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Horta Marina

The Horta Marina, located on the southeast side of the island of Faial, 50 meters from the city center of Horta, is the most important in the Azores and the fourth most visited marina in the world. It has 240 berths. Its location offers an excellent shelter against the winds from all directions and makes it an almost mandatory stopover for sailboats traveling from the Caribbean towards the Mediterranean. Horta is also the meeting point for many international races such as Les Sables - Les Açores- Les Sables, Atlantique Pogo, La Route des Hortensias, ARC Europe, Ceuta-Horta, OCC Azores Pursuit Race, among many others. Horta Marina has held the European Blue Flag since 1987.

Horta is a small town, full of marine spirit and maritime legends. The walls of the marina have no empty spaces, being covered with paintings made by yachtsmen so that luck will smile on their journey by sea. Tradition has made Marina da Horta an open-air gallery. Horta is also the mythical Peter Café Sport, which is more than a sailors bar: it is a post office, a currency exchange office, a scrimshaw museum and, above all, a place where you are welcomed with open arms for a moment happy and restful on your scale. The whole city of Horta vibrates with and for the adventurers of the seas.

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Horta Marina

Horta | Azores

N38°31'51.93" W-29°22'27.79"

VHF 10-16

[email protected]

+351 295 391 963

Horta Marina

Cais de Santa Cruz; 9900-017 Horta, Portugal

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