The 10 most beautiful Croatian islands for history and boating enthusiasts

Did you know that Croatia, one of the most popular boat rental routes in the Mediterranean, has nearly 700 islands? Croatia, which has beautiful historical cities intertwined with the turquoise sea and lush nature, is literally a paradise for sea, nature and history lovers.

The 10 most beautiful Croatian islands for history and boating enthusiasts

We have written the 10 most beautiful Croatian islands for sailors who like to chase the past on their boat vacation.

Hvar Island

Considered one of the 10 most beautiful islands in the world, Hvar has had a strategic importance for states throughout history due to its location. Therefore, it is a perfect stopping point for those who want to see historical places during their sea vacation. Hvar Island, which you can easily reach by boat you can rent from Split, has its old city dating from the 13th century, its castle dating back to the Byzantines and St. Stephen's Cathedral takes its guests on a historical journey with its ancient monuments.

Korcula Island

After visiting Hvar with the boat you rented from Split, if you have a little more time, you can turn the helm to the south and visit Korcula Island with a pleasant sailing. Korcula, the sixth largest island in Croatia, was known as Black Korcula in Ancient Greek times. The reason is the presence of extremely dense forests on it. Korcula, the largest city of the island, covered with walls from the Middle Ages, is one of the places that history buffs should add to their boat vacation itinerary.

Isle of Vis

It is possible to reach Vis, the farthest inhabited island in Croatia, with a pleasant cruise after renting a boat from Rogoznica. With its 16th-century Venetian-style houses, the ancient castle at the entrance of the island, and the 17th-century Benedictine Monastery perched on a hill, Vis offers an experience beyond a sea vacation. Since the island was a military zone closed to foreigners until 1989, it has not lost anything from its historical texture.

Lord Island

Rab Island, located in the north of Dalmatia, is the favorite of those who want a quiet sea holiday away from the ostentatious. The city of Rab on the island, which you can reach with a pleasant sailing cruise to the southeast after chartering a boat from Cres, is one of the few places in Croatia that bears traces of the pre-Roman Age, that is, the Illyrians (350 BC), who are thought to be the first settlers on the island. It has many ancient artifacts from the Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, as well as the Hungarian Empire. We believe that you will enjoy breathing the different atmosphere of the narrow streets of the city, surrounded by walls of the Middle Ages, while you are on a sea vacation on Rab Island.

Pag Island

Pag, which is less green than the other islands of Croatia but attracts attention with its impressive rocky structure, is an island famous for its magnificent beaches and nightlife. Home to the legendary Hideout Festival for techno music fans, Pag has a lot to enjoy for boaters, too. Walking through the mysterious passage known as the Italian Hole, built in the 1st century AD in Pag, whose history is as old as the Island of Rab, is an impressive experience for thrill seekers. You can reach this impressive island by renting a boat from Zadar.

Krk Island

Krk, which has hosted many civilizations including Romans, Avars, Frankopans and Venetians in its hundreds of years of history, and dates back to the Neolithic Age, is one of the most vibrant islands of the country. The castle built by the Frankopans on the island of Krk, which hosts thousands of tourists every summer with its magnificent beaches, the medieval town of Vrbnik and the early Slavic inscription in Baška are must-see places. You can reach Krk with a nice cruise by renting a boat from Cres.

Losinj Island

After chartering a boat from Cres, cruise a little south and you will come across Losinj Island. Losinj Island, which is very close to Cres and even has a small land connection, has everything to attract the attention of the history-loving sailors, from magnificent beaches to impressive museums. One of the places that will attract the most attention of those who visit the island during their sea vacation is the Apoxyomenos Museum. Located in a renovated Art Nouveau villa from the 1900s on Mali Losinj beach, the museum features the famous Apoxyomenos statue. It is worth visiting Losinj Island to see the statue made in AD 50.

Zlarin Island

Located in the Southern Adriatic, Zlarin Island is so small that its surface area is only 8.19 square kilometers. Its population is around 300 people. Before leaving Zlarin, which you can reach by renting a boat from Šibenik, you can visit the 17th-century St. We recommend stopping by the Roco Church and the medieval town of Borovica. There is another very special reason to go to Zlarin Island, which is a very special boat holiday route; coral reefs. The island, which has a colorful underwater life, is ideal for those who like to add diving as well as history to their boat vacation.

Šipan Island

Šipan, one of Croatia's southernmost islands in the Adriatic Sea, is also a very small island, just like Zlarin. The island, which is approximately 16 square kilometers in size, entered the Guinness Book of Records with the number of olive trees per square kilometer. Šipan Island, which hosted the mansions of the wealthy Ragusa family in the 15th and 16th centuries, still has remnants of the magnificent houses of this deep-rooted family. Šipan Island, one of Croatia's most popular destinations for a sea vacation, also has a historical castle and tower, a monastery with hundreds of years of history, and many churches. You can reach Šipan by renting a boat from Zaton or Dubrovnik.

Mljet Island

Mljet Island is another unique route that history and sea lovers can reach by chartering a boat from Zaton or Dubrovnik. Mljet, where pine-covered forests meet the turquoise sea, is one of Croatia's most popular boat vacation routes. What makes Mljet attractive for history buffs is the St. Mary's Church and Convent. This 12th-century work is located in the heart of magnificent nature and enchants visitors.

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