ACI Marina Cres

ACI Marina Cres is open year round. It is located on the northern part of Cres harbor.

The large ACI marina is at the center of the island of Cres, which is one of the largest yet least populated islands in the Adriatic. Cres has always been a popular destination for nature lovers and environmental activists from around Europe and the world. Because it is home to the griffon vulture – the world’s third largest bird, which can now be seen only on Cres and the two neighbouring islands. Another attaction for nature lovers is the freshwater Lake Vrana in the heart of the island, which is considered a natural phenomenon. As a reliable sign of perfect water quality and an environmentally conscious management, ACI Marina Cres holds a Blue Flag.

ACI Marina Cres won the prize “Tourist Flower – Quality for Croatia" for the second place in 2009 and 2010 for the category of the best marina on the Adriatic. In 2011 it was announced as the best marina in the over 450 berths category, and in 2013 it won the prize for the third place in the same category.

The island’s northern and southern tips are divided by a 66 kilometer strip. This area is very special because it carries reminders of its long and glorious history and offers countless possibilities for an active vacation. Here, you can also get the opportunity to learn about nature conservation with a treasure of endemic and relic plants, preserved by experts from Croatia and abroad. The large and spacious marina has also room for mega yachts, attracting jet-setters and business people from around the globe. At Cres, you can find top-class dining prepared with healthy locally-grown produce, which is why gourmets from around the world love this city.

Cres is also one of the last homes of the proud griffon vulture in Eurasia. You can learn about these unusual, regal birds here and if you like, you can join the environmentalist teams that work to rescue the young of these birds, who are hatched on the island’s highest clifftops.

Four cave bear skeletons that are 12,000 years old have been found in the Čampari pit cave. This unique speleological phenomenon is another great attraction for nature lovers. They are the only such intact amimal skeletons found in this part of Europe.

At Cres you can witness an incedible diversity of plant and animal life along with a large number of endemic and relic species. According to the most recent sources, Cres is home to almost 1,300 plant species.

Mooring: There are 450 berths for yachts up to 25 m. The marina is protected form all winds, but a strong sirocco can cause swelling.

Sightseeing: As the second largest island in the Adriatic, the Island of Cres is 68km in length. The town of Cres is situated on the western shore of the island, about 13 km from Lake Vransko. It is connected to the land by ferry boats. Cres was established in 1459, as the seat of Venetian administration for the island. In the harbor you can see the town gate and clock tower from the 16th century, while the Gothic-Renaissance church of St. Mary from the 15th century stands on the main square. Just outside the town, you can visit the Gothic church of St. Mary Magdalene from 1402, a Franciscan monastery and a church from the 14th-15th century. If you walk a little further, you can see the monastery of Benedictine nuns from the 15th century. Osor and Martinscica are among the other places to visit on the island. Cres hosts the regetta Cres Cup. Punat is a small holiday resort in the southern part of the island. Opposite the marina, in the bay, there is a Franciscan monastery on the island Kosljun from the 12th century. Other places to visit on Krk include Omisalj, Malinska, Vrbnik and Baska.

Transport connections: Cres is connected to the mainland by the Brestova-Porozina and Valbiska-Merag (the latter via Krk Island) ferry services. Rijeka International Airport is on the nearby island of Krk. All year long you can find daily catamaran and coach services from Cres to Rijeka.

Approach: Cres harbour is approached through a 400m-wide channel. Landmarks on approach are provided by lighthouses on Cape Kovačine (Fl (2) R 6s 9m 8M) and Cape Križice (Fl G 3s 9m 4M). The exact position of the Cape Kovačine lighthouse is 44°57.6’ N 14°23.7’ E. While entering the channel between these two lighthouses the Cape Melin lighthouse (Fl R 3s 6m 3M ) is clearly visible. There is an underwater rock in its immediate vicinity so you must keep at a distance of at least 50m from the cape. The entrance to ACI Marina Cres is marked by harbour lights. There is a red light on the breakwater head (Fl (2) R 5s 7m 3M), and a green light on Martinski Islet (Fl (2) G 5s 7m 3M). From Cape Kovačine to the marina the speed limit is 5 knots; within the marina the speed limit is 2 knots.

Available Boats in and around Cres


Facilities include a reception office, water and electricity hook ups, showers and toilets, a restaurant, telephone, mini-market, fuel, car park and a charter fleet. The marina also has a travel lift, a hoist (10 t), a slipway and is equipped for some repairs.

  • Reception with an exchange office and with a shopping point with rich selection of accessories from the exclusive ACI collection, cashpoint
  • Restaurant, café bar, grocery store
  • Launderette
  • Bicycle and scooter hire
  • Nautical equipment and beach accessories store with souvenir shop
  • Toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision
  • 10t crane, 80t travel lift, maintenance and repair shop, wastewater plant, 20m dismantling “needle”
  • Accommodation consisting of 8 spacious apartments
  • Car park
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Fuel station (from 1st of May 2018 working hours 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. every day including Sundays)
  • Solar smart bench

Tesla Destination Charging

  • Two Tesla Only electric charging stations with the power of up to 22kW
  • One Tesla Universal charging station with the power of up to 22kW

Cres | Kvarner

N44°56'41.57" E14°24'50.619999999999997"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 51 57 16 22

ACI Marina Cres

Obala sv. Benedikta 3 51557 Cres

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Mark Rijeka
73 km
Airport Rijeka Airport
50 km
Airport Pula Airport
98 km
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