Top 5 Wine Routes for Your Sailing Holiday

Wining and dining completes a sailing holiday. Mediterranean, Adriatic Sea and Atlantic Sea presents many flavors to wine lovers. We can say that Europe, which is home to different grapes, especially thanks to its Mediterranean climate, is a true paradise for wine lovers. We have written the five most beautiful wine routes in Europe for sailors who want to spice up their sea holiday by tasting delicious wines.

Top 5 Wine Routes for Your Sailing Holiday

Italy: Wine and Pizza

One of the first countries that come to mind when talking about wine is undoubtedly Italy. One of the most important features of Italy is its rich wine culture. According to sources, there are 350 officially known wine grape varieties in Italy. According to the allegations, this number is more than 2,000. The most important and largest of the wine regions in the country are Veneto, Tuscany and Piedmont. Of these three important wine regions, Piedmont is a mountainous region in Northern Italy. However, it is possible to have a pleasant boat holiday in Tuscany and Veneto regions.

Tuscany, Italy's most famous wine region, where hundreds of thousands of tourists flock to vineyards every year, is located in the west of Italy, on the coast of the Ligurian Sea. There are many boat rental opportunities in Tuscany for a boat holiday for wine lovers. In La Spezia, Genoa, Puntone or Livorno, you can have a sailing route planned where you can taste the wines of the Tuscan region by boat. Veneto, another important wine region of Italy, is on the east coast of the country. If you want to visit this wine region, which also includes Venice, one of the most touristic cities of Italy, you can rent a boat here.

And of course Sicily... This famous island of Italy is as famous for its wines as it is for its unique coasts. One of Sicily's most famous wine regions is where Mount Etna is located. The ashy soil around the volcano produces the finest wine grapes. Again, Milo close to Etna and Marsala on the west coast are the most important wine regions of the island. Wine lovers can complete their itinerary by visiting Marsala, Trapani and Palermo.

Portugal: The Land of Sweet Wine

In Portugal, in the far west of Europe, wines are produced with the utmost care, under state control. The country's sweet wines produced in Porto and Madeira are very famous all over the world. Despite being a small country, with 13 wine regions, Portugal reveals its claim in wine. The Douro Valley, Portugal's most famous wine-growing region, is landlocked. But Minho, Dão, Beira Beira Atlântico, Lisbon, Tejo, Setúbal and Algarve, which lie along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, are Portugal's official wine regions. There is also the island of Madeira.

Therefore, Portugal offers excellent route opportunities for those who want to taste the country's delicious wines during their boat holiday. For example, you can rent a boat from Portimão and taste the wines of the Algarve region. Another option is to charter a boat from Vila Nova de Gaia. You can have a wonderful sailing holiday in Porto, where the country's world-famous wines are produced, with the boat you can rent from

France: The Most Bohemian Wine Country

France, Europe's most sophisticated and bohemian country, is a wine paradise. It is said that there are more than 200 types of local wine grapes in the country. The majority of the vineyards are in the interior of France. It is possible to visit these regions by renting a boat on the canals. If you want to taste the wines produced in Bordeaux, which is the largest wine production center in the country with an area of more than 120,000 hectares, and have a sailing holiday in the region, it is possible to charter a boat from La Rochelle.

You can hire boats from Bellegarde, Bormes-les-Mimosas, Capestang, Cogolin, Hyeres, Marseille and Saint Raphael to tour the other wine regions of France, Languedoc Roussillon and Provence. You can also start your boat tour of the northern wine region of the Loire Valley from Sucé-sur-Erdre.

Spain, One of the World's Largest Wine Producers

Did you know that Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world? Thanks to its dry and warm Mediterranean climate, Spain, where different wine grapes can be grown, is one of the world's leading countries in wine production with its approximately 10 million acres of vineyards. Spain, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe with its friendly people and delicious food, is also a popular option for a sailing holiday with its clear sea and beaches.

Two regions are of particular interest to those who want to spice up their boat holiday in Spain by discovering new types of wine: Catalonia and Andalusia. Many different grape varieties are grown in Catalonia, one of the most touristic regions of Spain. But the region's most famous is Cava, also known as Spanish champagne. If you want to explore the Catalonia region by sea, you can rent a boat from Barcelona, Girona or Cambrils. Another region in Spain where you can both take a boat holiday and follow the footsteps of fine wines is the Island of Majorca. Majorca, known mostly for its beaches and nightlife, is actually a very important wine producer. For those who want to join one of the dozens of wine tasting tours organized on the island and enjoy the sea, chartering a boat from Palma de Mallorca is an excellent option.

Wine Queen of the Adriatic Croatia

Croatia, one of the most attractive routes for boat holidays in the Mediterranean with its uniquely beautiful coasts, is a very old wine producer. The country, which stretches across the Adriatic Sea, has been producing wine for 2,500 years. There are five main wine regions in Croatia. You can visit three of them by combining them with a boat holiday. Wines from the northernmost region of Istria and Kvarner are produced from Malvasia grapes grown on the Istrian Peninsula. It is possible to rent a boat from the cities of Rijeka, Pula and Rovinj to enjoy both the sea and the wine in the Istria and Kvarne regions.

Another wine region, Kvarner, has a very short coastline, but has many fascinating coves to anchor. Zadar is the most suitable boat rental point to visit this region. Extending from Zadar to the southernmost part of Croatia, Dalmatia is Croatia's largest wine producing region. You can chase Croatia's most delicious wines by chartered boat from Zadar, Split, Sibenik.

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