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Il Bel Paese - The Beautiful Country

Italy combines the rich history with the glamorous atmosphere in a unique way. Bel Paese is famous for its fascinating culture, rich history, great cuisine and diverse environments.


Beautiful coastline, warm sun, blue waters, rich history and great cuisine

Sailors have a chance to enjoy Italian coastline from all the parts of the country. The most popular sailing regions are situated on the western side of the country. Tuscany is in the north of Italy, where one can find the Elba island and The Seven Sisters islands, Pisa and Florence are also situated in the inland part of Tuscany.

The gorgeous Amalfi Coast lies in the Bay of Naples. The great Sicily island hosts amazing historic monuments and the UNESCO-protected Aeolian Islands. Sardinia is a very popular sailing destination known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise sea.

Italian islands - Perfect regions for sailing

The foremost well-known Italian islands are Elba, Ischia, Capri, Sardinia and Sicily. Elba is the biggest island of the Tuscan archipelago. Capri is a wonderful island with dazzling bays and the lovely Blue Grotto cave and the Ischia island has wonderful gardens. The sailing region of Sardinia has numerous pleasant harbors with astonishing view such as Alghero, Cagliari and Olbia. Sicily, the biggest island within the Mediterranean, offers sailors a number of authentic attractions.

Bareboat or Skippered: If you are a “good captain”, you may prefer bareboat but if you decide to hire a captain for your yacht charter, your experienced skipper will take you the most secluded bays and coves and tell the stories of these places.