5 Unspoilt Beautiful Islands of the Caribbean

Boating in the Caribbean is a dream holiday for many people. Consisting of approximately 7,000 islands and islets, this exotic island community of 35 countries is unique for those who want to go sailing in the tropical seas with its endless boat rental options and mooring possibilities.

5 Unspoilt Beautiful Islands of the Caribbean

Today, most of the Caribbean Islands are filled with tourists from all over the world and resorts that want to offer them a pleasant holiday. A few small islands, which are far less touched by human hands than others, still welcome those who want to spend their Caribbean sea holiday away from the crowds with their unspoilt nature. Even though it is a little difficult to reach these islands by boat, the beauties that will meet you when you arrive at your destination are worth all the effort.


Nevis, one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean, has a surface area of only 93 square kilometers. It is mostly associated with its neighboring island, Saint Kitts. That's why it's called Saint Kitts and Nevis Island on maps. Nevis, which is an island that is relatively less frequented by tourists coming to the Caribbean for a sea holiday, is therefore unspoiled. Nevis is a true paradise for those who want to spend their Caribbean sailing vacation on pristine beaches covered with white sand. The island's most famous and beautiful beach, Pinney's, is located on the west coast. The beach, which is famous for its saffron-colored sand, welcomes its guests with its shabby but comfortable venues. Sailors in Nevis also stop by the beaches of Oualie, Lovers, Herbert's and Cades Bay. You can reach Saint Kitts and Nevis Island with a pleasant sailing by renting a boat from Antigua, which is about 54 nautical miles away.

Iles Des Saintes

Without going too far from Saint Kitts and Nevis, we go a little further south and reach Iles Des Saintes this time. This French island community, which can also be reached by chartering a boat from Antigua, deserves to be one of the most untouched routes of the Caribbean with its untouched tropical nature. Consisting of seven islands and only two of them are inhabited, Iles Des Saintes offers much more than beaches in the lap of nature to those who come to the Caribbean for a sailing holiday. With walking paths in tropical forests, climbing routes for those who love adventure a little more, and villages where technology has not yet reached, Iles Des Saintes welcomes its guests with the warmth of the Caribbean. The islands are so small and cute that after anchoring your boat on a beautiful beach, you can explore all of them just by walking.


Located between the Islands of Guadaleoupe and Martinique, Dominica (not the Dominican Republic) is a 47-kilometer-long country. This small island country is not very preferred by tourists who aim for the bustling islands on their Caribbean boat vacation. Sea holiday in Dominica is a very good option because nature is protected by very strict rules. Dominica, the first country in the Eastern Caribbean to have a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has three different natural protected areas covered with rainforests. Despite being an island, Dominica has two anchorages: Roseau on the south coast and Portsmouth on the north. Those who come to Dominica for a sailing trip can moor their boats to these two bays and travel all over the already quite small island and enjoy the beaches. It is possible to reach Dominica in a short time by renting a boat from La Marin on Martinique or Pointe-à-Pitre in Guadaloupe.


Located in the Bahamas, Andros is an archipelago that even those who go to the Caribbean have not heard of. Andros, which is part of the Bahamas, which is a favorite holiday destination especially for US tourists, but has an autonomous administration, is very close to Miami, approximately 170 nautical miles away. Andros, which can be easily reached by renting a boat from Nassau, is much less developed than the other luxury islands of the Bahamas. Especially preferred by those who want to explore underwater during their Caribbean sea vacation, Andros Island is a diving paradise. The Tongue of the Sea, located on the island, is the world's third largest coral barrier reef, with a length of 140 miles. Tiamo, one of the most beautiful beaches of the island, is one of the most attractive anchorage points for a boat holiday in Andros with its coconut trees and white sand. On Andros Island, you can take a walk in the tropical forests covered with mangrove trees, cool off at the waterfalls hidden in the forests, and get drunk with a thousand and one shades of green while you are sailing around the island by boat.


Located just 18 nautical miles from the east coast of Puerto Rico, Culebra is like an oasis for those who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of its neighbor. The easiest way to reach Culebra, with its mind-blowing beaches, is to charter a boat from Philipsburg in Sint Maarten. After setting off from here, you can enjoy your sailing holiday in Culebra with a sailing of approximately 150 sea miles. The most important reason why Culebra remains more untouched than other Caribbean Islands is that almost a quarter of the island is a protected area under the name of Culebra National Wildlife Refuge.