Best Spots to Snorkel in Croatia

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Observing underwater with a snorkel relaxes you, and at the same time it awakens your senses and mind. You can easily bring your snorkel, swim mask and flippers along, or buy them from the place you go, and they will let you in to another world. And if you’ve rented a boat in Croatia, you can easily get to some great points for snorkeling.

Best Spots to Snorkel in Croatia

If you like swimming with a snorkel, Croatia has everything to make you more than happy: Around 1,200 islands, a long coast, clean and clear waters. Especially in shallow waters, the seabed is covered with pebbles, which increase the visibility distance. Historical remains, sunken shipwrecks, myriads of sea creatures add to the beauty of Croatian shores. Plus, there are no dangerous species like sharks here!

7. Zavratnica Cove

Right against Mišnjak ferry port on Rab Island, Northern Croatia, lies the Zavratnica Cove that resembles a fjord. A German warship sank here during World War II. This wreck is also very good do explore with your snorkel as it rests on shallow and clear water.

6. Michelle Wreck

In 1984, an Italian commercial ship sank offshore Veli Rat on Dugi Otok island, against Zadar. The shipwreck Michelle is on shallow waters, with some parts above the water level. Thus it’s very convenient to see the wreck through your snorkel. Dugi Otok Island has other attractions as well: the Telascica Natural Park has terrific cover to snorkel.

5. Makarska Riviera

Between Sibenik and Dubovnik, the Makarska Riviera has lots of pretty beaches, coves and villages scattered in a 60-kilometer long shoreline. Mount Biokovo that dominates the scenery adds to the beauty of this gorgeous geography. You can discover the best mooring and snorkeling places for yourself during your cruise along these coasts.

4. Vis Island

Vis has many diving centers and it’s one of the most prominent diving locations of Croatia. That means it’s also a great place to snorkel! The island’s fame comes from the fact that it has been one of the bases of Yugoslavian Army for a long time, so the nature has remained undestroyed here. The Green Cave, Blue Cave, Stiniva and Srebrna Beach are the best locations for snorkeling.

3. Losinj Historical Underwater Park

Losinj Island is located in Kvarner Bay, between Pula and Zadar. Covered with pine trees, in the nineteenth century the island used to be Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph’s favorite summer destination. Losinj Historical Underwater Park is just 1 kilometer away from the center and it’s in the Cikat Bay, which has a marina. So it’s very easy to reach the park. The park has eleven historical artifacts glimpsing to the rich past of the island and its region, all placed 5-to-15 meters deep underwater. Among the things on display you’ll see cannon balls, old amphorae, anchors dating back to fourth and fifth centuries, machine guns from World War II, and one of antiquity’s famous Apoxyomenos statues. Losinj also has many beautiful coves where you might see dolphins. A beach of small pebble stones, Plieski is known as the best beach on Losinj, and is a nice place to snorkel as the sea is very clear.

2. Vodnjak, Pakleni Island

Offshore Hvar, there’s the Pakleni Island, and a bit west from Pakleni there comes the islet Vodnjak, which is home to Sika diving point. Sika is highly recommended for those interested in corals. Made up of a few vertical reefs red with gorgonian corals, Sika hosts lots of types of fish and many crustaceans. Vodnjak itself is also interesting with white rocks of limestone and many caves.

1. Cape Kamenjak

On the southern tip of Istria Peninsula, Cape Kamenjak is a nature protection reserve. Its rocky geography makes the seawater even clearer here. What makes snorkeling around Cape Kamenjak so special is the caves under cliffs. The Kolombarica Cave is the most famous among these. Here, the light that filters through some openings makes the turquoise seas shine prettier than everywhere else. What’s more, this protected reserve is the habitat o Mediterranean seals – if you’re lucky, you can see some!


Brijuni National Park

One of the eight national parks in Croatia, Brijuni National Park is on the Brijuni Archipelago, a few kilometers north of Pula. The archipelago is named after its largest island, which is also home to an ancient Roman town partially sunken in the Veriga Bay, on the southern part of the island. The sunken town is very suitable to view with a snorkel as it’s not very deep down underwater. You can explore the site on your own, or if you like you can be accompanied by a guide – this is a service offered by the National Park. Fishing is prohibited in the park, so the underwater life is truly busy. The sea is full of sea urchins, crustaceans, sponges and schools of fish. You can even see dolphins around Brijuni. The island has a marina, which will make it easier for you to visit this very special park on your boat holiday.


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