ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri Slano

ACI Marina Veljko Barbieriis named after Veljko Barbieri, the founder of the ACI marinas chain. It has a special location amidst the mystical blue, thick forests reaching the sea, all creating a fantastic atmosphere. This is where, even today, you can feel the atmosphere of the renowned Republic. Slano has been a spot of setllement since antiquity the early Christianity period. But from the end of the 14th century onward, Slano was influenced by the Republic of Ragusa. The Franciscan monastery, Church of St. Jerome, summer house Ohmučević and the Prince’s palace as well as other religious and private buildings are remmants of this period. With numerous beautiful beaches along the entire bay, Slano today is a popular tourist destination. The hotels Adriatic and Osmine preserve the peaceful atmosphere of the Dubrovnik riviera.

Slano is very close to the Elaphite islands, only a stone’s throw away, as the locals would say. Jakljan with its breath taking bays blending the gren of the forest and the sea, Luka and Suđurađ on Šipan, bearing traces of a glorious past, especially summer houses and churches from the golden age of the Republic of Ragusa. Lopud, a small town situated along the bay and island of its name sake, is surrounded by lush vegetation, and his bay Šunj are only around 10 nautical miles away from Slano. Lopud has significance also as the birthplace of Dubrovnik’s navigation. The last inhabited island of Southern Adriatic, Koločep with Donje and Gornje Čelo, is a few miles eastward.

When you sail westward through the Koločepski channel you’ll get to the Stonski channel. You can choose to pass or stay in Kobaša and Broce, but you’ll finally reach Ston, another pearl of the Adriatic. Ston is a world famous Renaissance city, with walls reaching all the way to Mali Ston on the northern part of the peninsula and the saltern.

If you want to get to Dubrovnik by land, you can stop on the way in Trsteno to visit the renowned arboretum, or take a break in Zaton, another beautiful harbor of the Dubrovnik riviera.

The Passage Harpoti is being used since antiquity, and it was once called the Doors of Pompeii. According to the legend, in 47 BC the Pompeian fleet commanded by Marcus Octavius, was fleeing from Caesar’s galleys and they were outnumbered. But they used this almost invisible passage and managed to escape.

The 5,5 km walls between Ston and Mali Ston are the longest fortified system in Europe.

The name Slano als has an interesting story. As the legend goes, the name is associated with the meeting of the land and the sea. A Bosnian queen on a horse and her servants reach the sea and, there, for the first time in her life she realizes that the seawater is salty.

Mooring: The marina has 193 berths and can accomodate yachts up to 20 m in length

Approach: The ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri is located in the northeast part of the spacious Slano harbor, liying one nautical mile into the land on the northern shore of the Koločepski channel. The marina is well protected from all winds and has been a popular mooring spot since antiquity. You can sail into the Slano harbor through a 340 meters long passage between the Gornji and Donji cape. There is a lighthouse (C Bl 3s 16m 4M) on the Donji cape (W point of the bay). The harbor light stands on the local boardwalk, 150 meters to the northwest from the marina. To reach the marina, you must keep the NE course from the entrance to the Slano harbor. The water depths in the marina varies between 10 and 35 meters, which is safe for sailing. The water is shallower only near the shores (to a minimum of five meters).

The Koločepski channel is protected by a number of Elaphite islands, and you can sail into it through several passages. The first one from the west is Mali Vratnik between the peninsula Pelješac and the islet Olipa. It is followed by the second one, Veliki Vratnik, between Olipa and the island Jakljan and the Passage Harpoti, between the islands of Jakljan and Šipan. More to the east, one can find the Doors of Lopud, between the islands of Šipan and Lopud, and the Doors of Koločep, between Lopud and Koločep, and Velika Vrata (Big Doors), which represent the southernmost entrance to the channel.


  • Reception with an exchange office
  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Toilet and shower facilities with separate facilities for disabled people
  • Toilet and shower facilities with separate facilities for disabled people
  • Launderette
  • Charter agency
  • Car park
  • Rent-a-bike
  • Rent-a-car
  • Transfer service
  • Boat repair service
  • Wellness corner (only during summer months)
  • Wi-Fi internet access

Tesla Destination Charging:

  • Two Tesla Only electric charging stations with the power of up to 22kW
  • One Tesla Universal charging station with the power of up to 22kW

Slano | Dubrovnik region

N42°47'2.0800000000000001" E17°52'5.8099999999999996"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+ 385 20 441 72

ACI Marina Veljko Barbieri Slano

Slanica 2 20232 Slano

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52 km
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Airport Split Airport
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