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Marina Lanzarote

A strategic port of call for sailors travelling south from Europe, Marina Lanzarote is the first fully serviced marina upon arriving in the Canaries. With its convenient city surroundings, located in the centre of the island’s traditional maritime quarter, Marina Lanzarote offers sailing visitors a convenient and pleasant place to relax and enjoy the local culture.

A natural port city, Arrecife offers plenty of urban convenience and a great taste of authentic Canarian life. Maritime bars and chandleries surround the marina and the town’s waterfront is attractive and peaceful. The benefits of a well-serviced yard and great local sailing conditions have attracted an exciting calendar of racing and cruising events throughout the year.

Available Boats in and around Lanzarote

Marina Lanzarote


  • Berthing
    • Each berth is supplied with water and electricity. The water is desalinated and fit for drinking. Depending on the module size, electricity access is provided via either single or three-phase 220v / 380v connections. Up to 200amp power can be drawn from the superyacht berths.
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Nautical Services
  • Food Provisioning
  • Hoisting And Repairs
  • Chandlers
  • Fuel / Gas
  • Taxi
  • Bus
  • Car rental
  • Health Services
  • Shipyard Services
    • Cleaning and antifouling
    • Painting
    • Guardianage
    • Carpentry
    • Sail repair
    • Rigging services
    • Engineers and mechanics
    • Electrical and electronic technicians
    • Welding and machining
    • Commercial divers
    • Pump out
    • Osmosis treatment
    • Refrigeration services

Lanzarote | Canary Islands Region

N28°57'53.46" W-14°27'43.83"


[email protected]

+34 928 663263

Marina Lanzarote

Edificio Antiguo Varadero, 2º planta Puerto Calero, 35571 Yaiza -Lanzarote Spain

Driving Distances
Mark Lanzarote
15 km
Airport Lanzarote Airport
9 km
Sailing Distances