ACI Marina Rovinj

ACI Marina Rovinj is open all year round. It is located on the east coast of Rovinj harbor, beside the shipyard, surrounded by pinewoods.

When you are in Rovinj, you will relax and feel good. This peaceful town is a beautiful Istrian gem that will fascinate you with its charm, colours, beauty, medieval architecture of narrow stone streets as well as its culinary delights. The town that was once a small fishing village and now a leading center of Croatian tourism, is watched over by Saint Euphemia. Like the goldfish in the legend, ACI Marina Rovinj can make sailors’ wishes come true.

That is the reason why the the sea and land part of the whole marina was completely reconstructed. The new ACI marina in Rovinj will be a modern marina of superior design providing the latest technological solutions and all the services of the highest standards in the world’s nautical tourism, as well as the first ACI marina with the highest categorization – of Five Anchors. The new marina will have a total of 192 moorings or berths for boats of average length of 18 meters. It will proide all the technical and support services in one place and it will be the most modern nautical one stop shop destination.

You wil find 22 islets in the Rovinj archipelago, of which St. Andrew (Sv. Andrija) and St. Catherine (Sv. Katarina) are the largest and the most beautiful. Among the many protected natural monuments and special reserves in the Rovinj area, the coastal area from the islet of St. John (Sv. Ivan) to Two Sisters Islet (Dvije sestrice) is really special. The sea and the undersea world of the Lim Channel and part of Lim Bay, the park-forest Punta Corrente forest park, the Palud marshes, Romuald’s Cave, and the Cave di Monfiorenzo quarry are also beautiful spots for exploration.

Every summer since 1967, Rovinj has been home to a unique open-air art exhibition and the town’s most iconic cultural event – the Grisia. Named after the street that, like a backbone, connects the main town square and the Church of St. Euphemia, Grisia is like an open-air artists’ studio, only much more fun and unique. Don’t be surprised to find the works of amateurs, including children, are exhibited side by side with works of established artists.

Sightseeing: Home to one of the most refined seaside resorts in Croatia, Rovinj is situated on the western coast of Istria. The town was built on an island that was later connected to the mainland in 1763 to create a peninsula. The old town, surrounded by a thick pine forest, remains quite picturesque. The architecture of Rovinj largely reflects the Venetian control of the city from 1283 until 1797. Numerous islands lie right off the coast, including St. Catherine (Sveta Katarina ) and Red Island (Crveni otok). Along the Rovinj coastline you can find many beaches, hotels, tourist villages, campsites and sports facilities. The Baroque church of St. Euphemia ( Sv. Eufemija ), built in 1736, watches over the town. And you shouldn’t miss the city’s oldest monument from the 13th century: The heptagonal Romanesque chapel of the Holy Trinity ( Sv. Trojstvo).

Mooring: There are 380 berths for the yachts up to 25 m plus 40 dry berths. The marina is protected from all winds by a long breakwater and the island St. Catherine (Sveta Katerina).

Approach: From the sea you can spot Rovinj by the bell tower of the church of St. Euphemia standing on the hill in the middle of the peninsula, as well as the St. Katarina Island lying beneath the town. Cape St. Euphemia is a marked by a lighthouse (Fl 4s 19m 7M) which can be used as a way point (45°05,0’ N 13°38,0’E). ACI marina Rovinj can be approached between St. Katarina Island and the town harbor breakwater. At the head of the breakwater a lighthouse stands (Fl R 3s 7m 3M). Between the lighthouse and St. Katarina Island there is a shoal marked by a yellow-black conical buoy that has to be rounded from north. If you approach the marina from the south, you should hold to the marina breakwater which is marked by a green lighthouse on its end (Fl G 5s 7m 5M).

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Facilities include a reception office, hotel, restaurant, telephone, water and electricity hook-ups, laundry, showers, shops, exchange office, sporting equipment, parking lot and charter fleet. Warning services concerning weather is available in the marina. Services include crane (10 t), repairs to hull and engines and a small slipway.

Rovinj | Istra

N45°4'31.760000000000002" E13°38'6.2199999999999998"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 052 81 31 33

ACI Marina Rovinj

Šetalište Vijeća Europe 1 52210 Rovinj

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1 km
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