coastal village with a beautiful beach. The village is surrounded by olive groves and pine forests and is an excellent place to relax and soak up the natural beauty of Sithonia. There are also some great local taverns to try out.

Day 5: Diaporos Island (8 NM)

On day five, sail to Diaporos Island, a small uninhabited island located east of Vourvourou. The island is a natural paradise, with crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and pine forests. You can anchor in one of the many bays and enjoy a day of swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing.

Day 6: Nikiti (7 NM)

From Diaporos Island, sail to Nikiti, a picturesque coastal village with a rich history. There are some great beaches, including one of the longest in Sithonia, and a wide selection of traditional taverns and restaurants to choose from.

Day 7: Return to Sithonia (15 NM)

On the final day, sail back to Sithonia and spend some time exploring any spots you might have missed earlier in the week. In the evening, enjoy a farewell dinner at one of the local taverns before saying goodbye to the yacht.

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