Top 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

The Caribbean Islands are one of the regions with the most beautiful sea and beaches in the world. The Caribbean, which consists of approximately seven thousand islands and islets and thirteen countries, is an indispensable route for a boat holiday. As, we guarantee that chartering a boat in the Caribbean will be one of the coolest things you'll ever do in your life and that you'll get the most liked Instagram photos here.

Top 10 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit


The Bahamas is one of the most popular choices for those who want to take a boat vacation in the Caribbean. With about 700 islands and more than 2 thousand bays, the Bahamas is a true paradise for those planning a sailing holiday in the Caribbean. When you charter a boat in the Bahamas, you will fall in love with the turquoise waters and the colorful underwater life of the coral reefs. During your Bahamas yacht charter holiday, we recommend you to enjoy the calm coves and beaches covered with white sand to the fullest.


You can charter a boat in Bermuda, also known as the Somers Islands, and cruise around 150 small islands and reefs. Tobacco Bay with its shipwrecks and coral reefs, Horseshoe Bay Beach with its white sands and choppy sea, Dolphin Quest with its host dolphins offer guests an amazing experience on a sailing trip in Bermuda.

Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos, which is one of the favorite stops of sailors in the Caribbean Islands, is named after Turk's cap cactus; and "caya hico" meaning "island series" in Taino language. Some of the most attractive places for those taking a boat holiday in Turks and Caicos are Little Water Cay, Parrot Cay, Leeward Reef with its magnificent beaches and underwater riches.


When Christopher Columbus first arrived in Jamaica 600 years ago, he said it was the most beautiful island he has ever seen. With Port Antonio to the east, Montego Bay Yacht Club to the north, and Kingston's Royal Jamaica Yacht Club to the south, chartering a boat in Jamaica is a great option. You can also have a sailing vacation in Jamaica for almost 12 months of the year.

US Virgin Islands

This beautiful geography, which offers unlimited options for those who want to rent a boat in the US Virgin Islands, the biggest of which is St. Croix, St. John. It consists of about 50 islands. The US Virgin Islands, with its magnificent underwater richness, lush nature and turquoise waters, offer its guests the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of a yacht holiday in the Caribbean in the best way possible.

St. Martin

It's such a small island, only 87 square kilometers. You can rent a boat in St. Martin for a few days and visit the whole island in one day. The island belongs to the Netherlands and France. St. Martin's airport is right next to the beach. One of the best options for a boat holiday in the Caribbean, St. Martin offers a unique underwater world with its reefs.


Antigua, one of the first islands that comes to mind when talking about a boat holiday in the Caribbean, has 365 beaches in its total area of ​​only 281 square kilometers. Do not complete your sailing holiday without visiting Deep Bay, where the 100-year-old shipwreck is located, Nelson's Dockyard, which was the headquarters of the British Navy, and Green Island, which has an untouched nature. Let's add that Antigua Sailing Week, one of the biggest sailing festivals in the world, is also held on this island.


Boat vacation in Guadeloupe, a former colony of France, is perfect for those who love calmer and virgin waters. The countless islands that make up the country welcome those who take a sailing holiday in the Caribbean with their untouched nature. When you charter a boat in Guadeloupe, don't forget to add Les Saintes Archipelago to your route alongside the unique coves.

Puerto Rico

Boat vacation in Puerto Rico is especially preferred by professional fishermen. The reason is, of course, the underwater wealth. Puerto Rico, one of the islands that should be kept in mind by those who want to have a sea holiday in the Caribbean, is magnificent with its white sand and turquoise waters.


Cayman consists of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman in the south of Cuba. Cayman, an extremely small island country with a surface of 264 square kilometers, is one of the most popular routes for a boat vacation in the Caribbean with its hidden beaches and caves. Seven Mile Beach is the most important place that should not be missed by those who rent a boat in Cayman. The sands of this beach are said to be "white enough to almost make the eyes blind". We also recommend snorkeling and scuba at Cemetery Reef on your Cayman sailing holiday if you do not want to miss the underwater world.

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