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Volos Marina

Volos Marina is located at the center of Volos, a port city on the east coast of the Greek mainland, midway between Athens and Thessaloniki. It is the capital of the splendid region of Magnesia. The marina has been operating since 1893. Because Volos is one of the largest commercial ports in Greece, it is always very busy with commercial shipping, vessels for transport, and leisure yachts.

The city is beaming with all the resources boaters could ask for, in terms of provisions and repairs.

Modern Volos is a new and vibrant city. At the waterfront there is a car-free promenade, crowded with many cafés, bars, restaurants and ouzeri/tsipouradika where you can have ouzo/tsipouro with mezes. You can enjoy summer evenings on the waterfront as you watch the sun go down or take a pleasant walk along the promenade.

With a capacity of 133 sailboats and mega yachts up to 60 meters long, most of the infrastructure is designed to carry goods; but boaters can find electricity and drinking water at their moorings as well as bathrooms and security services. With a 15 ton crane, some maintanence and repair work can be made at the marina.

Yachts can find a berth on the north shore of the harbour between the root of the outer mole by the “onion-shaped” towers on the university building in the east, and the root of the mole where the customs patrol boat is usually berthed. The maximum draught is 8 meters. Anchor stern-to. Although some parts of the harbour have rather soft mud, holding is good.

Sightseeing: The Volos marina seafront is one of the most impressive city attractions. It offers a unique variety of coffee bars, restaurants, and of course, the famous seafood local taverns called “Tsipouradiko” where you can enjoy “Tsipouro” a traditional liquor drink always accompanied with unique seafood. If you follow the seafront Argonauts Avenue, you can see the real size working replica of ship Argo (which is also the symbol of the city as according to the Greek mythology, as King Jason and the famous Argonaut expedition set sail from here). Then you can continue to explore Volos marina front with the Papastratos building, seaside park, St. Contantine Church, the yachting clubs, Xenia hotel complex, National Archeological Museum and many other attractions.

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Volos Marina


  • Drinking water
  • WI-FI
  • Electricity Type: 230V
  • Gas station
  • Crane (Max. load: 15 Tn)
  • Weather info(in English) on VHF channel 60 at 0600/1000/1600/2200 UTC
  • Laundry
  • Ramp
  • Waste collection
  • Residual water collection
  • Towing
  • Seamanship
  • Service station
  • Dressing rooms
  • Security
  • Car rental
  • Pharmacy
  • Diving
  • Bank
  • Bar/Restaurant
  • Market: there is a number of supermarkets, some only a short walk away.
  • Parking: there is a public car park nearby the marina for hourly parking but they also offer a daily rate for longer term parking of about 20 Euro per day. Alternatively there are free parking areas around where your cars can be checked by marina staff periodically.

Volos | Thessaly

N39°21'28.8" E22°56'27.6"

VHF 12

[email protected]


Volos Marina

Port Authority of Volos SA Central Pier of Volos Port 382 21

Driving Distances
Mark Volos
3 km
Airport Nea Anchialos National Airport
31 km
Airport Skiathos Island National Airport
84 km
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