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Porticciolo Sant'Agata

The Porticciolo is sited in Sant’Agata Militello, in front of Aeolian Islands, less than 30 miles from Vulcano, Lipari, Salina, Filicudi and Alicudi.

2 Km far from the Porticciolo you can find the toll (exit named Sant’Agata Militello) along the Palermo-Messina highway.

The Porticciolo is far 165 km from Palermo Airport and 205 km from Catania Airport, so that it is the best place where you can board relatives, friends and clients not being forced to long and expensive navigation. The marina offers also shuttle service from/to airport for special price. Railway station is far only 1,5 km from Porticciolo and every train, local or intercity, coming from/to north of Italy, stops in Sant’Agata Militello.

The Porticciolo is protected by a very long breakwater pier, of almost 7 metres of height. The entrance is large and safe in every weather condition. The red buoy, equipped with night flashing, that is site at about 200 mt. on the east side of the pier’s top, must be left on the right side when you come inside the harbour and on the left side when you go outside the harbour, according to the orders of the coast Guard.

The depth is included between 4 and 7 metres. The mooring is made mainly on floating docks of last generation, made of concrete and continuous floating (type CA/CLS), to offer maximum stability and safety.

Floating docks have numerous service pedestals to provide water and electricity, at 16A- 32A -63A monophase and threephase. The whole area of the Porticciolo is also served with free WIFI connection.

The mooring is organized with particular care and is made using only galvanized chains in the underwater part and polyester rope, with high toughness, only in the aerobic part. This mooring solution, that makes our harbour different from all the others, guarantees an extraordinary effect of damping because of the length of the chain and avoids damages to the mooring ropes caused by the contact with the bulbs, the keels and/or the propellers. The Porticciolo is open all the year and guarantees the assistance of its professional and multilingual staff.

In the Porticciolo you can receive suitable mechanical, electric and electronic assistance, free shuttle for big supermarkets, laundry service and reserved parking place.

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Porticciolo Sant'Agata


  • All the mooring places are equipped with free WIFI connection
  • Free shuttle service for supermarket restaurants and pizzerias
  • All the numerous marina service pedestals provide to all the moored yachts electric supply, from the 16A mono-phase to the 63A three-phase
  • Mechanics and Electric Service Assistance
  • Draught is not a problem for yachts up to 45 mt, no need to use anchor, double mooring system is used to guarantee maximum safety
  • Free WIFI
  • Supermarket
  • Laundry
  • Reserved parking for customers
  • 16A - 32A - 63A monophase and threephase
  • Mechanic, electrical and electronic assistances
  • Depth from 4 to 7 meters
  • Crane service up to 30 T and shipyard services

Capo D'orlando | Sicily

N38°4'25.7" E14°37'15.18"

VHF 12

[email protected]

+39 0941 336392

Porticciolo Sant'Agata

Molo di Piana Porto, 98076 Sant'Agata di Militello ME, Italy

Driving Distances
Mark Capo D'orlando
19 km
Airport Catania Fontanarossa Airport
122 km
Airport Palermo Airport
158 km
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