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Bodrum City Marina

The municipal yacht harbor operated by Bodrum Municipality serves a total of 300 boats with 200 boats inside the port, 60 boats at Kumbahçe pier along with buoys for waiting in front of the port. You can find water and electricity in all the mooring areas on the marina.

The history of Bodrum harbor under the protection of Sn. Jean Castle goes beyond times BC, and has an incredible view. Bodrum City Marina, has hosted both commercial and war fleets in the ancient times and is now hosting commercial yacht fleets.

Greek island of Kos lies only 11 miles away from the Bodrum City Marina. This marina is also the custom entry point for yachts coming to Turkey via sea route from Europe. The marina then opens up to the Gökova bay, a unique natural beauty. Datça ferries operate seasonally and Kos ferries operate regularly for 12 months. While entering and exiting the harbor, you can shop at duty-free.

With restaurants, cafes and bars, the Bodrum City Marina offers a vivid social environment. The Undersea Archeology Museum is located in Bodrum Castle.

The entrance to Bodrum Harbor is southbound and the entrance is marked by light buoys. Starting from the north direction by the entrance of the port, the section up to the end of the eastern direction belongs to the marina. In this wide area you can moor boats from 2m to 6m in depth. The border gate is located at the eastern pier. Visitor boats are primarily moored at the T quay in front of the castle.

If the Bodrum City Marina can be full during high season but you can wait in front of the castle in the eastern pier waiting buoys connected to 20 guest ropes in front of Halikarnas area.

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Bodrum City Marina

Bodrum | Aegean

N37°2'5.03" E27°25'45.08"

VHF 72

+90 (252) 313 67 69

Bodrum City Marina

​Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi No :1-A (Tepecik Camii Yanı) 48400 Bodrum Muğla

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Airport Milas Bodrum International Airport
35 km
Airport Adnan Menderes Int. Airport
220 km
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