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PITTER Gesellschaft m.b.H.

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PITTER Gesellschaft m.b.H.

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Pitter Yachtcharter - Nautic Alliance

Contracting Parties

The charter contract is concluded between the Charterer obtained by GotoSailing.com and the Charter Operator.

GotoSailing.com acts as an intermediary between Charter Operator and Charterer, and is responsible for -on a trust basis - receiving the payment for the charter fee paid by the Charterer and then transferring the received payment on to Charter Operator.

From the moment the Charterer has signed the inventory list/handover report or has moved onto the boat with his/her crew and the luggage, the boat shall be deemed to have been handed over to the Charterer.


The FAIRCHARTER 19 Terms and Conditions including the Special agreement – as of December 2021, represent the general terms and conditions (GTC) of Pitter Gesellschaft m.b.H.

I. Charter fee

The charter fee includes the use of the yacht including all of its accessories recorded in the inventory list and other accessories additionally contracted by the Charterer, their natural wear and tear as well as any and all costs for the repair of any damage due to material fatigue, the services provided to the Charterer as well as all general taxes and fees for the yacht during the charter period due at the start and finish berth as well as the proportionate costs for the ship's liability and comprehensive insurance of the yacht.

Not included in the charter fee are any fees for travelling in waters, areas or harbours, mooring fees outside the starting or finishing berth and fees for checking in or out as well as the costs for operating supplies such as diesel fuel or gasoline.

Costs for the final cleaning, gas, petrol for the outboard motor, bed linen and towels may be included in the charter fee. Otherwise these additional expenses must be listed separately by the Charter Operator and submitted to the Charterer in good time before the charter date.

II. Obligations of the Charter Operator

The Charter Operator undertakes to the Charterer as follows:

1. To hand over the charter yacht including all accessories on the agreed date after full payment of the charter fee in a seaworthy, proper, age-appropriate state and technical condition.

All prescribed maintenance intervals have been complied with and must also cover the entire charter period. Special attention must be paid to the maintenance of rescue equipment and safety-related equipment such as (if available / mandatory) life raft, life jackets, emergency signals, EPIRB, fire extinguishers and the gas cooker system as well as the completeness and updated versions of the nautical charts and navigational instruments.

2. To hand over to the Charterer all the valid certificates, documents, lists, operating instructions of the yacht and other documents required for entering the contractually agreed maritime area, along with the ship's papers. The contractually agreed, exclusive maritime cruising area as

well as possible temporal restrictions must be defined in these documents without any contradictions and in clear terms. The Charter Operator must explicitly point out any peculiarities not generally known or not obvious. All documents must be in English or in the local language of the Charterer.

3. To remedy damage or defects occurring during the charter period or discovered hidden defects within the scope of the contract (see point V).

4. To reimburse downtime in accordance with the contract (see point V).

5. To be available to the Charterer during the charter period by phone or radio, at least during normal office hours.

III. Obligations of the Charterers

The Charterer has the following obligations towards the Charter Operator:
1. To name all crew members before the start of the charter according to the Charter Operator’s instructions (creation of a crew list).

2. To keep the ship ready for check-out at the agreed place of return 1-2 hours before the time agreed with the Charter Operator.

3. To not extend the agreed charter period without prior coordination with the Charter Operator.

4. To keep the yacht sufficiently close to the return port within the last 24 hours before the end of the charter, so that the timely arrival is guaranteed, even in case of adverse conditions (bad weather). Weather conditions do not affect the duty of punctual return, unless there is a case of unpredictable force majeure. If a late return is foreseeable, the Charter Operator must be informed immediately.

5. To notify the Charter Operator immediately if the trip has to be completed at a location other than the agreed return location. In this case, it is up to the Charterer to take care of the ship or to have it provided by sufficiently qualified persons until the Charter Operator can take over the ship. The charter only ends with the takeover of the

This document is an official translation of the german Faircharter 19 (c) Yacht-Pool 2019, created by Mag. Maria NIEVOLL on behalf of Pitter Yachtcharter

yacht by the Charter Operator. The Charterer must bear the additional costs incurred by the Charter Operator due to any deviation from the agreed return location, unless there is a case of unforeseeable force majeure or the Charter Company himself has requested the alternative return location or the Charter Operator himself has caused such circumstances by way of culpable conduct (e.g. by hidden defects of the charter yacht).

6. To handle the yacht and equipment in a careful manner and in accordance with the rules of good seamanship.

7. To familiarize him-/herself with the technical and all other facilities of the yacht before departure, to observe the operating instructions on board and to inform him- /herself about the nautical, geographical and technical characteristics of the area (tides, currents, changed water levels in case of strong winds, fall winds, nozzle effects etc.).

8. To check the oil level of the engine and the bilges daily and check the sea cooling water circuit after starting the engine. Detected defects must be remedied immediately. Without sufficient oil or cooling, the engine may only be operated in the event of imminent danger to the ship and / or crew to avoid further damage.

Other necessary maintenance measures during the charter period must be explained by the Charter Operator to the Charterer on the occasion of the handover and also include a prepared maintenance list.

9. To diligently keep a written log on paper in which the usual nautical entries, records of weather reports, any damage to the yacht and equipment, grounding and other special incidents (rope ends in the yacht’s propeller, etc.) are recorded.

10. To navigate with the help of the available, up-to-date nautical charts and to use electronic navigation aids only as additional supporting equipment.

11. If available, to keep a radio book and, if necessary, a customs and notation book conscientiously.

12. To immediately report any grounding (even without visible damage) and immediately head for the nearest port in case of any suspected damage to the charter yacht where the services of a diver must be engaged, organise a crane or a slip-up to get the yacht out of the water.

13. In the event of damage, undertake damage avoidance and mitigation in accordance with good seamanship and fulfil the reporting and cooperation obligations to all

participants, authorities and insurance companies. If s/he refuses to do so, the charter customer will be fully liable for the damage.
14. To observe special wind and weather conditions, to exercise special caution when navigating at night.

15. Only arrive in ports and leave ports by way of the yacht’s engine; avoid operating the engine while the sails are set, but in absolutely no case leave the engine running while sailing with more than 10 degrees heeling.

16. Do not let the battery voltage of all on-board batteries fall below 12 volts. For this purpose, the batteries should be charged in good time via the engine, any generator or shore power connection that may be present, and if necessary, consumers should be switched off. Bulk consumers such as anchor windlass or bow thruster may only be operated if the battery voltage is supported in parallel by the engine or any existing generator.

17. To only land in – and use – harbours or berths where safe entry and exit, mooring and lying can be ensured over the planned period.

18. To enter the charter yacht only with suitable, clean and non-marking boat shoes.

19. To provide towage assistance to others only in an emergency, to have the charter yacht towed only in an emergency and to use boat-owned ropes and then to occupy it only on cleats, winches or the mast base so that the towing connection can be released even under tension (under no circumstances with a bowline knot), and not to make any agreements regarding towing and/or recovery costs, unless the helping party would otherwise refuse to provide assistance.

20. To fulfil the legal regulations of the countries of stay, to inquire in advance about any necessary licenses or driving rights that might be required.

21. Always duly clear inward and outward and pay any and all applicable mooring fees correctly.

22. To report theft of the yacht or its accessories immediately to the nearest police station.

23. To report liability claims immediately to the nearest port authority and have them hand over a log of the report.

24. Not to pass on the charter yacht to third parties or to sublet the yacht.

25. Not to take more persons on board than permitted or agreed and thus named in the crew list.

26. Not to make any changes to the ship and equipment, unless this serves to ward off imminent damage or has been agreed in advance with the Charter Operator.

27. Not to carry any animals and/or undeclared dutiable goods or dangerous goods or materials, not to participate in regattas or to use the yacht for commercial purposes (for example for training purposes, goods or passenger transport) without the prior written consent of the Charter Operator.

28. To not leave the sheltered harbour or mooring if a recognized or general weather forecast for the time scheduled for the next leg announces winds of constant 7 Bft or more in the relevant sea area.

Only if there is a clear threat to the yacht or the crew to be feared in the previously protected harbour or berth due to unexpected weather changes, the nearest protected harbour or berth is to be approached.

29. The contractually agreed sea area (see point II 2) may only be left with the express consent of the Charter Operator. The Charter Operator has the right to further limit this sea area in case of uncertain or unusual navigation conditions, in terms of space or time (for example, to impose a nocturnal driving ban).

30. The Charterer or skipper is responsible for the management of the yacht and is liable to the Charter Operator or insurer for damages resulting from disregard of the required rules of conduct. Within the scope of this contract, the crew members are vicarious agents of the Charterer and/or skipper.

IV. Driving licenses, certificates of competence

The Charterer may either be the skipper of the chartered yacht or s/he may designate a crew member of choice to serve as skipper.

The skipper has to prove to the Charter Operator the possession of the driving licenses and certificates of competence necessary to guide the yacht in the entire contractually stipulated sea area. Furthermore, the Charterer must ensure that the skipper has all the necessary nautical, navigational and nautical knowledge and experience in order to safely manage the chartered yacht, as specified in point III, under sail and/or engine, taking into account the responsibility for crew and material.

The Charter Operator is entitled to check the skipper's ability to navigate before handing over the charter yacht. For this purpose, he can demand proof of the previous experience of the skipper prior to the conclusion of the contract and he can demand the presentation of the licenses or driving licenses required to navigate the yacht in the agreed class and area of the vessel. In the case of obvious inability to qualify for the safe navigation of the charter yacht and crew, the Charter Operator may provide or arrange for the Charterer to hire a skipper. If this is not possible or if the Charterer does not agree with this, the Charter Operator may refuse to hand over the yacht. In this case, the charter fee paid will only be repaid if the yacht can be successfully re-chartered at the originally agreed charter fee. If the yacht can only be re-chartered at a lower fee, the Charter Operator is entitled to withhold the corresponding difference.

V. Performance disruptions (charter contract)
1. Charterer's rights:
a) If the Charter Operator does not make the charter yacht available 4 hours after the contractually agreed date at the latest, the Charterer shall be entitled to a proportional reduction in the charter fee for the downtime per day started.
The same applies mutatis mutandis during the charter period in the event of damage or defects occurring independently of the fault of the Charter Operator, unless these were caused culpably by the Charterer himself. The Charterer has to accept a restriction of use on the yacht for of up to 4 hours without any refund for each damage event. A restriction of use exists from the time from which the Charterer is considerably restricted in the use of the yacht due to a defect and/or a repair. A reasonable change to the planned itinerary (to allow for repair) and/or repair during normal harbour dock times is not a use restriction.

The Charterer may also withdraw from the contract, subject to full refund of the payments made, if more than 24 hours have elapsed since the agreed delivery date; this period is extended to 48 hours for a charter period of at least 10 days.

The Charter Operator is entitled to provide a reasonably acceptable replacement yacht, corresponding to the needs of the Charterer and objectively equivalent.

If it is already clear prior to the charter that the ship will not be available and cannot be handed over within 4 hours after the contractually agreed date at the latest, the Charterer has the right to withdraw from the contract before the start of the charter with full refund of the payments made.

b) In the event of negative deviations of the charter yacht, its equipment or accessories from the contractually agreed conditions (defects), the Charterer is entitled to a reasonable reduction of the charter fee. Any withdrawal from the contract is only possible if the charter yacht would be impaired thereby in its seaworthiness or if it objectively obstructs proper navigation using conventional navigation methods, thereby significantly increasing the risks to the safety of the ship and crew.

The Charterer can only claim reduction and cancellation by a written declaration in writing to the Charter Operator. The declaration must be made immediately after the defect becomes known and additionally in the check-out report, providing appropriate justification.

c) If the Charter Operator is not responsible for the default, the Charterer shall not be entitled to any reimbursement of any consequential damage (such as travel/accommodation costs) from the Charter Operator. In this case, however, the Charter Operator will assign any claims for damages against third parties to the Charterer. The Charter Operator must inform the Charterer comprehensively and immediately about such occurrences and their possible consequences.

2. Rights of the Charter Operator:
a) Late return: If the yacht is returned later than 2 hours after the time agreed with the Charter Operator by the fault of the Charterer, the Charter Operator may require the pro rata continuation of the charter fee per started day.

The Charter Operator shall be entitled to demand compensation from the Charterer for all economic losses suffered by him (such as the costs of additional personnel to be contracted or kept on stand-by or failure or partial cancellation of subsequent charter).

b) Different place of return: If the yacht is not returned at the agreed place by the fault of the Charterer, the Charter Operator may require from the Charterer compensation for all economic damages incurred thereby (such as the cost of take-over at another location or costs for the repatriation of the yacht by sea or by land).

c) Weather conditions do not affect the Charterer's duty to the return in accordance with the contract, unless there is a case of unpredictable force majeure (see also point III.4). Both in the case of late return and alternative place of return, the Charterer Operator has the obligation to minimize the financial loss and to provide the Charterer

with proof that the required costs have actually been incurred. The Charterer can provide evidence that no or merely minor damage has occurred.

VI. Cancellation regulations

If the Charterer withdraws from the charter contract, except for the reasons stated under subparagraphs V 1a) and 1b), the contractually agreed cancellation costs shall apply in relation to the pure charter fee. For services, which are also omitted by the cancellation of the charter, no cancellation costs will be charged, such as e.g. for final cleaning, deposit, bed linen or special equipment.

If the Charterer can not take the trip, s/he must immediately notify the Charter Operator in writing, whereby the actual time of receipt at the Charter Operator shall be decisive. In case of a successful replacement charter on equal terms, the Charterer will receive back his or her payments made so far minus a processing fee of € 150.-. The Charterer may only provide a suitable replacement Charterer who will take over the contract, with the agreement and written consent of the Charter Operator. In the case of a replacement charter at reduced prices or for a shorter period, the respective difference plus the processing fee is payable by the Charterer. If different delivery and return ports or foreign ports have been contractually agreed, the compensation will increase by 20% each. The Charter Operator can withdraw from the contract if the costs incurred are not paid on time and expressly reserves the right to assert further claims for damages due to non-fulfilment of the contract. In all other cases, the Charter Operator is entitled to the contractually agreed charter fee.

The conclusion of a charter cancellation insurance, with special coverage for charter-typical risks (for example, drop-out of the skipper leads to the cancellation of the entire trip) is therefore strongly recommended.

VII. Payment Terms

The payment of the charter fee is made as agreed in the contract, that is, in partial payments or as a total payment.

If the agreed payments are not made on time, the Charter Operator is entitled, after a fruitless reminder, to withdraw from the charter contract and to charter the yacht otherwise.

The Charterer must replace default amounts. The contract becomes valid when Charter and Charter Operator have exchanged written or electronic declarations of consent. The full payment of the charter fee to the Charter Operator and the contractual provision of the chartered

yacht are confirmed to the Charterer by sending him or her a "boarding pass". Only the boarding pass issued by the Charter Operator is valid. The Charterer has to check the "boarding pass".

VIII. Takeover of the charter yacht

The takeover of the charter yacht can only be done by presenting the submitted "boarding pass" provided to the Charterer by the Charter Operator. The Charterer takes over the yacht at his own responsibility. The Charter Operator or its representative hands over the charter yacht ready for sailing and otherwise in perfect condition to the Charterer, cleaned inside and outside, with connected gas bottle and reserve bottle and full fuel tank. The state of the vessel, all technical functions (especially sails, lights and engines) and the completeness of accessories and inventory are thoroughly checked by means of a list of equipment and a checklist by both contractors in the course of a briefing. The charter Operator guarantees that the yacht and its equipment meet the requirements of the laws and regulations applicable in the agreed charter area.

During the check of the navigational equipment and the nautical auxiliary material such as sea maps, manuals, compass, map plotter, echo-sounder, log, radio direction finder, the Charter Operator will inform the Charterer and point out to him or her, that despite careful and conscientious maintenance and control, malfunctions, inaccuracies and changes may still occur. The Charter Operator will also instruct the Charterer on his or her duty to regularly check navigation equipment and the nautical auxiliary material during the charter period. The Charter Operator can not take responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of electronic navigation aids.

The seaworthiness of the charter yacht and equipment is subsequently confirmed by both parties in a binding manner before being handed over by way of signing. After this, objections can no longer be made successfully. This does not apply if and to the extent that there were hidden defects at the time of delivery, even if the Charter Operator is not at fault here. The Charterer may only refuse to take over the yacht, if the seaworthiness is significantly compromised, but not in case of insignificant deviations or defects. The right of the Charterer to a reduction (see paragraph V 1) remains unaffected.

When taking over the yacht with the yacht's papers (see paragraph II 2), the Charter Company must provide proof that the yacht is under liability insurance and

comprehensive insurance in accordance with the charter contract and that the premium has been paid.

IX. Return of the charter yacht

The Charterer hands the charter yacht to the Charter Operator or his representative clear for sailing in a state according to the checklist, inside and outside cleaned (swept clean with empty sewage tanks and without garbage - unless otherwise agreed), with connected gas bottle and reserve bottle and full fuel tank. The Charter Operator is entitled to replace used and non-replenished material (such as fuel) at the Charterer's expense and to calculate the costs for it at a flat rate.

The Charter Operator is entitled to have the insufficient cleaning carried out at the Charterer's expense, unless it has been contractually agreed that the Charter Operator must carry out the cleaning.

Both parties jointly review the yacht’s condition and the completeness of the equipment. In case of a merely suspected damage to the yacht, the Charterer must notify the Charter Operator and immediately report lost, damaged or no longer functional equipment upon return. Charterers and Charter Operator create a list of shortcomings and losses and then use this and the checklist to set up a protocol which is binding after being signed by both parties.

If the Charter Operator refuses to draw up an acceptance report or if he does not carry out the acceptance within 2 hours after the agreed return date, the yacht is deemed to have been handed over without defects. After this time, objections can no longer be successfully asserted. In particular, the Charter Operator is not entitled to withhold the deposit for subsequently determined damages.

This does not apply if and to the extent that there were hidden defects upon return, the existence of which the Charterer is responsible for as a result of intentional or grossly negligent acts or if the Charterer refuses to sign a correct acceptance record.

The nature, extent and amount of damage, the elimination of which can or should take place only at a later date and possibly after further use of the charter yacht, must be documented in detail and binding for both parties.

X. Damage

Damage of any kind and their consequences, collisions, breakdowns, inability to manoeuvre, breakdowns, confiscation of the yacht or other special occurrences shall

be reported by the Charterer to the Charter Operator immediately. The Charterer must be available in case of damage for instructions or questions by radio or telephone.

Damage based on normal wear or material fatigue can be remedied by the Charterer up to an amount of € 150.- without consultation and will be refunded to the Charterer by the Charter Operator on submission of a receipt. For expenses exceeding this amount and except for cases of emergency or in case of imminent danger, the Charterer shall inform the Charter Operator and shall commission, document and supervise the repair work in consultation with the Charter Operator and, if necessary, financially make advance payments.

Replaced parts must be kept in store. The Charterer has to do everything possible to reduce the damage and its consequences (e.g. failure).

If damage can not be remedied at the current berth, the Charterer shall be obliged, at the request of the Charter Operator, to navigate to another reasonably close port or berth to carry out the repair or to return to the contractually agreed place of return of the yacht prematurely (preferably 24 hours before delivery), if this is acceptable and reasonable under the given circumstances.

The right of the Charterer to a reduction (see paragraph V 1) remains unaffected.

XI. Liability of the Charterer

The Charterer shall be liable for all damage caused by himself or his crew to third parties and the charter yacht, their equipment or accessories, especially for damage due to incorrect operation or poor maintenance (if and to the extent that it is the task of the Charterer) of the aggregates on board.

In case of force majeure, the Charterer shall only be liable if and insofar as the risk was culpably increased by the skipper and/or crew (for example, leaving the port in the event of a storm warning).

Costs for the repair of property damage to the chartered yacht or equipment culpably caused by the Charterer or the crew shall only be borne by the Charterer up to the amount of his deposit (see XIV).

In the case of intent or gross negligence, s/he is also liable for claims made by the hull insurer (Regress).

If and to the extent that he is at fault, the Charterer shall also be liable for all consequential and default losses (for example, in case of seizure), pursuant to the legal regulations of the respective country.

In the latter two cases, the liability of the Charterer is not limited to the amount of the deposit and may even exceed the value of the charter yacht due to additional costs.

Therefore, the conclusion of a skipper liability insurance covering this risk is strongly recommended.

The Charterer shall not be liable for any impairment caused by ordinary wear or tear (such as opening seams on sails) or damage for which the Charterer and his crew are not at fault.

If the Charter Operator provides a professional skipper, s/he shall be responsible for the yacht's navigation and will be liable for damage caused solely by him or her, but not for damage caused by the Charterer and / or the crew.

As regards intentional or grossly negligent conduct of the Charterer or his crew, for which the Charter Operator is held liable by any third parties, without him being at fault in any way of form, the Charterer shall keep the Charter Operator free of all private and criminal consequences, all costs and legal proceedings at home and abroad. Several Charterers are jointly and severally liable.

The Charterer is fully liable for any damage that is causally in the context of knowingly false information about the ability to navigate.

XII. Liability of the Charter Operator

The Charter Operator is liable on the basis of the charter contract for loss or damage to the property of the Charterer or the crew, as well as in the case of accidents or wilful misconduct, but not in case of acts by a higher authority or force majeure.

The Charter Company is liable for damage caused by inaccuracies, alterations or errors in the provided nautical material (such as maps, manuals, compass, radio direction finder, etc.) only if s/he does not explicitly inform the Charterer or responsible skipper of the yacht about the possibility of errors or deviations.

However, claims for damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health based on an intentional or negligent breach of duty and for other damage based on a wilful or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Charter Operator shall remain unaffected by all agreements.

XIII. Insurance of charter yacht

The charter yacht is covered by a comprehensive insurance for property damage to ship and equipment. In addition, a ship liability insurance without deductibles on a lump-sum basis for personal injury and property damage. The coverage of the ship's liability insurance is at least one million euros or dollars, depending on the currency of the policy.

Personal injury caused by accidents on board, damage to the goods carried by the Charterer and crew, as well as intentional or grossly negligent damage are not covered by the comprehensive insurance, so that in principle not the Charterer, but the responsible person is liable for the corresponding fault.

The existence of a comprehensive insurance means no indemnity of the Charterer by the Charter Operator for damage that the comprehensive insurance company does not cover, because it is based intent, gross negligence or disregard of the provisions of the charter contract (for example, navigating outside the agreed area) or in respect of which the hull insurer can take recourse.

XIV. Deposit

Unless otherwise agreed, the Charterer makes a deposit in accordance with the charter contract. The deposit must be paid in cash or by credit card when the yacht is handed over or in advance by bank transfer.

Up to this amount, the Charterer is liable per charter cruise and only for material damage to the chartered yacht and its accessories, for lost equipment and theft caused by him or his crew (see XI. Liability of the Charterer).

The deposit is immediately due for repayment on the return of the yacht and in case of a damage-free charter cruise. This does not apply if the Charterer refuses to sign a correct acceptance report or if it has been agreed otherwise.

If any possible repair work can or should only be made at a later date and if it can be foreseen that the expenses will amount to less than half of the amount deposited, then at least half the deposit is due for repayment immediately.

XV. Further agreements, general information, notes

1) Legal classification / liability of the parties (Charter Agency / Charter Company / Charterer):
If the charter contract is concluded via a charter agency, it acts as an intermediary between the Charterer and the Charter Operator. A liability of the mediating agency takes place exclusively within the scope of the tasks and responsibility of an intermediary based on the contractual relationship existing with the Charterer. As regards this present contract as well as any future changes to the contract and unilateral declarations of the Charterer to the Charter Operator, the agent acts as authorized

representative in the name and on behalf of the respective Charter Operator and is entitled to collect due payments.

2) Price list, deviations, changes

If there are any doubts or ambiguities, the fees apply in accordance with the current list of fees of the Charter Operator. In the event that taxes, fees or charges, which are included in the charter fee by law, increase or decrease, without the parties having any influence on such increases, the Charter Operator and the Charterer shall agree on a corresponding adjustment of the contract.

3) Deviating charter contracts / second contracts to be signed on site
Due to regulations in the country of the Charter Operator, the Charterer may need to have a charter contract on board that is written in the language of the host country.

If the content of the national secondary agreement deviates from this contract and the "International T & C of the YACHT-POOL FairCharter-Contract", it is agreed between the Charter Operator and the Charterer that this contract shall apply exclusively according to the "International T & C of the YACHT-POOL FairCharter-Contract".

In agreement with the agent (charter agency), the Charterers and Charterer Operator declare that a national secondary contract signed between Charterer and Charter Operator shall have no effect in favour of or against the agent.

4) GPS tracking of the charter yacht

The Charterer agrees that the ship's location and vessel data can be recorded by means of electronic systems ("tracking") and transmitted to the base, the Charter Operator and in the event of damage to the insurer. Furthermore, the privacy policy of the Charterer shall apply.

XVI. Final provisions (applicable law, severability clause)
The chartering takes place according to the legislation applicable within the charter area.

Verbal commitments or side agreements are only valid for both parties after written confirmation.

Should any provision of this contract be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. Instead of the invalid provision, a provision shall be deemed to have been agreed which comes closest to the economic purpose of the parties. The same applies in the case of a contractual loophole.

Special agreement – status of December 2021:

In addition to the conditions of "Faircharter 19", the special conditions "Pitter" are also part of the charter contract.

Ad III: Duties of the Charterer

From a wind speed with announced peak gusts of more than 25 knots, the instructions of the base manager must be followed, whether it is allowed to leave the harbour or whether the yacht must be brought into the harbour. If the request is not complied with, then all claims for resulting damage, against the Charterer and the insurance will become null and void. The battery should be recharged daily by shore power or by running the engine at idle (e.g. for the refrigerator). Only as many crew members may be taken along as agreed in accordance with the charter contract and/or approved for the chartered yacht.

Ad V: Performance disruptions (charter contract)

If an early check-in has been booked for an additional fee and confirmed by the Charter Operator, the Charter Operator will do everything to comply with the agreed check-in time. Due to the possibility of unforeseen events (such as late return by the pre- Charterer, necessary repair work to the ship), the promised check-in time can not be guaranteed. If the promised check-in time is exceeded, the additional fee paid for this will be refunded. Further claims of the Charterer and any further liability of the Charter Operator are expressly excluded.

Damage claims due to missing or defective equipment are compensated in terms of value in percentage relation to the purchase price of the yacht with respect to the weekly fee/daily fee.

Ad VI. cancellation clause

If the Charterer withdraws from the charter contract, the resulting cancellation costs apply in relation to the charter fee. For services that are also cancelled due to the annulment of the charter, no cancellation fees will be charged, such as for cleaning, deposit, bed linen, special equipment, etc.

a) for cancellations up to 28 days before the start of the charter: the down payment made
b) for cancellations within the last 28 days before the start of the charter: 100% of the charter price

The conclusion of a travel/charter cancellation insurance at the time the contract is concluded is expressly recommended.

CORONA - Special regulation:

Exists from 10 days before departure for the destination, a travel warning of the highest level or an unreasonable quarantine provision of at least 5 days, either in the vacation or in the home country, the charterer can cancel free of charge under the following conditions:

If the booking was confirmed more than 90 days before the start of the charter, the payed amount will be refund to the charterer account without any deduction.

If the booking was confirmed less than 90 days before the start of the charter, the charterer receives a voucher for the paid amount.

Ad VIII: Takeover of the yacht

Reserve fuel canisters and reserve canisters for the outboard engine are handed over empty.

After the functional check of the sewage tank at check-in, no complaints for clogged sewage tanks will be accepted during the charter or at check-out.

Ad IX. Return of the yacht

Fuel canisters and outboard canisters do not need to be handed over. However, the yacht must be returned with a full tank.

Ad X. damages

The Charterer must immediately inform the base of any damage or problems and follow the instructions given by the base. If s/he fails to do so, the Charterer shall have no claims against the Charter Operator or against the insurance company covering the yacht.

Ad XIV. deposit

The Charterer is aware that in the event of the settlement of any claims by way of a credit card, the credit card operator may charge an additional fee and that these additional costs will be borne by the credit card holder. The Charterer is also aware that the deposit in the local currency is debited from the credit card at the current daily rate, and that this may lead to differences in the calculation.

Important note: Use of the plotter

We point out that the use of the plotter only serves as a navigation aid. Basically, the navigation must be made using the nautical maps on board. This is also the current case law in most countries. Misconduct may have liability consequences for the responsible skipper.

Loss of personal things

The Charter Operator will not be liable for lost or forgotten personal items after the trip.

Privacy policy

Pitter Yachtcharter acts in accordance with the guidelines of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the applicable Austrian Data Protection Act. Privacy policy

Charter Operator’s Obligations

Charter Operator undertakes to make the boat available on behalf of the Charterer in perfect condition and on the agreed date.

GotoSailing.com recommends that Charter Operators obtain appropriate insurance for their charter services.

Charter Operator and GotoSailing.com strongly recommend Charterer to obtain deposit and travel insurance.

Unavailability of the Boat

If the Charter Operator fails to provide the boat on the agreed date because of unseaworthiness as a consequence of damage incurred during the previous charter or for any reason beyond the control of Charter Operator, the Charter Operator shall have the right to provide the Charterer with a boat that is at least of equivalent standard, for example, a boat with the same number of berths, or to refund the full charter fee. In this case, the Charterer wouldn’t have the right to make further demands for damages. The amount of this refund will be a percentage of the charter fee and depend on the actual period of time the boat remains unfit to sail.

Charterer’s Obligations

Charterer expressly declares that s/he is sufficiently qualified to operate a boat within the territory stated in contract, that s/he has a valid certificate of competence and will provide proof of the nautical miles s/he has completed.

Some destinations will require the charterer to have a valid VHF Certificate of Competency in addition to a valid skipper license for the Country of charter. Please contact Customer Service for specific requirements.

If the Charter Operator determines that the Charterer is not sufficiently competent to operate the boat, Charter Operator reserves the right to require the Charterer to hire a skipper selected by the Charter Operator, which will be paid by the Charterer.

Charterer undertakes:

  • not to use the boat for the commercial transport of persons and/or goods
  • not to hand over or hire the boat to a third party
  • not to use the boat for the transport of undeclared goods that are dutiable
  • not to race the boat or, if s/he intends to take part in any sporting event, race, and/or regatta, s/he should get Charter Operator’s approval before conclusion of the charter contract
  • to limit the number of persons on board the boat as not to exceed the permitted number of persons per boat
  • not to tow other vessels except for emergencies
  • to keep a logbook
  • to observe the legal regulations of the host country
  • in case of an accident, to notify Charter Operator and the competent authorities promptly and to ensure that an accident report is prepared.

In case of noncompliance with the obligations above, even if such noncompliance is not attributable to the Charterer, the Charterer explicitly releases the Charter Operator from any responsibility regarding the maritime und customs authorities for any lawsuits, proceedings, fines, and confiscation.

The Charterer is liable towards the Charter Operator for any acts and/or omissions and their consequences. The Charterer shall take good care of the boat and return it in good condition. S/he shall be liable for any damages to the boat, including its equipment and accessories.

Before taking over the boat, the Charterer shall check its inventory and assure himself/herself that the boat is in perfect condition. Any complaints must be stated to Charter Operator before signing the handover report and starting the cruise. Deficiencies emerging after handover of the boat or any existing latent deficiencies do not entitle the Charterer to reduce the charter fee, except in cases in which these deficiencies were already known to Charter Operator, or not known to Charter Operator because of gross negligence.

Other Liabilities of the Charterer:

  • to keep the crew list with the certificate of residence registration together with boat documentation for the whole duration of charter,
  • to hold on to obligatory control intervals for the duration of sailing,
  • in case of towing, to conclude an award for rescuing before the acceptance of help,
  • to undertake all safety precautions in order to avoid any damages or towing of the boat and keep the boat in good condition,
  • not to leave the port if the foreseen wind force were estimated stronger than 25 knots, or if the port authorities issued a prohibition on leaving port, without prior consent given by Charter Operator,
  • to prevent unnecessary burdening of masts, sails and ropes, i.e. to sail in accordance with the weather conditions,
  • to plan the navigation route very carefully, as to avoid that the boat is at approximately 40 NM distant from the check-out charter base two days before arrival,
  • not to sail at night without prior consent given by Charter Operator,
  • not to sail single-handed without prior consent given by Charter Operator,
  • to inform the charter base about the boat’s exact location in case of severe weather conditions (gale-force wind), in order to avoid unnecessary search for the boat,
  • not to operate the boat under influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs, and generally not to use or have any illegal drugs on board,
  • not to make excessive noise in marinas, harbors and other mooring locations,
  • to respect the privacy and the night-rest rights of occupants of the neighboring boats and houses,
  • not to embark pets (dogs, cats, birds, etc.) aboard without written consent of Charter Operator
  • to respect any other provisions that are not listed above, but are listed in the valid Terms and Conditions of the relevant Charter Operator. The Customer warrants joint responsibility for all crew Members, namely guests on-board. All consequences arising from the Customer's or other crew members on board not respecting the liabilities above are the sole responsibility of the Customer.
  • In the event of noncompliance with the obligations above, even if such noncompliance is not attributable to the Charterer, the Charterer explicitly releases the Charter Operator from any responsibility vis-à-vis the maritime und customs authorities for any lawsuits, proceedings, fines, and confiscation. The Charterer is liable for any acts and/or omissions and their consequences, towards the Charter Operator.

The Charterer warrants joint responsibility for all crew Members on-board. All consequences arising from the Charterer's or other crew Members on board not respecting the liabilities above are the sole responsibility of the Charterer.

In the event of noncompliance with the obligations above, even if such noncompliance is not attributable to the Charterer, the Charterer explicitly releases the Charter Operator from any responsibility vis-à-vis the maritime und customs authorities for any lawsuits, proceedings, fines, and confiscation. The Charterer is liable for any acts and/or omissions and their consequences, towards the Charter Operator.

The charter contract remains in effect until the boat has been returned. The Charterer agrees to pay the additional charter fees accumulated until the date of return.

Damage to the Boat

In the event of damage to the boat, the Charterer shall give immediate notice to Charter Operator.

If the damage that does not prevent the continued use of the boat, the Charterer must return to the agreed port of return in good time, at least however 24 hours before the agreed date, so that the necessary repairs can be made and the next charter is not effected.

In the event of serious damage like running aground, broken mast, or similar, the Charterer must first prevent any further damage, immediately notify Charter Operator, wait for Charter Operator’s instructions, and then follow these instructions.

Towing is in the capacity of Charter Operator. In any case where the towing of the boat is necessary, Charterer has to inform Charter Operator. The Charterer may accept being towed by another boat only in an extreme emergency. The Charterer must agree upon the towing and/or salvage fee with the skipper of the other boat before accepting the tow rope. This fee may not exceed the amounts fixed by International Law of the Sea.

In case of damage to or loss of the boat or its equipment, the Charterer shall bear the costs thereof; but, except in cases of gross negligence or intent, the sum must not exceed the security deposit. The loss of the dinghy and/or the outboard motor is not covered by the deposit and hull insurance. The security deposit will be refunded only after the boat has been redelivered to the port of departure in proper condition. If it is necessary to make repairs or a replacement purchase, the security deposit will temporarily be withheld and be settled only after all invoices plus any additional expenses are presented.

Discontinuation of the Trip - Redelivery of the Boat

If the trip is terminated – for compelling reasons – at another location than agreed, the Charter Operator and GotoSailing.com must be notified as soon as possible. The Charterer may leave the boat only to qualified crew Members until the Charter Operator is able to take over the boat. If the boat has been accepted at the port of return in perfect condition or handed over to the next crew with the participation of the Charter Operator, the boat shall be deemed properly redelivered.

If the chartered boat is completely inoperable, the Charter Operator is not obligated to provide a replacement boat for the remaining charter period.

After return, the Charterer and the Charter Operator shall agree on a date and time for the redelivery of the boat. Upon redelivery, an inspection will be carried out and an inventory will be performed. Proper redelivery shall be deemed effected when this has been confirmed by the Charter Operator.

It is mandatory to return to the agreed port. Failure to do so because of adverse weather conditions has no influence on this obligation. The boat must be redelivered at the agreed date and time. In the event of culpable delay, the Charter Operator is entitled to claim damages.

Sailing Area

In case the Charterer wants to sail outside the designated sailing area stated below, the Charterer will be liable to inform GotoSailing.com and the Charter Operator about their intentions before booking confirmation. This must be done in order for the boat to be insured and registered for that occasion, and simultaneously the Charterer shall be charged for the stated additional insurance and registration costs, along with any extra costs that may arise for the Charter Operator because of this request. It’s also possible for Charter Operator to request a higher security deposit in such cases. Charterer hereby agrees that, if sailing outside of the designated sailing area, the Charterer should be prepared to organize boat’s maintenance and repairs on his/her own, and on his/her own cost, as most commonly the Charter Operator’s maintenance and intervention services do not cover those areas. Charter Operator shall inform the Charterer about their procedures in such cases.

Crew List and Arrival Details

The Charterer must send a correctly filled crew list not later than the days stated below before the first day of charter . The Charterer agrees that s/he is the main contracting party for the boat charter, and that Charterer is responsible for the other crew Members on board. Also, it is recommended to send an estimated time of arrival along with the crew list prior to the first day of charter, in order for the base staff to handle the check-in procedure as best as possible. If Charterer has booked a transfer (e.g. from airport), it is obligatory to send detailed arrival and departure information in advance as the number of days required stated below.

Charterer is responsible for the accuracy of the information delivered in the crew list, including validity of all passports, visas, licenses and other identification documents. Charterer and other crew Members are responsible to obtain appropriate visas for all countries they travel to, if applicable. The Charterer acknowledges that the sailing license is a very important document for bareboat charter and that s/he is legally responsible for its accuracy and trust.

Taking over the Boat - Embarkation/Check-in

At the time of taking over the boat, the Charterer is obliged to give to the representative of Charter Operator a verified voucher including all Charterer’s data and charter appointment, with an insight into the original document of the skipper's license. Also, identification documents (e.g. passports) of all guests on board must be provided for the reexamining of the crew list. At the time of taking over the boat, the Charterer shall examine the inventory list together with the representative of Charter Operator and confirm the condition of the delivered boat with his/her signature. The same procedure shall be followed with the instruments aboard.

Once the Charterer confirms that the boat and its equipment are in order, any possible complaints from the Charterer would not be accepted. If any part of the boat is damaged or lost during the previous charters, and if it is impossible to obtain the new boat parts before the date of the new charter and if their loss will not seriously affect the security of navigation, the Charterer will not be able to cancel the charter or to demand a reduction of the charter price. Charterer acknowledges that such situations are consequence of damages caused by a previous Charterer and are not under control of neither GotoSailing.com nor Charter Operator.

In the Mediterranean, most charter periods are always from Saturday to Saturday, for one reason - optimization of schedules. Check-in is usually done on Saturday afternoon. The charter base manager will often ask you to return to the port the following week on Friday night to be ready for disembarking on Saturday morning. The technical team and cleaning team will then need to prepare the boat for the following clients. Weekly charter/rental is shortened by half a day to give some time for the base to intervene between each charter/rental. In other destinations, the charter/rental is not necessarily seven days long nor Saturday to Saturday and embarkment takes place usually around in the late afternoon, disembarkment takes place usually in the morning. Please check below for check-in and check-out times.

Taking back the Boat - Disembarkation/Check-out

When returning the Boat and re-checking the boat based on the inventory list, the fuel tank shall also be examined. If the fuel tank is not full, the Charter Operator shall typically charge the Charterer for the fuel (calculated according to the maximum motor consumption for specific motor hours) plus a service fee. Also, if any damages are found during the boat’s examination, Charterer shall pay for damages as stated in the “Security Deposit” section. On the other hand, if the boat is returned in good state and a full fuel and water tank, the whole deposit should be returned to the Charterer by Charter Operator. Please check below for check-in and check-out times.

If Charterer takes the boat back to a port that is not stated in the contract as the destination port, the Charterer must pay all costs for the boat’s transport to the destination port, including all remuneration costs for the next Charterer of the boat, plus a penalty fee of 5.000 Euros per day for each day it is required to take back the boat to its destination port.

Running behind schedule due to weather conditions is not justified because it is necessary to keep the boat at an appropriate distance from the charter base during the last 48 hours before the charter ends. If the Charterer wishes to prolong the charter, for whatever reason, s/he should inform GotoSailing.com and the Charter Operator about his/her intentions immediately. Charter Operator or GotoSailing.com shall in return inform the Charterer whether the desired prolongation is possible or not. If the prolongation is possible and confirmed, and the Charterer has paid for it, GotoSailing.com will organize for all the necessary paperwork for additional days such as prolongation of the booking, prolongation of the crew list, etc.

Specific Policies, Special Needs, Hiring a Skipper, Hostess, Cook or other professional Crew, Additional Services and Goods

Typically in boat charter industry, the boat is to be handed over with full fuel and water tanks, and it has to be returned to the charter base in the same state - with full fuel and water tanks. Due to the fact that boats are expensive property and require a certain level of skill to operate them, Charter Operator may ask the Charterer (or their skipper) to demonstrate their navigation skills in presence of a representative of Charter Operator. The costs for the demonstration - if it should take place- shall be paid by Charterer and the time spent for testing shall be included in the charter period of the boat. If the Charter Operator determines that the Charterer (skipper) is not qualified enough, Charter Operator shall hire a professional skipper and the costs for such a service shall be paid by Charterer based on the current price list. If the Charterer refuses the assigned skipper, s/he will be forbidden for sail out, the charter contract shall be immediately terminated and the paid amount shall be kept without any rights of reimbursement.

Special Needs

If you have special needs like a wheelchair accessible boat, you must contact Customer Service or the Charter Operator and make sure that special needs can be met. This has to be done before booking the boat. Any inquiry after the booking will be subject to relevant Charter Operator’s Booking Conditions. Please note that all special requests are determined by availability and cannot be guaranteed. Depending on the policy of the related Charter Operator, your reservation may be cancelled without any refunds or modified if special needs cannot be met. If available, your request will be confirmed before your booking.

Hiring a Skipper, Hostess, Cook or other professional Crew

If Charterer requires a skipper and/or a cook, and/or a hostess and/or other professional crew aboard, it would be necessary to point it out during the booking process. If Charterer does not require a skipper, the copy of his/her skipper's license must be sent on the occasion of boat's booking, for approval and verification. If the license is not approved by Charter Operator, the Charterer will be obliged to hire a professional skipper.

For some boats, regardless of Charterer’s licenses, Charter Operator may state that a professional skipper and/or other professional crew members are obligatory. This will be indicated during the booking process. Charterer and Charterer’s other crew members on board should treat the boat’s crew with proper professional respect, and should allow them a proper amount of daily rest. According to usual charter standards, the Charterer is financially responsible for the food for the crew through the charter period.

Additional services and extra goods/equipment (Value Added Features or Extras)

Extras, (e.g. skipper, gennaker, auxiliary engine, one-way options, transfers, etc.) for which an extra payment must be done based on the effective price list of Charter Operator, must be requested by Charterer and accepted by Charter Operator before booking confirmation. Charterer may ask for additional extras even after the booking confirmation. In this case the Charter Operator will take reasonable effort to organize provision of the newly requested extras to the satisfaction of Charterer, and will inform the Charterer whether if it is possible to modify the Booking Conditions with the new extras or not. Charterer acknowledges that the Charter Operator is not obliged to provide newly requested extras at that point in time. At the latest, all extras must be confirmed in writing by both sides not later than the number of days stated below before the beginning of the charter date.


The boat and her equipment are insured by the Charter Operator. The liability of the Charterer is limited to the amount of the security deposit as shown on booking documents. The insurance does not cover any damage and injury to any third party. Charter Operator and GotoSailing.com strongly recommend Charterer to obtain necessary deposit, yacht charter and travel insurance.

Final Provisions

The Charter Operator’s place of residence shall be the place of jurisdiction.

If a provision of this Agreement is or becomes invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall not be affected thereby. However in this case, the parties are mutually obliged to replace this invalid provision by a legally effective provision that comes as close as possible to the intentions of the parties hereto.

II. Cancellations by Charter Operator

If the booking is cancelled by Charter Operator for reasons like severe damages on the booked Boat or other unforeseen circumstances effecting the Boat, then the Charter Operator may offer to Charterer:

  • booking of another Boat of similar size and with similar features, if possible or
  • a refund of all amounts received from Charterer for the Boat

Charterer acknowledges that in cases where the Boat is severely damaged during previous charters, or as a result of events such as Acts of God, neither Charter Operator nor GotoSailing.com are objectively guilty for, and thus Charterer shall aim to be cooperative in finding an appropriate alternative solution under the given circumstances.

III. Cancellations by Charterer

  • If the booking is cancelled by Charterer because of reasons other than force majeure:
    • Charterer must pay the cancellation fee as described above.
    • %7 of the charter fee must be paid to GotoSailing.com as processing fee for cancellation. Processing fee is limited with 250 Euro.
    • If the charterer requested a crew (skipper/hostess/cook or other professional crew) and cancels the booking between 1 to 45 days prior to first day of the charter, 30% of the agreed crew fee is due in addition to the cancellation fee for charter
  • If the booking is cancelled by Charterer because of a force majeure, charter operator's special cancellation conditions apply. The charter operator may issue a voucher, refund or suggest a different solution in accordance with the conditions of that day. All force majeure cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and the decisions taken cannot be used as a precedent for other events.

IV. Payment Terms

Payment must be made either by bank card or bank transfer. In the case of bank transfer, Charterer must state the booking code given in the description of the payment. Charterer must send a copy of the bank transfer by email to GotoSailing.com upon payment.

For boat and/or cabin bookings with credit card, your credit card will be charged by GotoSailing.com for the full price upon reservation and confirmation of the booking. Please check the booking details carefully for any such circumstances before making your reservation.

For bookings with bank transfer payment, the Charterer can make a payment via bank transfer in order to reserve a boat. In this case, a non-refundable amount 10% of the total charter fee will be charged on the Charterer’s credit card or any other payment system until the Charterer transfers the rest of the fee into the GotoSailing.com’s bank Account within 3 (three) business days. If the bank transfer does not take place within the stated time period, the reservation of the Boat will be cancelled without any refunds.

V. Security Deposit

Security deposit is an amount Charterer leaves as a deposit against any damage Charterer may cause to the boat. It is fully refundable, and it is refunded at the end of the charter if no damage is caused. It is possible to insure security deposit by simply following the instructions on the booking page.

When Charterers make and Charter Operators accept a booking, they are entering into a contract directly with each other. GotoSailing.com is not and does not become a party to or other participant in any contractual relationship between Charterers and Charter Operators, nor is GotoSailing.com an insurer or mediator to settle any dispute between Charterer and Charter Operator.

The security deposit is to be paid directly to the Charter Operator before embarkment on the boat. The details of the payment method is on right column and also in your confirmation email. After the charter is completed, the whole security deposit will be repaid to the Charterer, unless any damage to the boat or loss of equipment has occurred.

However, if the damages have occurred, then security deposit will be retained partly or fully by the Charter Operator, depending on size of the damage. Some typical practices are as follows:

  • Specific damage to your boat (i.e. breakages or blockages caused by the Charterer)
  • Damage caused as a result of negligence
  • When there has been a grounding and a diver is required to check under the boat for damage
  • Not returning the boat to the contracted marina on time
  • Damage caused by a Third Party where you didn’t properly report the incident
  • In case of a larger damage, security deposit shall be kept in full and Charterer has no right for its return.
  • In case of a smaller damage, Charter Operator will keep the amount needed for the repairs and purchase of damaged or lost equipment, covering of intervention costs and/or handling costs. In this case the rest of the security deposit shall be refunded to Charterer.
  • In case the boat is not be capable to go to next charter due to the damages, the full security deposit shall be taken, due to the fact that Charter Operator shall have expenses related to serving the next Customer. Paying security deposit is obligatory also in cases when Customer hires a professional skipper from the Charter Operator. In such a case, the security deposit cannot be used for covering the costs which emerged due to skipper's negligence, bad operation of the boat or its equipment. In case the damage has occurred due to gross negligence of the Customer, or behaviors such as sailing under influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, sailing single-handed or sailing at forbidden times or outside of approved areas, or participating in regattas without written approval of Charter Operator, or similar serious breaches, the Customer shall typically be liable even beyond the amount of the security deposit, including expenses connected to repairs and remunerations for lost charter income in the next weeks.
  • Charterer will not be charged for breakages that are a result of ordinary wear and tear.

VI. Changes and Modifications

If the Charterer requests a small change in the booking details of charter (e.g. change of name or similar) within 10 days of the first day of the charter, changes are possible; no changes are guaranteed for the last 10 days prior to the first day of the charter.

If the Charterer requests a major change in the charter period of the booked boat, and/or a change of the boat or base, or any other major change, Charter Operator reserves the right to charge for the cancellation of the original booking. On the other hand, Charter Operator may choose to accept the requested change without charging to the Charterer the cancellation of the original booking. Please contact Customer Service for any major change.

VII. Applicable Laws

Both Charter Operators and Charterers are bound by the local laws and regulations at all times. Things which are legal in certain countries may be illegal in others. You should examine applicable restrictions. If you have questions about how local laws apply to your Boat Listings and charter services on GotoSailing.com, you must seek legal guidance

PITTER Gesellschaft m.b.H.

Sailing Area

Sailing area is limited with 70 nautical miles radius from base coordinates for one week charters.

Cancellation Fees

Remaining Time to Charter Cancellation Fee
≥ 90 days 35 %
90 ≥ 60 days 60 %
60 ≥ 0 days 100 %

Crew List Details

14 days before the first day of charter, the Charterer must send a correctly filled crew list.

Value Added Features if aplicable

14 days before the first day of charter, it is obligatory to send detailed arrival and departure information if Charterer has booked a transfer (e.g. from airport)

Transfer List Details if aplicable

14 days before the first day of charter, all details must be confirmed in writing by both sides.

Security Deposit Payment

  • Cash
  • Credit Card


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Rápido y eficiente


Jussi L. · December 2019

Bardzo dobra uwaga, szybka reakcja działu obsługi klienta, łatwa w obsłudze strona internetowa


William C. · December 2019

Website booking page keeps asking to…

Website booking page keeps asking to change password, a little confusing, otherwise the chat support was superb


Sergei H. · December 2019

Very nice site, easy to search


Julius U. · December 2019

Our skipper was great, we want to especially thank Dimitris. He knew all about the small bays, beautiful spots and he took us to great very economic restaurants


Ortwin V. · December 2019

Goede service en snelle antwoorden


Frank M. · December 2019

Fue muy fácil de reservar. Sencillo y directo.


Hans F. · December 2019

Rápido e eficiente


Jürgen T. · December 2019

Great vacation, beautiful places and excellent skipper


Duncan J. · December 2019

Zeer goede aandacht, snelle reactie van de afdeling klantenservice, eenvoudig te gebruiken website


Daniel C. · December 2019

Island hopping in Split was a great experience. There were many places to swim, eat and just relax. The wind was also perfect for sailing.


Staffan D. · December 2019



Nico D. · December 2019

Veloce ed efficiente


Anne S. · December 2019

Foi muito fácil de reservar. Simples e direto.


Guy S. · December 2019

Easy to deal with. Smooth


Jonathan D. · December 2019

Everything was great


Nicole M. · December 2019

Ottima attenzione, risposta rapida da parte del servizio clienti, sito web facile da usare


Pascal C. · December 2019

Grande serviço e respostas rápidas


Harry I. · December 2019

Very nice marina, helpful and friendly personnel. Gave us lots of tips and recommendations.


Gisela T. · December 2019

È stato molto facile prenotare. Semplice e diretto.


Ian F. · December 2019

Good service

Good service


Ulrich T. · December 2019

Super professional


Axel L. · December 2019

We enjoyed each minute of our time on the boat, definitely coming back


Jochen W. · December 2019

Grande giornata, proprietario molto cordiale e accomodante!


Matteo G. · December 2019

Un service de qualité et des réponses rapides


Silvio H. · December 2019

Muito boa atenção, resposta rápida do departamento de atendimento ao cliente, site fácil de usar.


Yury H. · December 2019

Excellent service


Veronika L. · December 2019

Excellent experience with Gotosailing platform, sailing was perfect, the charter operator was very professional


Laura C. · December 2019

We had some strong wind and the boat was in very good condition and kept us stable. Having a second chartplotter outside was great. While we had some rough sea, we enjoyed sailing a lot.


Sunisa S. · December 2019

Geweldige dag, zeer vriendelijke en gastvrije eigenaar!


Rolf T. · December 2019

Great service and fast answers


Willi C. · December 2019

Very professional


George P. · November 2019

Impressive service

I was very impressed with the customer services, Dave was very patient, answered all my questions and helped me find a very good boat. The booking process was smooth and I highly appreciate the group payment; no more collecting money from friends, everyone paid their share.


Maria C. · November 2019

Het was heel gemakkelijk te boeken. Eenvoudig en ongecompliceerd.


Tobias B. · November 2019

Professional and quick service


Mercedes L. · November 2019

Wspaniały dzień, bardzo przyjazny i przyjazny właściciel!


Alex L. · November 2019

Po prostu wspaniale!


Peter S. · November 2019

Snel en efficiënt


Olivier R. · November 2019

Muy buena atención, rápida respuesta del departamento de atención al cliente, sitio web fácil de usar


Luc P. · November 2019

Despite the boat's age, it was in good condition, there were some minor faults and one major, out of the 3 toilets, one did not work well. 5 guys, 2 toilets! Overall, we had a very good sailing experience.


Thomas J. · November 2019

Excellent service, very knowledgeable operator, great bays, boat in perfect shape.


Jana H. · November 2019

Boat was in very good condition and very clean. The handover was very thorough


Gilad J. · November 2019

To było bardzo łatwe do zarezerwowania. Proste i proste.


Camilla P. · November 2019

Très bonne attention, réponse rapide du service clientèle, site web facile à utiliser


Miles &. · November 2019

Thank you, everything was very good


Oliver S. · November 2019

Very good deals, easy booking


Alexander W. · November 2019

Very pleasant and efficent dealing with Fleur, very good agent


Thomas S. · November 2019

Fantastic customer service


Alex D. · November 2019

Highly recommended

Highly recommended, great prices, very good site


Christophe G. · November 2019

Szybko i sprawnie


Martin R. · November 2019

Sehr gute Aufmerksamkeit, schnelle Reaktion der Kundendienstabteilung, einfach zu bedienende Website


Christian C. · November 2019

Jason was very attentive to our questions and concerns, very knowledgeable


Vasily P. · November 2019

Это было очень легко забронировать. Просто и прямо.


Manfred K. · November 2019

Helpful and prompt


Galina I. · November 2019

The yacht was perfect

The yacht was perfect and all difficulties were solved at once (We had some misunderstanding around the transfer from airport). Thank you very much for your kind assistance! I would also like to thank GotoSailing managers for their assistance. There are some problems with the sight (may be because of my using tablet instead of PC). I filled the transfer form, but only second part was saved.. and I did not check it. But everything was solved after and we enjoyed our trip!


Lukasz K. · November 2019

Great boat, perfect destination.


David M. · November 2019

The boat we booked, Hanse 548, was in excellent condition, the staff was very friendly.


Ilse R. · November 2019

Быстро и эффективно


Volker B. · November 2019

Just great!


Remco G. · November 2019

So far so good


Werner T. · November 2019

Excellent customer service


Peter J. · November 2019

Good job!


Matthias B. · November 2019

An easy start to the pleasure

Simple search ! Good price !


Gerhard E. · November 2019



Geneviève F. · October 2019

Super belle journée


Stefan W. · October 2019

Nice boat and competent crew


Amanda S. · October 2019

Great experience

Asked for a brand new catamaran in Cyclades, found it in minutes and booked with ease.


Erwan B. · October 2019

The operator provided us with great tips on for mooring, bays to avoid and restaurant recommendations. Check-in was OK, it could have been a bit faster.


Hans B. · October 2019

All booking process was super easy, Dave got us exactly what we wanted


Igor K. · October 2019

Friendly personnel, great boat, beautiful sailing area with great food. Very beautiful marina, almost dream-like, D-marin Göcek is the best


Vince D. · October 2019

Van harte aanbevolen

Ik zeil meer dan 20 jaar, maar het was mijn eerste keer dat ik een boot online charterde. We hadden een geweldige week in Mykonos. Alles was in orde zoals geboekt. Ik heb al een andere boot geboekt in Spanje voor volgende zomer. Van harte aanbevolen.


Vesa W. · October 2019

Easy and efficent platform


Tobias L. · October 2019

The booking was very smooth and easy. Looking forward to our trip in July


Moira F. · October 2019

Best company ever!

Gotosailing excellent company and held our hands through the whole process. Loved our experience. Met another lovely couple which enhanced the experience. Would highly recommend. We are a couple in our 60’s and were concerned we would not be fit enough to go sailing. How funny, it was the most relaxing beautiful trip of our lives. Best company ever. Loved our host David who advised on our trip. I will be grateful to him forever for the best trip of my life. Thank you. Enjoy.


Sergey B. · October 2019

Everything was as expected and planned, no surprises. Love a vacation without any surprises


Tanya L. · October 2019

Quick and professional customer service


Dieter C. · October 2019

We rented a Bali 4.5 catamaran, what a wonderful experience. Our kids loved it, we loved it. Happy kids, relaxed holiday


Schmoll · October 2019

Very professionell and friendly operation

After 1. contact very professionell and friendly Operation , Ada is Really great


Jyrki B. · October 2019

Nice web site


Ville T. · October 2019

Well done!


George V. · October 2019

Great boat, Oceanis 51.1, and an unforgettable sailing week


Dmitry M. · October 2019

It was our first time in Cyclades, the operator was very helpful. Helped us with a great itinerary. Highly recommended…


Adriane B. · October 2019

Professional Service

We made a lot of search and finally found the best deal and very professional service here. Our skipper was also super helpful and gave lots of suggestions. Thank you guys!


Timo G. · October 2019

Well kept boat, decent pricing relative to its age, very good sailing experience


Moshe W. · October 2019

Fast and professional support


Mona S. · October 2019

Perfect service

Hervorragende Buchungsabwicklung mit Gotosailing. Toller Service, David hat uns geholfen, das perfekte Boot zu finden, gab uns Tipps für die besten Anlegestellen in Split und war immer für uns da, um all unsere Fragen zu beantworten. Ich kann Gotosailing wärmstens weiterempfehlen


Roberto D. · October 2019

Quick response

We asked for a boat on Friday and we were sailing on Saturday. The yacht was better than we expected. Thank you for making it all possible at such short notice


Celine S. · October 2019

Best moments of our summer

Dear GotoSailing.com, thank you for making our sailing holiday so magnificent. This was our first time on a boat and it was way too easier than we thought to arrange every detail. Our 3 kids were too happy since the moment they saw our boat. They didn't even want to go back home :) We are looking forward for next summer! Thanks for everything.


Klaus O. · October 2019

Very organized charter operator, smooth check-in, boat in very good condition, great recommendations for the area


Hans M. · October 2019

Au top :-) MERCI !!


Lucas R. · October 2019

Excellent Service

Excellent service from Ada. Always on time responses. Very knowledgeable about sailing. Informing website with boat and operator names and transparent about prices. What you see is what you pay. Good choice for renting a boat in Greece.


Tulloch D. · October 2019

Top-notch service


Carl S. · September 2019



Sara H. · September 2019

Great service, quick response, professional staff


Vincent B. · September 2019

Helpful and quick responses


Thomas W. · September 2019

We've had a great time and we recommend Gotosailing to anyone


Antoine B. · September 2019

Had a very nice welcome at the marina, snacks and drinks made the waiting easy. We loved our boat, it was in perfect condition and the sheets and the towels were super soft.


Benno Z. · September 2019

Best boat I ever had

Everything was fine, very kind customer service. Water tank a little bit too small for a 7 people crew, solar panel not efficient. Everything else was on top. Best boat I ever had since.


Inge W. · September 2019

Charter operator was very organized and check-in was very fast. Boat was clean and all equipment worked perfectly.


Uve N. · September 2019



Iurii W. · September 2019

Very good price/quality ratio.


Tony Ç. · September 2019

Great value for money


Winfried S. · September 2019

5 stars


Frédéric &. · September 2019

Easy to book


Dirk R. · September 2019

We loved the Ionian islands. Ideal sailing destination


Bob E. · September 2019

Our skipper went above and beyond to make sure we had a good sailing experience. Amazing scenery, bays in Fethiye are fantastic


John G. · September 2019

Dave patiently found us a great boat after we declined several options, he was very kind. The booking process was a breeze


Orest B. · September 2019

Excellent and prompt communication!

Excellent and prompt communication! Appreciate the patience with our various requests for information about the boat, itinerary and charter operator. The charter operator at ACI Split Marina, Euromarine, was very responsive prior to the trip. If you have chartered before and are a reasonably experienced skipper you should be fine, but don’t expect a formal briefing and thorough pre-inspection like with a Sunsail/Moorings. That said, the boat was immaculately clean and everything worked as advertised. Two minor issues: the boat Tanpopo I is listed as a 2019 model, it’s a 2018. There was a lack of communication and urgency from the receptionists in the Euromarine office in informing us when our boat would be ready at pick up. Our boat returned with a broken window from the previous charterer which appeared to be promptly fixed. There was a disconnect between the dock workers and receptionists who never called us as promised to tell us the boat was ready. Stopping in every hour to ask was fruitless. Finally, we just loaded up the boat and found a worker to do the check out, getting out of the marina late at 6 PM.


Fabrizio D. · September 2019

ottimo servizio clienti

ottimo servizio clienti. ottimi prezzi. Ada è molto disponibile. Altamente raccomandato


Paul S. · August 2019

Had a great week sailing in the Adriatic, wonderful bays, excellent food


Robert G. · August 2019

All great


Fritz R. · August 2019

We booked a catamaran from Lefkas. It was very luxurious and spacious, great for families with small children.


Vladimir S. · August 2019



Claudius M. · August 2019

Boat was excellent condition and on the third day, we had a minor breakdown and the base manager was very helpful and talked us through the problem. Highlyrecommended


Wolfgang Z. · August 2019

Great effort for finding the right boat, easy booking


Levent R. · August 2019

Did not want to come back! Perfect vacation


Svante R. · August 2019

Gentle and fast service


Gemma S. · August 2019

Everythink ok!!


Benny W. · August 2019

Great service and follow-up. They just don't forget you like others after your booking. Got the answers to my question before and after the booking.


Julieta A. · August 2019

Excellent boat and captain

We had the best time in Split, the boat was in excellent condition, our captain was great. Thank you Gotosailing team for hooking us up with this captain and the boat.


Samantha C. · August 2019

Gotosailing was great but didn't translate on the the ground/water

The service from Gotosailing was great but sadly didn't translate onto the ground/water at the beginning of our holiday. The charter company did not cover themselves in glory when we first arrived. They had not got our snorkelling kit, or our SUPs ready and although we were told we could pay for the insurance by credit card, we couldn't and they were very reticent to give us a receipt of the money received. Later in the week when we went back into port they were more efficient. Also I would expect to be able to do an online shop before getting there so not having to spend 2 hours in the sweltering heat shopping for basic supplies. Doing a small shop would be acceptable. The food list that was sent over to us was not extensive at all.


Wolfgang T. · August 2019

Immediate reaction from customer service, very attentive


Mäntylä K. · August 2019

All hidden costs are revealed on the site directly, very helpful in planning on a tight budget


Wallace H. · August 2019

Booking was very easy, customer support was excellent, very professional


Pleun W. · August 2019

Local knowledge provided by the operator was perfect, we were able to steer away from the crowded marinas and restaurants.


Peter A. · August 2019

Booking process was fast and easy


Justin K. · August 2019

Dave was incredibly helpful, answered all of our questions, held the boat for us while we got the group together


Walter B. · August 2019

5 star service


Adam B. · August 2019

Very rapid and detailed communication, answered our questions and booked a great Oceanis 48 S/Y


John O. · August 2019

Asked for a boat in the Dalmatian coast, got an offer in less than 30 minutes, booked the boat right away, now waiting for the journey


Alexander E. · July 2019

We had to “test” everything onboard

- echosounder unit wasn’t connected so we had to do it ourselves after 2 days when we finally figured out the error (owners told us it was working the day before which was BS since the cable wasn’t connected) - bow (jet) thruster stopped working already the first day and couldn’t be repaired although we rerouted our trip to meet up with maintenance staff - no electrical fans nor solar panels were installed although it was part of the inventory list at the time of booking - the boat didn’t have any gangway and we were promised to get one after one day (but we didn’t) - the boat was equipped with a wrong water supply setup which made the refilling of water a nightmare - the dinghy was left with 1-2l of fuel and the dinghy itself could barely take two people onboard All in all, we were the first group to charter the boat since delivery and we had the unfortunate situation to “test” everything onboard


Mäntylä S. · July 2019

Pleasant and professional advice


Herrmann K. · July 2019

Nice boat, nice crew


Heikki B. · July 2019

Check in process was quick and professional. Boat was in good condition and well maintained. Had a great week with lots of swimming and sailing


Friedrich A. · July 2019

Responsive customer service


Robin B. · July 2019

I couldn't recommend GotoSailing highly enough.

I hired a 37 ft Bavaria 2006 In Split in the second week of July 2019. The boat was a great price which was a bit of a worry from a company I had never dealt with before but I needn't have worried - see below. I had many dealings with Fleur and Dave of the office who were excellent. I dealt mostly with Fleur who was prompt and very supportive. I had a few problems before I arrived which meant a lot of correspondence with Fleur. My flight got in at 1am so the taxi service had to wait for me - No problem! I had problems in delay in getting my ICC Cert renewed before departure which meant i would to have hired a local skipper at Euro 1000 - GotoSailing offered to pay a significant portion so I could enjoy my holiday. I was very appreciative of their offer. In any event, my Cert arrived in time so didn't need a skipper.The Base Office manager Kristina was very helpful - West Cork is the place to go on holidays Kristina! The Base Manager Nicolai was brilliant. I rang him a few times over the week and he was patient and offered lots of additional local knowledge advice re anchoring spots etc. The Boat was not a new one but in great condition. Everything worked and was spotlessly clean. The engine was very well maintained and the sails as good as new. The only 2 areas of possible improvement might be the size of the dinghy (2 large adults and 2 chunky teenagers made for interesting transfers from anchor at night in windy conditions) and the electronic chart plotter was not fixed close to the wheel which having to go below but maybe Im spoilt as my own 36 footer has that facility with a bigger dinghy! I couldn't recommend Goto sailing highly enough. They really wanted me to have a good time and went the extra mile, particularly offering to pay costs on what was a low profit week for them with their original excellent offer. Great value for money, great customer service and they are my operator of choice next year. Robin Bradley Dublin Ireland... on facebook


Volker U. · July 2019

Highly competent and helpful staff


Phil v. · July 2019



Andrey G. · July 2019

Very fast response and friendly people.


Philippe V. · July 2019

Very easy communication with Gotosailing people, very helpful. Our charter was perfect, the operator went the extra mile to help us with our groceries, itinerary and recommendations.


Andrew M. · July 2019

Can't beat the Greek Islands!

We sailed with friends who had a larger boat from another company and our boat was better equipped and more functional in so many ways. Having solar power was a godsend, allowing us to charge the fridge/etc. all day and keep the important refreshments ready to share with our friends. Chartering team was very helpful and quick to check us in all clear. Can't beat the Greek Islands so hope to go again soon! The only confusion when trying to book was a map of the area relative to our friends. Otherwise all good.


Felix N. · July 2019

We rented a boat starting in Paros, Cyclades. The boat was in very good condition, but, please keep in mind that the winds, so called Meltemi, are very strong in that region; the distances between the islands are far. Be ready for some serious sailing


Christof K. · July 2019

We had an excellent sailing week around the Cyclades islands, lovely weather, historical sites and great bays


Alexandr P. · July 2019

Nice sailing area, beautiful bays, Split is amazing. It is our favorite sailing destination. Boat was OK, the operator was very nice, kept us in the shade with lemonade during checkin.


Colin B. · July 2019

Best charter experience I have had so far


Virpi B. · July 2019

Very simple booking process


Ian K. · June 2019

Excellent boat and customer service


Thomas A. · June 2019

Excellent service from Fleur


François-Xavier W. · June 2019

Very professional and prompt service


Reiner M. · June 2019

Amazing sailing holiday made possible by Gotosailing.com team, many thanks


Judith S. · June 2019

Minimum steps to book a boat, all information clearly stated, easy to choose additional equipment


Norman B. · June 2019

Fast and efficient


Kurt v. · June 2019

We loved sailing the Greek Dodecanese islands, absolutely gorgeous.


Wolfram U. · June 2019

Very good and professional approach


Pierre L. · June 2019

Very supportive company

We had a minor accident on the boat, and informed the boat owner and 5 minutes later Gotosailing people called us, it was a Sunday! Thank you for looking out for your customers.


Max W. · June 2019

Each year, we got to a different location for sailing but we loved Göcek so much that we made an exception and already booked the same boat for next year


Thomas P. · June 2019

Outboard on our dinghy stopped working the first day, the operator sent someone to fix it, we were impressed. We had a fantastic time, the boat was OK, we loved Palma de Mallorca


Dmytro &. · June 2019

Truly helpful and knowledgeable customer agent, a great thanks to Jason


Wulf S. · June 2019

Excellent and efficent personnel


Yoav M. · June 2019

Prompt responses, very patient


Wilfrid U. · June 2019

Impressed with the level of service, got timely answers to all my questions


Peter G. · May 2019

Minor technical problems, handled by the operator in a timely manner, we lost half a day but they let us have a late check-out


Alexander P. · May 2019

Super friendly, nice people at the base. Had a fantastic time


Joëlle S. · May 2019

We were late this year for early bird advantages, nevertheless, Fleur found us a very good boat for a reasonable price.


Frank B. · May 2019

Professional and friendly service

Professional and friendly service


Walter F. · May 2019

Very responsive staff


David J. · May 2019

Very friendly and helpful staff. Gave us good tips for our trip.


Manfred a. · May 2019

We sailed the Amalfi coast in a beautiful yacht, amazing scenery, beautiful sea and wonderful food. Definitely coming back!


Steve B. · May 2019

Very good boat and service level


Catherine B. · May 2019

Jason was exceptionally knowledgeable about sailing, even recommended us great restaurants in the Göcek bay


Rail K. · May 2019

Five stars and beyond, excellent service, wonderful boat, journey of a lifetime


Winfried L. · May 2019

Very good customer service


Holger H. · May 2019

The whole booking process was seamless, Ada was very attentive


Michael F. · May 2019

Dave is very collaborative and kind, helped me with the booking process, made very good recommendations


Isaac W. · May 2019

Everything was excellent


Klaus S. · May 2019

Perfect sailing


Hans-Joachim K. · May 2019

Friendly operator, good boat despite the age, beautiful sailing area, we fell in love with Split!


Billy P. · April 2019

Boat maintenance was OK, the sailing experience was just perfect. Overall 4 stars from me


Giorgio P. · April 2019

The booking process was very smooth, group payment saved me from collecting money from friends. The trip was wonderful, we had a blast


Hans U. · April 2019

Such an amazing area, we fell in love with Split. Definitely coming back. Wonderful team!


Nick &. · April 2019

Amazing service


Ronan R. · April 2019

Booking process was fast and easy, very nice website


Mark B. · April 2019

Professional service


Adrian S. · April 2019

Great booking experience, very friendly staff


Ulrich H. · March 2019

Would definitely charter again with this operator, staff is exceptional and knowledgeable


Stephanie D. · March 2019

Professional site


Klas R. · March 2019

Wonderful crew, extremely helpful. We sailed, swam, had a great week.


Vitaliy K. · March 2019

Fantastic service


Oliver &. · March 2019

Easy booking through GotoSailing.com, group payment is great.


Henry G. · March 2019

Very comfortable, brand new and clean catamaran, our skipper was great, the cook was awesome. We all gained 5 pounds each!


Alexander R. · March 2019

Local guides were missing on the boat, glad we bought wifi. Wonderful weather, great bays


Olexiy A. · March 2019

Finding a berth in Croatia could be a headache, make plans ahead! Other than that, everything went well


Daniel F. · February 2019

Easy website and very good customer service


Werner A. · February 2019

Awesome experience


Alfred A. · February 2019

We chartered a cabin and were quite hesitant. We made great friends on the yacht, our captain was great. Thank you


Lauri F. · February 2019

Checked several booking sites, found the best deal here, did not expect too much but the customer service was excellent, thanks.


Robert S. · February 2019

Fast response, good offer and very easy booking process


Vesa H. · February 2019

We were extremely satisfied with the yacht and the operator and we can highly recommend both of them.


Gerald M. · February 2019

Solid boat, easy to navigate, everything in place.


Denise H. · February 2019

Great sailing experience in Ionian islands. Professional and helpful charter operator


Jürgen B. · February 2019

Very good service


Joan . · February 2019

Good value for money, we were hesitant first when the boat was very cheap, but it ended up being a very good bargain, thank you Gotosailing


Tarja M. · February 2019

Truly amazing experience. We had the time of our lives, the sailboat was well-equipped, the weather was in favor of us.


Mehmet M. · February 2019

Jason was very helpful with our booking


Jutta D. · February 2019

Very good assistance by Fleur. Very professional


Matthias W. · January 2019

Able to book with minimum hassle, well-organized website


Urs K. · January 2019



Andreas v. · January 2019

Exceeded our expectations!


Selmin M. · January 2019

Fantastic people, fantastic boat


Sascha W. · January 2019

Excellent support and service provided by GotoSailing team. It was our first time sailing in Europe. We took a 2-week trip in Greece and we loved their recommendations.


Muriel F. · January 2019

The boat seemed in good condition but the AC stopped working in the middle of our week. There was no way to fix it. There was one particular night we just couldn't sleep. Other than that, everything was fine.


Simon F. · January 2019

Great selection of boats, very convenient with all the information


Maxim R. · January 2019


Gianfranco E. · January 2019

Bonne opération...


Irene P. · January 2019

Excellent service, Fleur found us a very good boat within our budget


Jean M. · January 2019

Had a problem with credit card payment, they immediately contacted me saying that they are holding the boat for me while I sorted out with my bank.


Wolfgang V. · January 2019

Highly impressed with the level of service, easy to navigate web site, loved the articles


Graham O. · January 2019

Great deals, great boat selection


Rudolf D. · January 2019

Very helpful on finding the right boat and helping me through the booking process


Ann D. · January 2019

A friend recommended we go to Göcek for late October sailing. He was right on! Excellent weather, warm and translucent sea


Artem S. · January 2019

The boat was ready earlier than expected, we set sail before it was 2pm. The crew was excellent, our captain was simply the best.


Richard N. · January 2019

All perfect, definitely recommend to anyone


Vasilii T. · January 2019

Attentive and kind customer service staff, helped us find the perfect yacht


Gennady B. · January 2019

Super bateau!


Vlad S. · January 2019

Excellent service, got replies fast, booking was easy.