Agia Chania Marina

Agia Marina in Chania, is located 12 km from Chania town, 23 km from the airport and 17km from Souda port. Chania is known as one of the largest tourist resorts in the Western Crete area. You will see  that Agia Marina lies along a charming sandy beach on the main coastal road.

When you moor at Agia Marina, you can find eveything you’re looking for. Accomodations vary from luxury quality hotels with excellent service to simple family owned rental rooms. You can also find many reataurants or choose to enjoy the vibrant nightlife in one of the many bars and clubs.

Lots of restaurants, Greek taverns, bars, clubs and shops can be found in the marina as well.

Agia Marina is one of the rare spots that can offer an interesting nightlife and a peaceful village atmosphere at the same time. InAgia Marina village, the Cretan sun and local hospitality will keep you warm. Although some touristic facilities have taken Agia Marina a bit far from the authentic Crete, it is still a wonderful spot where you can enjoy quality touristic services and various sea sports on the beach.

The harbour and the marina of Chania lie on the north side of the city. You can easily spot the entrance to the harbor by the Venetian lighthouse and the bastion at the mouth. Further down the quay, you will see the domed mosque and houses. To enter the inner harbor and marina, you must turn left right after entry.


Facilities: Chania is a Port of Entry therefore Customs and Immigration Offices are on the quay as well as Harbour Police. The new marina has electricity and water facilities on the docks. The city of Chania has repair shops, plenty of stores for provisions. Fuel can be brought to the quay. There is also a General Hospital in Chania as well as private clinics, doctors, dentists, and pharmacies. The Telephone and Post Offices provide all means of communication. There are a great number of tavernas and hotels in the harbour and throughout the city.

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Agia Chania Marina

Agia Marina, Chania - Crete

Driving Distances
Mark Chania
10 km
Airport Chania International Airport
29 km
Airport Heraklion International Airport
149 km
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