10 Reasons to Rent a Boat in the Canary Islands during Winter

Located in the Atlantic Ocean and consisting of seven islands and a few small islets, the Canary Islands of Spain are one of the most special holiday regions in the world. Being very close to Europe, the sunny and warm climate that prevails almost all year, magnificent beaches, lively nightlife are just a few of the features that make a sea holiday in the Canary Islands attractive.

10 Reasons to Rent a Boat in the Canary Islands during Winter

The Canary Islands are also a favorite of sea lovers with their boat rental opportunities and comfortable marinas. The Canary Islands, which are wonderful in all seasons, are beautiful in the winter months.

1. Subtropical climate

Located off the west coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are one of the countries with the most beautiful climate in the world. In the Canary Islands, the weather is around 22 °C and sunny 300 days a year. So it's neither too hot nor too cold. For this reason, the Canary Islands are also described as the "land of eternal spring". This means that you can take a boat holiday in the Canary Islands while the countries in the north of the world are freezing cold.

2. Ideal conditions for sailing:

The wind conditions between the islands are very suitable for sailing. Most of the year, the Trade Winds blow from the northeast at 7-16 knots. Especially December and February are the most preferred months to rent a boat and visit the magnificent beaches and coves because the wind and weather conditions are perfect for sailing. Also, the sea is very calm in most places. This increases the level of enjoyment of the sea holiday in the Canary Islands.

3. Open every season:

Almost all of the restaurants, cafes and hotels in the bays you will sail on are open 12 months of the year. Normally, places are closed during the winter season in holiday destinations. However, the sea holiday season lasts for 12 months in the Canary Islands, as the temperature difference does not change almost throughout the year. This means that you do not have time constraints to visit the magnificent bays of the Canary Islands by renting a boat. Although the activity decreases a little during the winter months, the places are never deserted.

4. Direct flight possibility:

This article is of particular interest to those living in Europe. There are flights to the Canary Islands from many European countries. Moreover, it is possible to find tickets at very affordable prices. In other words, if you live in Europe and want to have a warm and sunny holiday in the middle of winter, you can find yourself in the bosom of the sun with a few-hour flight to the Canary Islands, and enjoy the warm weather and sea by renting a boat.

5. Private bays for you:

The Canary Islands, which are very suitable for a sea holiday with its warm weather at all times, turn into a unique route in winter for those who love a quiet holiday; especially when schools are open. The number of people on the beaches, which are full of tourists during the summer, decreases in the winter months. If you rent a boat in the Canary Islands in winter, you can enjoy the most beautiful bays as if it were your own private beach.

6. Events, parties:

In the Canary Islands, which are always active, the activities never end. The country hosts many enjoyable events, especially in the winter months. For example, in November, ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), one of the biggest sailing events in the world, starts from Las Palmas. Hundreds of sailboats sail from Las Palmas to the Caribbean each year. Many events and parties are organized before the start. In addition, carnivals are held between January and March. Dancers dressed in special costumes color the streets. Winter months are a unique opportunity for those who want to spice up their Canary Islands boat holiday with parties.

7. The most beautiful stars in the world:

Have you heard that one of the most famous aspects of the Canary Islands is the spectacular display of stars in the night sky? One of the most beautiful places to watch the stars in the northern hemisphere is the Canary Islands. The reason is that it is one of the countries with the cleanest and brightest skies in the world. Night sky-watching walks and special tours to international observatories in Las Palmas and Tenerife are available for tourists to the Canary Islands. Those who rent a boat in the Canary Islands can, of course, watch the skies in the deserted coves they anchor.

8. Being a maritime country:

The Canary Islands, which is a seafarer-friendly country, provides all kinds of convenience for those who want to have a sailing holiday with its marinas and hundreds of rental boats. The majority of marinas are located in Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Lanzarote. The two largest airports in the country, Gran Canaria Airport (LPA) and Tenerife South Airport (TFS), are very close to the marinas. As soon as you get off the plane, you can reach the boat you have rented and start your sea holiday in the Canary Islands.

9. Delicious wines:

The Canary Islands, which is a volcanic island community, is a country where very delicious wines are produced thanks to this feature. The volcanic soil structure enables very delicious wine grapes to be grown. If you want to add some flavor to your sea holiday in the Canary Islands, where there are more than 10 wine regions, you can join the tasting tours organized in the vineyards.

10. Extreme sports possibilities:

The Canary Islands also offer exciting opportunities for adventurous guests on a sea vacation. The country is a favorite of climbing athletes thanks to its volcanic structure. With its rugged walls, steep cliff edges and mountains suitable for climbing, the Canary Islands, where there are tracks for athletes of all levels, also have very enjoyable routes for those who like to walk instead of climbing. Hiking and climbing trails hidden behind the deep blue beaches are easily accessible after anchoring the boat on your Canary Islands sea vacation.