ACI Marina Skradin

ACI Marina Skradin is open all year round. It is located in the narrow cove Rokovaca to the northwest of the pier in Skradin.

Situated in central Adriatic, at the mouth of the river Krka, ACI Marina Skradin is one of the most beautiful ACI marinas. It is open all year round. Because of a rare combination of salt and fresh water in the area, this marina is a special favourite among wooden boat owners who choose to winter here. The marina and the charming small town of Skradin function together like a harmonious unit. Holding town status for over 23 centuries, Skradin has an exceptionally rich past . The pleasant atmosphere of the island as well as the vast array of facilities and services attract many boaters all year round. They look forward to watching the sunset as they taste the exquisite food and top-quality Dalmatian wines.

There are seven waterfalls in Krka National Park. The Roški waterfall is the widest, and Skradinski buk is the largest and most popular. Roški is a breath taking piece of nature, surrounded by tall canyon cliffs covered in dense vegetation. But the beauty of Skradinski buk is even more fascinating. The waterfall flows over seventeen terraces stretching along 800 metres.

The water in nearby Lake Prokljan is very special; it is completely pure and serves as a never ending source of shrimp for the local fishermen. For the famous black risotto, Skradin restaurants use the shrimp and the cuttlefish that is caught here. The sea food is also tasty when fried in local olive oil.

The surroundings of Skradin are home to countless hidden treasures that cannot be seen by the cars passing by. You can choose biking as your primary way of discovering the area. There ars three cycling paths that lead to the most important sights: The first brings you to Bribirska glavica, a remarkable combination of history and nature. The second leads to the fascinating cascades of the Skradinski buk waterfall. And the third one leads to the beautiful coves of Lake Prokljan.

Mooring: There are 180 berths, mega yachts up to 70 m in length can also be accommodated. Along the river the bora wind can be very strong, but the marina is well-protected.

Sightseeing: Skradin is a small charming town on the shore of the river Krka about 15km inland from the coast. It is specail as one of Croatia 's oldest settlements, with a history going back to 2nd century BC. It was also where the Illyrian settlement of Scardona was built. Skradin is very famous among sailors because with an appropriate vessel you can sail in the river to the waterfalls of Skradinski Buk. Boats drawing up to two meters can navigate the river to the waterfalls.

Transport connections: Skradin has good transport connections via a network of roads and the trans-Croatia highway (4 km to the highway connection). Two international airports – Zadar and Split – are very close.

Approach: After passing through the Šibenik Channel the course towards Skradin passes through the Krka river and Prokljan Strait. The river is marked by many red and green lighthouses, and it is customary to keep to the starboard (right-hand) side. In the first half of the way, the riverbed narrows down to 100 m (depth of 7–40 m) at points, and later to 80 m (depth 7–11 m). The left bank is shallower. In Lake Prukljan the route to Skradin passes by Cape Oštrica, which is marked by a green lighthouse (Fl G 2s 6m 1M).

The entrance to Skradin harbour is marked by a red lighthouse on Cape Lukovo (Fl R 2s 3 m 1M) and a green lighthouse on Cape Dut (Fl G 2s 4m 3M). There is a green lighthouse (Fl G 5s 7m 3M) immediately next to ACI Marina Skradin, on the western coast.

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Facilities include a reception office, water and electricity hook ups, showers and toilets, a restaurant in the harbor, telephones, a small shop and an exchange office. Technical services and repairs are possible.

  • Reception with an exchange office
  • Bistro, restaurants and shops with authentic Croatian products and souvenirs shop next to the marina
  • Toilets and shower facilities
  • Wi-Fi internet access
  • Fuel station in the port of Šibenik (8 nm)
  • ATM

Šibenik | Šibenik region

N43°49'2.0600000000000001" E15°55'15.31"

VHF 17

[email protected]

+385 22 77 13 65

ACI Marina Skradin

Obala bana Pavla Šubića 18 22222 Skradin

Driving Distances
Mark Sibenik
20 km
Airport Split Airport
65 km
Airport Zadar Airport
71 km
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