10 Most Beautiful Greek Islands You Will Want To Visit on Your Sailing Holiday

The Greek Islands are one of the most special places in the world for boat holidays. The slow flow of life in the Greek Islands, which hides a different beauty on each of its thousands of islands, allows sailing holiday lovers to get away from everything. We have selected top ten of the most suitable ones for a boat holiday from the fascinating Greek Islands. However, let's add that choosing among hundreds of Greek Islands was a very difficult choice for us.

10 Most Beautiful Greek Islands You Will Want To Visit on Your Sailing Holiday


If you want to explore Paxos, one of the Ionian Islands, the best way is to rent a boat from Corfu. You can reach this marvelous island with only 14 miles of sailing from Corfu. The island of Paxos, known for its slow life, has a surface area of 30 square kilometres, so it is possible to visit all the bays of the island with short and pleasant sailing cruises. The beautiful villages of Gaios, Lakka, Loggos and Erimitis Beach are the places you should definitely visit. If you have time, you can complete your sailing holiday in Paxos with Antipaxos Islands.


Santorini, one of the most iconic islands of Greece, is the perfect choice for those who love romance. Renting a boat in Santorini, which takes its guests to a magical world with its blue and white houses, narrow hilly streets, stylish restaurants and hotels with stunning views of the Aegean Sea, is an experience of a lifetime. Red Beach with its black volcanic stones, the quiet and calm Kamari Beach, the more crowded Perissa Beach and the longest beach of the island, Perivolos, are among the most enjoyable anchorages of Santorini.


This island is one of the must-stops on your Ionian boat holiday. The uniquely blue Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck, is named after the ship that ran aground here in 1983 and is still there. If you get bored with the crowds of Navagio, which is the number one stop for those who come for a sailing trip in Zakynthos, you can jump on the boat and watch the much calmer Gerakas Beach. The beaches such as Banana, Porto Zero, Kalamaki, which you can visit on your Zakynthos boat holiday are all impressive from one another.


For a sailing holiday in Corfu Island, also in the Ionian Sea, you can sail from Zakynthos or rent your boat directly from the island. If you want to pass through Zakynthos, a long sailing trip of about 160 nautical miles awaits you. Corfu, one of the most popular islands for those who come to Greece for a sea holiday, has been the cultural and educational centre of the country for many years with its relaxing beaches and history. You can visit Paleokastritsa, the most picturesque and popular beach of the island, and if you want to kite surf and wind surf, you can choose Halikounas.


Mykonos Island, which is connected to the Cyclades Islands and has a surface area of only 85 square kilometres, is one of the spots where the world's coolest and most fun parties are organised. So your Mykonos sailing holiday is sure to be lively. One of the biggest advantages of having a boat trip in Mykonos is that when you get bored, you can get away from the parties at Paraga and Super Paradise beaches and relax at quiet anchorages such as Ornos, Ana Mera and Kanalia.


Among all the Greek Islands, Crete has a special place. The reason is not only that it is the largest island of Greece, but also that it is known as the birthplace of the legendary novel Zorba. This makes a boat holiday in Crete a very special option. If you rent a boat in Crete -due to the size of the island- you can have a very long holiday even without going to other islands. The most popular anchorages of Crete Island, which is also famous for its cuisine, are Frangokastello, Vai, Myrtos and Elafonisi beaches.


Boat holidays in Paros, one of the most tranquil and natural islands of the Cyclades, is a peaceful and relaxing option. You can rent a boat from Paros and enjoy the traditional fishing villages and pristine beaches of the island. Kolympithres, the most popular beach of Paros Island, is famous for its granite cliffs. Another famous beach, Santa Maria, is special for its size and white sands. Golden and New Golden are the beaches that should be anchored for those who want to do water sports on Paros sea holiday.


Ithaka is one of the Ionian Islands, one of the seven greenest and most fertile islands of Greece. You can rent a boat from Patras or Preveza to reach the island, which is only 96 square kilometres in size. Ithaka, the kingdom of Odysseus, the protagonist of Homer's Odyssey, is a lush green island covered with eucalyptus, pine and olive trees with hundreds of tiny coves on its curved shores. This makes the sea holiday of those who rent a boat in Ithaka even more special. Since Ithaka is a small island, it is very convenient and easy to reach unique bays such as Filiatro, Skinos, Gidaki, Marmaka.


You can rent a boat in Kefalonia, which is much larger than Ithaca, or you can steer here from other Ionian Islands. Kefalonia's underwater caves and coral reefs are famous. Therefore, if you like diving or snorkelling, you will also be satisfied with your Kefalonia sea holiday. Antisamos and Xi beaches are ideal for those who want to add a little windsurfing to their Kefalonia boat holiday.


When you rent a boat in Rhodes, you will be able to find everything you want together because it is a big island. Rhodes, which is also the choice of those who want to trace the history, also has the Giant Statue of Rhodes, one of the 7 Wonders of the World. On your Rhodes boat holiday, you can create an unforgettable holiday route by anchoring at beaches such as Lindos and Kremasti villages and Agathi, Cambika, Pefkos.