10 Towns You Must Visit for Your Mallorca Boat Holiday

With its sheltered coves, magnificent sea and lively towns, a sailing holiday in Mallorca is a dream. We are sure that you will leave a piece of your heart there when you leave this island. When you rent a boat in Mallorca, we recommend you to explore the magnificent towns that give you a taste of Spanish culture.

10 Towns You Must Visit for Your Mallorca Boat Holiday

Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa is one of the most popular routes for those who take a sailing holiday in Mallorca, and it also one of the most suitable villages especially for families with children. Its marina, Port Adriano, welcomes those who come to the village by boat in a very hospitable manner. Playa de Santa Ponsa, the 560-meter-long beach of Santa Ponsa, has an enchanting nature with its turquoise sea and mountains in the background.


Valldemossa is another stop you should definitely visit on your boat holiday. This island offers a truly quiet holiday with its streets where cars are not allowed and its rich historical heritage. Valldemossa, where Polish composer Frédéric Chopin and French writer George Sand spent the winter of 1838, is one of the coolest villages not only of Mallorca but also of the country.


You can reach the town of Sóller, which is very close to Valldemossa, with a short and very pleasant cruise. One of the favorite villages of those who take a boat holiday in Mallorca, Soller is also famous for its citrus orchards. Plaza de la Constituci'n is a sailing hub center with its bars, restaurants, cafes and nightclubs.


Pollença, one of the largest towns in Mallorca, is a typical Spanish town with its narrow streets and impressive main square. Its marina is a few kilometers from the center. Pont Roma and Puig de Pollensa, with a small monastery on its summit, are one of the must-see places on your Mallorca sea holiday.


You can reach the town of Alcuacuteia from Pollen with an hourly cruise. Since the town is surrounded by walls from the Middle Ages, it almost takes its guests on a journey through time. With its long beach with white sand and lots of restaurants, Port d'Alcúdia offers everything sailors expect to enjoy a Majllorca holiday.

Cala Mesquida

The easternmost tip of Mallorca, Cala Mesquida is a very attractive stop for those taking a sailing trip in Mallorca. Its endless sandy beach is one of the best beaches in Mallorca. We recommend you to take a short break in Cala Mesquida on your Mallorca vacation.

Porto Cristo

To the east of the island, Porto Cristo is a fishing town with a natural harbor. You can peacefully reach to this sheltered harbor during your boat holiday in Mallorca. Don't leave Porto Cristo without seeing the mermaid statue on Calle des San Jorge, the ancient Torre des Falcons watchtower from 1577 and standing over a secret cave, and the Mare de Deu del Carme Church, patron saint of sailors.

Cala D’or

If you want to taste the quiet and isolated village life while chartering a boat in Mallorca, we recommend Cala D'Or, a small village. In addition to its magnificent beach, Cala D'or is also famous for its Cala D'or Yacht Club, which offers safe mooring for 600 boats. You can also add Portocolom, which is an hour's cruise away.

Colònia de Sant Jordi

A fisherman's village, restaurants of Colònia de Sant Jordi are famous for their delicious seafood. The village, which is not be missed by sailing enthusiasts, is also known as San Jorge. This is also the island's only hot water source. With its stone houses, beaches and hidden coves as well as its sheltered harbor, Colònia de Sant Jordi offers a magnificent Mallorca experience.

Cala Pi

With its rocky and sheltered natural harbor, Cala Pi is a safe anchorage area that you can choose for your sailing holiday in Mallorca. Capocorb Vell, one of the most important historical ruins of the island, is only five kilometers from Cala Pi