ACI Marina Palmižana

>ACI Marina Palmižana is open from April until the end of October. It is located in the cove with the same name on the northern shore of the island Klement (one of the Pakleni Islands), to thewest of Hvar town.

At a distance of only 2.5 nmi, opposite the island and town of Hvar, you will find Palmižana, which is a famous old haunt of Hvar residents. Palmižana is the ultimate retreat for those who wish to leave the hectic city life completely behind. Hidden in one of the safest bays in the Adriatic, this marina is on a car-free island. So it is no surprise that it is a very popular boating destination which can offer a relaxed and carefree holiday in a unique atmosphere in harmony with nature. At the same time, you can enjoy the pleasures of civilisation, having dinner in an art gallery or a botanical garden and tasting Dalmatian cuisine. The flavors come from the aromatic air of the Mediterranean. Among the exotic plants that prove Palmižana to be a true natural paradise are rosemary, basil and lavender and cacti. If you take a walk along the island’s footpaths, the pleasant breeze and the fabulous view of Hvar glittering in the distance will charm you. The town also has a vibrant nightlife, which can make your visit even more memorable. Palmižana offers plenty of activities for an exciting holiday, including swimming, hiking, kayaking, diving and surfing.

ACI Marina Palmižana is one of the most beautiful marinas in the Adriatic. It is located in its namesake bay on the northeastern coast of Sv. Klement (St. Clement), the largest of the Pakleni Islands. From this spot, you can easily reach the rest of the archipelago. Hidden coves and isolated beaches that you can explore near Palmižana can take your breath away.

The oldest surviving public theatre in Europe is one of the specialties of the town of Hvar. The theatre was established in 1612, during the tenure of Rector Pietro Semitecolo. But its Neo-Baroque appearance dates to the 19th century when the stage and auditorium with boxes were added, as well as some of the still-surviving set designs.

In 2018, Hvar celebrated 150 years of organised tourism. Being the sunniest Croatian island, with approximately 2,800 hours of sunshine a year, Hvar certainly deserves the attention it gets from visitors

Mooring: Along the piers, there are 180 berths. The marina is protected from all winds except those from the north and northeast. Strong south and southwest winds can also cause swells.

Sightseeing: Klement is the largest of 21 islands in the Islands of Pakleni archipelago, famous for its spectacular cliffs. You will also find numerous small coves and sandy beaches along the shore. You can take a taxi-boat between Palmizana and Hvar.

Approach: The distance between the Palmižana marina on the island of Sv. Klement (in the Pakleni Islands) and the island of Hvar is 2.4 nautical miles. Although heavy west or southwest winds could create a tidal wave, the cove provides safe shelter from the waves and wind most of the time. To the north, in front of the entrance to the marina, you will see Baba Rock, marked with a black-and-red column with two spheres. It is only visible during low tide and at night is marked by lighthouse (Fl(2) W 10s 7m 4M) the exact position of which is 43° 10.1’ N 16° 23.8’ E. Because the rock is wide, it is recommended to steer clear of it, especially on its northern side. The entrance to the marina is marked with an “ACI” signboard. When approaching from Cape Pelegrin, it is safe to steer toward Baba Rock. If you are approaching from the direction of the town of Hvar you must use the same landmark. But you must be careful not to sail too close to the islet of Gojca. If you are approaching ACI Marina Palmižana from the south, the course will lead you between the islands of Borovac and Sv. Klement, where the sea is less than 5 m deep. This passage is not lighted.


Facilities include a reception office, water and electricity hook ups, showers and toilets, an exchange office and a small shop.

  • Reception desk with an exchange office (seasonal)
  • Restaurant and café bar
  • Massage (gazebo)
  • Grocery store
  • Children’s playground and a bocce court
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Fuel station in the town port of Križna luka (2.5 nm)

Hvar | Split region

N43°9'45.289999999999999" E16°23'36.020000000000003"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 21 74 49 95

ACI Marina Palmižana

Pakleni otoci, 21450 Hvar

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67 km
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90 km
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