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Rhodes Marina

The Rhodes Marina near the medieval town of Rhodes is home to an exquisite community all year round, and it is located in one of the most attractive areas on the island. Along with the social facilities and recreational areas for both Rhodians and the visitors of the island, it offers modern facilities for yachts.

It is a safe and functional base for long and short stays and you can choose it as a convenient starting point for cruising the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea.

The Marina provides a shipyard and a dry dock with an ultra-modern control tower ensuring 24/7 safety and integrated management of the Marina.

In Rhodes, you can find everything you could ask for and access it easily all year round. The International Airport that serves millions of visitors from all around the world is only thirty minutes away. You will also find that the main commercial port, with regular and frequent ferry itineraries is located right next to the Marina.

The new Rhodes Marina currently offers 382 boat berths, with plans to increase this number to 563.

While docking, you can benefit from specific instruments and specialized staff, without hassle and danger.

The marina can meet the needs of mega yachts, providing infrastructure and high quality services, such as an operating depth of 5 to 6.50 meters, depending on the size of the moored yacht.

It is, also, the only Marina in Greece that can accommodate up to 120 meters yachts.

With an extended fiber optic network, the marina provides each berth with TV, telephone, internet and remote control monitoring of electrical and water consumption. You can have wifi Internet in the whole marina area as wll as Fibre Optic Internet and cable connection to satellite and terrestrial TV. A CCTV system provides high security.

Most parts of the docking area are also protected with an access control system.

Sightseeing: Rhodes is one of the Dodecanese islands, lying at the southeastern tip of the Aegean Sea. It has a unique location right between three continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa. Rhodes is a beautiful island blessed by nature, with kilometres of endless beaches, pine and cypress covered mountains, and an abundence of water –quite a rarity in the Aegean. But you will find that its greatest blessing is the sun which never stops shining except for a few cloudy days at winter.

Available Boats in and around Rhodes

Rhodes Marina


  • The Marina plot covers 118,800m2 land. From this space only the 22,745.42 m2 will be covered with buildings, allowing the rest of the space free for walking, recreation and green spaces. All buildings are of a low height, do not obstruct the view and are designed in harmony with the environment. The architecture of the facilities is inspired by the medieval city of Rhodes.
  • The parking facilities are spacious and guarded 24/7.
  • Parking is not allowed at the docks. Electric cars upon request are used for the customer and boat personnel transportation to and from the boats.
  • For security reasons, access to certain designated dock areas is permitted only to authorized card holders.  
  • The Rhodes Marina has an integrated electronic system. It is used for the central monitor, security and control of the facilities both in land and by the sea.
  • Refueling Station with a capacity of 240 cubic metres.
  • 5 Waste and bilge water collection stations
  • A surrounding area of 90.000 square metres which includes a waterfront, green spaces and gardens etc.
  • An infrastructure network providing basic services (electricity, water, electronic devices, telecommunications, security)
  • Telecommunications network (wired, wireless, fibre optics, etc.)
  • FTTB – Fibre-optic network with direct connection berth terminals.
  • VIP cameras
  • Water supply network.
  • Electricity supply.
  • Television.
  • BMS – Buildings Management System.
  • CCTV – Close circuit television covering all areas of the marina.
  • PA (Public Address) and Audio Visual information systems.
  • Lighting network.
  • Controlled access network.
  • SCADA – supervisory control and data acquisition system.
  • Fire fighting & fire safety network.
  • Network of thermal imaging cameras and underwater cameras.
  • Administration Building,
  • Central entrance guard building and Emergency entrance guard building,
  • Public Services (customs, Port Authority Station and Police Station etc.)
  • 3 laundries with showers and toilets
  • Commercial buildings 4.700,00 square metres (Duty free shop, bank branch, café, restaurant, super market, refueling building)
  • Outlets for vessel maintenance agencies
  • Travel lift and dry docking

Rhodes | Dodecanese Region

N36°26'12.2" E28°14'20.67"

VHF 71

[email protected]

+30 22414 40970

Rhodes Marina

Australia str 85100, Rhodes

Driving Distances
Mark Rhodes
3 km
Airport Rhodes Island Int Airport
17 km
Airport Kos Island Int Airport
188 km
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