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Marmaris Yacht Marina

Marmaris Yacht Marina lies 8 kilometers to the city center by car, and 2 miles by seaway. Marmaris Yacht Marina holds 5 Golden Anchor awards with a 8 km beautiful coast road where you can watch pine trees and the blue sea all along.

In addition to its ideal location in the green forest, you can find accommodation services that resonate holiday villages. Because it is one of the most suitable marinas for winter for yachts from all over the world, it has become a natural beaten track over the years.

Yachts of all sizes can moor at Marmaris Yacht Marina. It can accomodate 750 boats at sea and 1000 boats on land. In the marina, you can find travel lifts with 330 and 70 tons of capacity and boat maintenance repair unit service with a technical crew of over 20 years of experience, pontoon and quay for secure mooring, heliport, 24/7 security and cleaning services, beach bar, restaurant, pub and cafeteria, health and sports center, open car park, library, nurse, men and women hair stylist, laundry, sauna and swimming pool, playground and play room for little sailors, a supermarket and stores for technical material sale. All these facilities put together, the marina is beyond international standards. It is the most suitable choice both for short or long term and for winter boat accommodation.

For guests planning to stay at the marina during winter months, the marina offers diverse and exciting activities. Marmaris Yacht Marina hosts a growing family of sailors from different countries of all ages. A place where they meet, work together and establish sound friendships and celebrate special days.

Available Boats in and around Marmaris

Marmaris Yacht Marina


Mooring Information & Capacity

  • Mooring Capacity: 750
  • Land Capacity: 10000

Generic Services

  • Water (24 hours)
  • Electricity (220/380 Volt-50 Hz-16-32-63-125 Amp)
  • Toilet and Shower
  • Disabled WC - Shower
  • Laundry
  • Payphone service
  • Rental Store
  • Car park
  • ATM point
  • Wireless Internet
  • Non-stop radio broadcasting (Weather condition announce)
  • Ferry Service
  • Minibus
  • Taxi
  • Inner marina transport by Golf Vehicles
  • Heliport

Marina Office Services

  • Front Office service
  • Daily Weather Forecast service
  • Communication service
  • Sea Radio Communication
  • Resting Service
  • Reservation processes
  • Mail and Cargo Service
  • E-mail and Fax
  • Airport Transfer
  • Insurance Services
  • Vehicle Renting Service
  • Customs process service
  • Apart Renting

Technical Support / Service

  • Travel Lift (330 ton, 70 ton, 50 ton)
  • Land Parking facility
  • Sea accommodation
  • Bottom Washing and Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cooling
  • Inflatable Boat - Life Boat
  • Monthly Maintenance Service
  • Battery Checking and Charging
  • Air Condition and Bilge Checking
  • Ordinary Cleaning
  • Sail washing area

Social Services

  • Marina Restaurant
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Fitness Center
  • Sauna
  • Jacuzzi
  • Volleyball Field
  • Personnel Cafeteria
  • Billiards Saloon
  • Park and Travel Areas
  • Libraries (wireless internet facility)
  • Hairdresser & Coiffeur
  • Sea swimming platform
  • Supermarket
  • Hardware Market
  • Charter and Travel agencies

Port Services

  • Moorings Boat Service
  • Diving Services
  • Diving Tube Refilling Service

Health Services

  • First Aid and Doctor
  • Ambulance Service
  • Veterinary Service

Environmental Services

  • Inner Port Water Circulation System
  • Waste Water Collection and Purification Facility
  • Stations for Solid Waste Collection
  • Biological Purification Facility
  • Station to Collect Waste Engine Oil
  • Waste Water bilge draining system

Security Services

  • Security Connection Systems
  • Floating Quays
  • Breakwater System - Eurodock
  • Vaulted connection system - Med Mooring
  • Observation Tower and Camera Control
  • 24 hours Security Service with Certificated Security Personnel
  • Fire Alarm and Extinguishing Systems
  • Certificated Fire fighting crew with fire fighting vehicle

Marmaris | Aegean

N36°49'9.66" E28°18'29.59"

VHF 72

[email protected]

+90 (252) 422 00 22

Marmaris Yacht Marina

Adaköy Yalancı Boğaz Mevkii Marmaris Muğla

Driving Distances
Airport Dalaman International Airport
90 km
Airport Milas Bodrum International Airport
130 km
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