Sail the Azure Waters: A Week-Long Yacht Charter from Marsala, Sicily

Nestled on the western coast of Sicily, the charming town of Marsala beckons with its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking coastal landscapes. As the starting point of your exhilarating yacht charter holiday, Marsala offers the perfect blend of seafaring traditions, Mediterranean charm, and tantalizing local cuisine.

Sail the Azure Waters: A Week-Long Yacht Charter from Marsala, Sicily

Marsala: Gateway to Sicily's Seafaring Splendors

Embark on a week-long journey through the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, exploring picturesque islands, hidden coves, and captivating coastal towns. With, your trusted partner for yacht charters and boat rentals, prepare to set sail on an unforgettable adventure that combines the thrill of the open sea with the comforts of luxury onboard.

Day 1: Marsala to Favignana (Approx. 15 nautical miles)

Embark from the marina in Marsala and set sail for the idyllic island of Favignana. Admire the rugged coastline and crystal-clear waters as you cruise towards this Mediterranean paradise. Drop anchor in Cala Rossa, a serene bay perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Explore the charming town of Favignana, rent a bike, and pedal along its picturesque lanes. Indulge in the island's renowned cuisine, savoring fresh seafood dishes and local wines.

Day 2: Favignana to Levanzo (Approx. 8 nautical miles)

Continue your sailing adventure to the nearby island of Levanzo, known for its pristine beaches and tranquil atmosphere. Sail along the coastline, discovering hidden caves and secluded anchorages. Find your perfect spot to drop anchor and dive into the turquoise waters for a refreshing swim. Explore the quaint village of Levanzo, visit the ancient cave paintings of Grotta del Genovese, and savor the flavors of traditional Sicilian cuisine in one of the local taverns.

Day 3: Levanzo to San Vito Lo Capo (Approx. 25 nautical miles)

Raise the sails and set a course towards the vibrant town of San Vito Lo Capo. Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the coast, taking in the stunning vistas of rugged cliffs and golden beaches. Anchor in the bay of San Vito Lo Capo, a paradise for sun seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or relax on the sandy shores. Explore the town's lively streets, indulge in Sicilian street food delicacies such as couscous and cannoli, and witness the breathtaking sunset over the sea.

Day 4: San Vito Lo Capo to Scopello (Approx. 10 nautical miles)

Navigate the turquoise waters towards the enchanting village of Scopello. Along the way, marvel at the dramatic rock formations of the Zingaro Nature Reserve. Drop anchor in the picturesque bay of Scopello and immerse yourself in its postcard-perfect beauty. Explore the village with its charming stone houses, visit the ancient Tonnara di Scopello, and take a stroll through the nearby nature reserve, discovering hidden coves and pristine beaches.

Day 5: Scopello to Trapani (Approx. 10 nautical miles)

Sail towards the historic city of Trapani, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and coastal beauty. Enjoy a leisurely cruise along the coast, passing by the iconic salt pans that have shaped the region's history. Anchor in the marina of Trapani and delve into the city's captivating blend of architectural styles, from medieval churches to Baroque palaces. Explore the charming old town, visit the ancient fortress of Castello di Venere, and indulge in the city's famous street food, including panelle and arancine.

Day 6: Trapani to Isola di Mozia (Approx. 8 nautical miles)

Embark on a short sail from Trapani to the fascinating Isola di Mozia. This small island is steeped in Phoenician history and offers a unique glimpse into ancient civilizations. Drop anchor near the island and take a guided tour of the archaeological site, exploring the remains of the ancient city and admiring the renowned statue of the Youth of Mozia. Relax on the pristine beaches, take a leisurely walk through the salt pans, and enjoy the serenity of this hidden gem.

Day 7: Isola di Mozia to Marsala (Approx. 5 nautical miles)

As your yacht charter journey comes to an end, set sail back to the vibrant town of Marsala. Enjoy a final day of cruising along the picturesque coast, taking in the beauty of the Sicilian shoreline. Anchor in a tranquil bay for a final swim in the refreshing waters. In the afternoon, return to Marsala and explore the town's charming streets lined with historic buildings and elegant piazzas. Indulge in a farewell dinner at a local trattoria, savoring the flavors of Marsala wine and traditional Sicilian dishes.

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