ACI Marina Vrboska

ACI Marina Vrboskais open year round. It is located on the southern shore of the cove Vrbosk on the north side of the island Hvar.

It may be the smallest town on the island of Hvar, but the beauty of Vrboska has a striking feel to it, mostly because of its location. It is almost like a hidden treasure, situated on the northern coast of the central part of the island, deep in a bay at the end of a narrow inlet. Right in the middle of the bay there is an island with numerous small bridges across the channel. This is why Vrboska was given the nickname of “Little Venice”. There are Roman ruins that show that the town has been inhabited since antiquity, but the oldest preserved monuments and buildings date back to the 15th century.

There as many old houses in a variety of styles including Gothic, Neo-Renaissance and Baroque. You can also feel the Mediterranean architecture with characteristic stone buildings and narrow streets. There is a thick pine forest hugging the town on the landward side to add beauty to the picture, along with charming beaches and coves on the seaward side. In the cuisine offered in this charming, warm small town you can see the rich fishing tradition. Tourism is the leading economic activity in Vrboska and the central marina on the northern coast of Hvar is one of the most important establishments serving tourism. ACI Marina Vrboska, located in the outer part of the harbour of Vrboska, is open all year round.

One of the most beautiful examples of the type of architecture you can find on the island is the fortified church in Vrboska. It was built on the foundations of the former Church of St. Mary, after it was burnt down during a raid.

Vrboska is also very famous for its long tradition of nudism, mostly practiced on the island of Zečevo and in the Nudist Camp, only a kilometre from the town center.

Mooring: There are 119 berths on the sea and 17 dry berths. In extreme circumstances, a strong sirocco can cause the water to rise by as much as 2 meters and the bora can also be intense.

Sightseeing: Vrboska is located in a narrow cove, surrounded by pine woods and olive trees. St. Marija Church (15th century) and St. Lovro Church (16th century) are well preserved anda re certainly worth seeing. The island of Hvar is the longest of the Adriatic and it is a central Dalmatian island. It is rich with olive trees, aromatic plants, vineyards and is considered to be the sunniest island. The area is known to be populated since the Neolithic. The oldest drawing of a boat in the world was found on Hvar.

Transport Connections: Vrboska is connected with Split, the regional centre (with an international airport and motorway to Zagreb) via the ferry port in Stari Grad, 7 km away. It is also connected with Rijeka and Dubrovnik by year-round and seasonal ferry services, as well as with the Italian cities of Ancona and Pescara via Split, and Bari via Dubrovnik. There is also a boat service to the town of Bol on the neighbouring island of Brač, which has a small international airport.

Approach: Situated on the northern coast of the island of Hvar, at the end of a deep and narrow bay, the marina can be a good shelter from all winds. If you are approaching from the north, the island of Zečevo serves as a good landmark. It has a lighthouse (Fl W 5s 11m 5M), with the exact position of 43° 11.5’ N 16° 42.1’ E. To reach ACI Marina Vrboska the Glavica peninsula must be rounded. At night you must steer towards the red lighthouse marking the entrance to Jelsa (Fl R 3s 6m 5M). When the lighthouse on Cape Križ (Fl W 2s 5m 5M) becomes visible, you will also see the lights of the town of Vrboska, so you can steer in that direction. If you are coming from the south, southeast or east, the marina can be approached by sailing along the northern coast of Hvar Island from east to west. All the three lighthouses are visible at night and the piers of ACI’s marina are also illuminated.


Facilities include a reception office, water and electricity hook ups, showers and toilets, telephones, a fuel station, car parking and a restaurant. The marina is also equipped with a hoist (5t) and a slipway.

  • Reception with an exchange office
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Launderette
  • 5t crane
  • Car park
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • In the immediate vicinity of the marina there are several restaurants, taverns and bakeries
  • Fuel station

Hvar | Split region

N43°10'46.049999999999997" E16°40'30.440000000000001"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 21 77 40 18

ACI Marina Vrboska

21463 Vrboska

Driving Distances
Mark Split
54 km
Airport Split Airport
76 km
Airport Dubrovnik Airport
204 km
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