ACI Marina Vodice

ACI Marina Vodice is open year round. It is located on the northeastern part of the harbor of Vodice in the Vrulje cove along the coast of the mainland.

The town is named as Vodice (“waters”) because of the wells which never run dry, even during the hottest days of summer. The two wells that the locals used to trade water to islanders until the 19th century, still stand in the town square. Vodice has become a very important tourist centre, especially after the independence of Croatia. And the construction of ACI’s marina added to the range of tourist services, enhancing the town’s position as a tourist attraction. The town has an amazing and exceptional location surrounded by the sea, islands and a river. The two national parks – Krka and Kornati – are in close proximity. Espscially in the summer months, Vodice is alive day and night. It is vibrant and busy during the day and magically peaceful at sunset,.

Constant investments on tourist facilities has made Vodice the leading resort on the Šibenik Riviera, welcoming 40,000 visitors during the high season. It should not be surprising that ACI Marina Vodice is one of the favourite spots for boaters looking for dynamic holidays, entertainment, and a wide choice of fun activities. The marina is located in the town itself, in the northeastern part of port of Vodice (Vrulje Cove). It is protected by two breakwaters and open all year round. Via the main coastal road, Vodice has excellent transport connections to the rest of the region, and it is close to two international airports. This is one of the advantages of this destination.

Šibenik is also famous as the home town of Faust Vrančić - one of the genius thinkers, poets and scientists of the Renaissance. Although he is mostly known as the inventor of Homo Volans (the first completely sketched parachute), he has two more capital works. One is the Dictionarium quinque nobilissimarum Europae linguarum, a five-language dictionary. And the other one is Machinae Novae, a collection of drawings of advanced machinery beyond its time.

The red coral is one of the specailties of the area. Zlarin is known for this red coral, which is believed to have magical powers and healing properties. It was used for anaemia, diseases of the circulatory system, infections and infertility. But the most common belief is that it protects pregnant women and fetuses from all kinds of diseases, including infection and the evil eye.

Mooring: There are 273 berths on sea and 50 dry berths. The marina is protected by two breakwaters with a third breakwater just a bit further out. The winds can blow strongly in this area but the marina remains well-protected from all.

Sightseeing: Vodice is a famous tourist destination on the northern part of Sibenski kanal with fascinating beaches, breath taking coves and thick pine forests. The walls that surrounded Vodice were built in the 16th century, only to be collapsed in the 19th century, but the three-story Caric's Tower remains standing. Every August, the traditional Vodice feast brings locals and tourists together. p>

Approach: You can easily spot the town of Vodice by Okit hill (133 m) topped by a small church. The town’s bell tower and the tall building of the Punta Hotel whose light is visible from afar at night are also important landmarks. There is also a tall stone monument in the shape of a torch north of the harbour entrance. The marina’s long breakwater made of stacked-up stones lies some 100 m east of the entrance to the harbour (which is also the entrance to the marina). You can also see a light on the breakwater head – a red tower with a gallery (Fl R 5s 7m 3M). Southeast of the harbour light on the breakwater, at a distance of approximately 180 m, there is a shoal of about 1.3 m depth, marked by a light (Fl G 5s 5m 2M). The shoal can only be rounded from the right. If you are entering the port at night, watch out for the shoal – it is marked by the obscured sector of the Vodice harbour light.

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Facilities include a reception office, water and electricity hook ups, showers and toilets, a restaurant, a café/bar, a fish market, a small shop, a fuel station, a skippers' club and parking. The marina is equipped with a hoist (10t) and a slipway. Various repairs are possible.

  • Reception with an exchange office and with a shopping point with rich selection of accessories from the ACI collection
  • Cash point
  • Café-bar and restaurant
  • Stores, souvenir shop in the immediate vicinity of the marina
  • Charter agency
  • Toilet and shower facilities with separate disabled provision
  • Launderette
  • Maintenance and repair shop, 10 t crane, 60 t travel lift
  • Car park
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Fuel station

Vodice | Šibenik region

N43°45'24.84" E15°46'40.009999999999998"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 22 44 30 86

ACI Marina Vodice

Artina 13 A 22211 Vodice

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62 km
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